Feb 282013



I, Mangala Solaris, would like to officially announce my candidacy for the 8th Council of Stellar Management.


My Background

I attempted to start playing as early as 2004, however it was not until 2006, that I sat down and gave this game the attention it deserves, creating Mangala around the release of Revelations I. Since then I have been a miner, a mission runner, a trader, a pvper, and an industrialist. I have – and I still do – primarily lived in Empire and with a short period of time spent in Null during my time playing EVE. The past 3 years I have spent in Empire as a member of RvB.  I have gone from regular line animal to Director & back again a couple of times, along the way I have learned to FC regular RvB, RvB’s third party wars, and more recently I have become the “main” FC of the weekly, drunken, public Null sec roams known as RvB Ganked.


My Affiliation

While I am in RvB, and am very well known for being in RvB, I do not solely see myself as the RvB candidate, although the excellent RvB community are supporting my candidacy. In addition while RvB is primarily a high sec entity, I do not see myself as the high sec candidate, I see myself as the candidate for people who enjoy playing EVE – be it manufacturing, mining, pveing or pvping – and wish to see it continue both the evolution & growth it has over the past 10 years, under the – sometimes – careful stewardship of CCP, the watchful eye of both the CSM & you, the player-base.


My Platform

The main stay of this platform is a desire to keep CCP on the course they have kept for the past 18 months with regards to updates to the core product, most notably a continuation of the hull & item balancing work they have undertaken of late. It is my firm belief that these changes have been the primary cause for the resurgence of both small ship pvp in EVE & the increase in the active PCU compared to a year ago, when the fallout from the previous summer was still being felt across Tranquility.

Along side my initial point, I would be especially interested in encouraging CCP to make what I call “Quality of life” changes to the client, this would include further amendments to the Fleet UI along with the ability to create public fleets without the need for standings to be set; Changes to the corporation UI – most especially roles and the powers they grant; Overview changes; & encouraging CCP to speed up the revamp POS and the attendant code, starting with the roles relating to access and then work from there.

Next up – and what with being in one of the groups that is seen as being an early port of call for newer players – I would like to address New Player Retention with CCP. Specifically improvements to how new players are moved on after the tutorials.  While the existing methods of the official recruitment forum, the in game recruitment channel & corporation advert system work well as they stand, I feel that much more integration between these tools could help direct newer players to corporations that better match their interests & social requirements, with a potential result being players who once would have been turned away due to a lack of good, useful social interaction staying with the game.

Tied into the above would be pushing for changes to the current isk making standards for the majority of players, namely missions & mining.  While these are a necessity, surely they can be improved with regards to the level of attention needed, and to the challenge they offer, making the tedium of isk generation much more interesting for players.  And better pve related content with a more active element can only serve to help retain players in my opinion.

Finally I guarantee that should you, the voters decide I am deserving of a place on the 8th CSM, that I will work with CCP & the other delegates to ensure that the majority benefits from changes to the core product rather than just a minority, especially in light of how CCP plan to deliver content & changes in future expansions.


Contact Me

You can reach me by via this blog’s comment section, posting in my Jita Park thread, posting in my RvB forum thread, by EVEMail & on Twitter. Please be assured that wherever you contact me I will answer as soon as I can, and that I will post that answer across all mediums. However you follow my campaign, you will not miss out on any information from me.


Vote Mangala

In voting for me, you will get the benefit of my varied experience in game, as well as a delegate that wants CCP to provide the best content for as much of the player-base as possible. So come the Pre-Election Ballot vote for Mangala Solaris, then when the “proper” Election happens in April make sure I am your number 1 choice!


Dec 272012



Apparently the world was to end.

As you can tell the world is still here, and so on the 22nd December 2012, Ganked 51 happened.

We took out over 150 guys in a mix of frigates & destroyers with the usual aim of finding a fight or two as well as generally banter with each other and anyone else we saw.  We had a pretty quiet run through low sec from our meet up point until we jumped into Cloud Ring, where we ran over a Sabre whose pilot subsequently chased us in a smartbomb fit Typhoon. I think we made him mad.

Following this, our resident live streamer Edward “No Delay” Tivruskii, let me know that a guy in Fatal Ascension wanted to fight us, and me being a bit merry by then, agreed due to:

[ 2012.12.22 21:40:38 ] Hlakke Miccanope > kitchen sink from what I see.. to quote “whatever you want to lose”

So we run up towards their basing system in Fade, and while waiting on an in gate to regroup a bunch of lemmings warp themselves to a cyno, and find an ever increasing number of Fatal “lolololwe’resopr0” Ascension in Battleships, BC’s, Logis and plenty of bubblers. I call a valiant retreat, with us blabbing some of their advance bubblers as we move.  A scout calls that ANOTHER group has bridged ahead of us, so we were looking to be sandwiched in.  I booked us to random gate after random gate, all the while trying to be as oblique as possible due to the stream being up. I got a good number of us out, but as usual in these circumstances we did lose a few.

Following this, we regrouped and went back out again, this time via Syndicate, which proved to be pretty quiet for us – despite the presence of a large Goonswarm gang in FD-MLJ. We did tussle with some elements of that gang, after catching a dumb Onyx in a nearby system. Syndicate proving itself to be quiet, we moved into Outer Ring – which WAS EVEN WORSE. No action at all.  And yet people in null are always trying to get more people out there…

From OR, we chased a Loki a few jumps – after a heated discussion about it – which escaped, however while it did get away, the same bubble that held up our fleet got us a drake kill upon which we whored EVERY fleet member, including a guy who had burned all the way from Placid to catch up to us! The drake pilot took it really well, he kept fighting until the bitter end. As well as local spam from us:

[ 2012.12.23 01:34:01 ] Phantom OfKrankor > we’re coming to help
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:11 ] Phantom OfKrankor > don’t worry
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:27 ] Mangala Solaris > we come to snowball
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:30 ] Mangala Solaris > in peace
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Phantom OfKrankor > POINT
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Veerus Weyland > POINT
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Immortal Chrono Pimpin > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Charles Burger > POINT
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Green Gambit > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:45 ] Kast Agnet > pointed
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:46 ] Khador Vess > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:46 ] Sephira Galamore > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:47 ] Veerus Weyland > SCRAM
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:47 ] Dracoth Simertet > td
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:47 ] Ravingone > HOE HOE HOE!
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:48 ] Qall Rungbar > scramm
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] Caterpil > POINT!
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] Jack Sixx > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] Zantai Arji > point web
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] tgl3 > POINT
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] CHAOS NAGA ARAIN > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:49 ] Verse Askold > point
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:51 ] Zakialwe > snowball
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:52 ] Bob Shaftoes > TRACKING DISRUPTED
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:53 ] Immortal Chrono Pimpin > tracking disruptor
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:53 ] Vicarious Design > you poor soul
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:54 ] Veerus Weyland > SNAKES ON A FUCKING PLANE
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:54 ] Charles Burger > PAINTED
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:54 ] Igor barga > BUBBLE
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:57 ] CHAOS NAGA ARAIN > ECM
[ 2012.12.23 01:34:58 ] sureis > ransom
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:00 ] Mangala Solaris > POINT ON DRAEK
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:01 ] Ras Raklus > scram web
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:07 ] Vicarious Design > Mirco jump drive’d
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:13 ] Raynor Dirtnap > webed pointed
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:21 ] Thomas Hauk > HOE HOE HOE
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:30 ] macgyver 3rd > nice tank bro
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:31 ] Exoth3rmic > keep fighting
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:32 ] Bully B > Snowball CXIV on him
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:32 ] Exoth3rmic > you can do this
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:37 ] Mangala Solaris > Andy Poole AWESOME DUDE
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:37 ] Beanhead2 > wed/scram
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:39 ] Andy Poole > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:40 ] Mangala Solaris > SOLO US 1 AT A TIME
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:46 ] Nutjob O’Crazy > Merry Christmas
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:51 ] sureis > tped
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:52 ] Sephira Galamore > Merry Christmas!
[ 2012.12.23 01:35:58 ] ash iskariot > teepeeee
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:02 ] Mangala Solaris > Merry Xmas
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:07 ] Bob Shaftoes > you are now our pet
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:09 ] Luixx > pointed the drake mofo
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:12 ] Bob Shaftoes > We shall call you fred
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:13 ] Green Gambit > can we keep him?
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:16 ] Luixx > can we keep him?
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:18 ] Verse Askold > merry xmas and a happy new year
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:20 ] Mangala Solaris > call him Carlos
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:22 ] Green Gambit > a pet is for life – not for Christmas
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:37 ] Mangala Solaris > na pets are for xmas, and dinner for new years
[ 2012.12.23 01:36:53 ] Thomas Hauk > HOE HOE HOE
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:01 ] Luixx > EVERYONE….. FFA NOW!
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:02 ] Qall Rungbar > NICE DRAKE
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:08 ] Qall Rungbar > DID SANTA GIVE IT TO YOU?
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:12 ] Mangala Solaris > why cant we kill him guys
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:12 ] Luixx > EVERYONE….. FFA NOW!
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:14 ] Dracoth Simertet > merry christmas
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:15 ] Mangala Solaris > our dps is bad
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:24 ] Phantom OfKrankor > GUYS HIS SHIELD IS GOING UP
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:29 ] Zakialwe > can we keep him!
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:32 ] Dracoth Simertet > whats a spaceship?
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:34 ] Luixx > drake = secret titan
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:39 ] Qall Rungbar > Keep him
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:41 ] Phantom OfKrankor > we can’t break his tank!
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:45 ] Sephira Galamore > can we adopt him?
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:47 ] Phantom OfKrankor > hacks?
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:49 ] Qall Rungbar > one of us can point him 24/7
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:52 ] Khador Vess > can i keep him
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:52 ] Fail Whale > merry xmass
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:52 ] Qall Rungbar > at least
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:54 ] B4ueW01f > Merry Christmas
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:57 ] Khador Vess > can he be my pet
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:58 ] Raynor Dirtnap > damn snowball resists!
[ 2012.12.23 01:37:58 ] Fail Whale > more porn for 2013
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:07 ] Igor barga > MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO HO
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:18 ] Immortal Chrono Pimpin > pop your cyno you bait drake!
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:19 ] Igor barga > OOPS TOO MANY HOS
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:21 ] Raynor Dirtnap > Merry Gankmess!
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:21 ] Kast Agnet > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:34 ] Immortal Chrono Pimpin > Bait Drake Best Drake
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:34 ] Mangala Solaris > Andy Poole FOR CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:36 ] RiotCrow Timotheos > http://costumefail.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Santa-Drunk-Naked.jpg
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:36 ] Green Gambit > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:37 ] Qall Rungbar > Andy Poole for CSM!
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:37 ] ash iskariot > andy poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:37 ] Mangala Solaris > A REAL NULL HERO
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:38 ] tgl3 > ANDY FOR CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:39 ] Ray Orbison > ANDY POOLE FOR CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:39 ] Khador Vess > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:39 ] Nutjob O’Crazy > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:39 ] Xallaxa > Andy Poole 4 csm
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:40 ] B4ueW01f > thats harsh dude
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:40 ] Dracoth Simertet > andy poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:42 ] Igor barga > Andy Poole CSM 2013
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:43 ] Zakialwe > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:43 ] Crynsos Cealion > Andy Poole for CSM
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:46 ] Daneel Trevize > Andy Poole the hero we deserve
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:46 ] Ravingone > andy poole for csm
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:46 ] Fail Whale > agreed, Andy Poole for CSM!
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:48 ] Jack Sixx > Andy Poole \0/
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:51 ] Thomas Hauk > HOE HOE HOE
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:52 ] Caterpil > Andy Poole for CSM!
[ 2012.12.23 01:38:53 ] Mangala Solaris > ANDY POOLE THE HERO WE NEED NOT DESERVE
[ 2012.12.23 01:39:15 ] Raynor Dirtnap > His name was Andy Poole

Then as he was about to die, an iteron landed in the same bubble; We caught it, it offered ransom, we got the pilot in fleet! 

[ 2012.12.23 01:40:42 ] tigre valliente > no price
[ 2012.12.23 01:40:43 ] tigre valliente > ?
[ 2012.12.23 01:40:47 ] Thecla Elarik > hello
[ 2012.12.23 01:40:52 ] tigre valliente > trying to haul stuff in to high to sell it
[ 2012.12.23 01:40:53 ] Zakialwe > hello there!
[ 2012.12.23 01:40:56 ] tigre valliente > I can’t say it’s what you’d like but uhh
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:00 ] tigre valliente > haha I gotta try, right?
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:00 ] Veerus Weyland > o hai!
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:07 ] tigre valliente > lol. soooo huge
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:19 ] Thecla Elarik > wasn’t our bubble
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:23 ] tigre valliente > ?
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:25 ] tigre valliente > whose is it hahaha
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:39 ] tigre valliente > really well set up
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:52 ] Rob Cobb > o/
[ 2012.12.23 01:41:58 ] Lodavier > the itty is an 05 character :O
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:13 ] Daneel Trevize > we warped like 10 jumps after a loki to get here
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:16 ] Phantom OfKrankor > STOP SHOOTING
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:20 ] Rob Cobb > DONT SHOOT THE ITERON
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:20 ] Qall Rungbar > welcome to Ganked, tigre!
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:20 ] Phantom OfKrankor > BADS
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:22 ] Thecla Elarik > bubble was set up by the FCON drake we also killed, afaik
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:22 ] tigre valliente > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:24 ] tigre valliente > LOL
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:26 ] tigre valliente > daaang
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:27 ] tigre valliente > well done
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:28 ] Westar Egdald > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:29 ] tigre valliente > enjoy the loot
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:33 ] Sephira Galamore > WHO shot him
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:42 ] tigre valliente > what did I drop? was it good?
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:44 ] tigre valliente > did the ships survive =P
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:48 ] macgyver 3rd > Wasn’t me for once
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:50 ] Mangala Solaris > We love you :)
[ 2012.12.23 01:42:52 ] tigre valliente > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:00 ] Phantom OfKrankor > tigre link your loss mail
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:02 ] tigre valliente > daaaang
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:03 ] sureis > Kill: tigre valliente (Iteron Mark IV) i thought i was just ewar
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:04 ] tigre valliente > how
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:07 ] Thomas Hauk > Strip Miner I ?
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:08 ] Mangala Solaris > Merry Xmas dude
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:11 ] Qall Rungbar > POST YOUR LOSSES NOOB
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:14 ] tigre valliente > Covetor
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:15 ] tigre valliente > haha
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:15 ] Xallaxa > ?
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:16 ] B4ueW01f > Xallaxa >.<
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:19 ] tigre valliente > Covetor and Fullerite survived =P
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:22 ] Phantom OfKrankor > Xallaxa primary
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:24 ] Xallaxa > i didnt do anything
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:26 ] Xallaxa > fuck off
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:27 ] B4ueW01f > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:33 ] tigre valliente > Xallaxa top dmg. hah
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:33 ] Xallaxa > i didnt do shit
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:36 ] tigre valliente > you clearly did something bwhaahaha
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:43 ] Rob Cobb > Xallaxa you bad
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:47 ] tigre valliente > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:43:47 ] Sephira Galamore > ^this
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:04 ] Beanhead2 > warped
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:06 ] Rob Cobb > Xallaxa you bad
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:15 ] Phantom OfKrankor > “I didn’t do shit” – killmail says otherwise
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:15 ] Charles Burger > tigre valliente why aren’t you on comms?
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:20 ] B4ueW01f > Merry Christmas!
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:23 ] tigre valliente > what do you mean?
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:29 ] Charles Burger > see motd get on comms
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:29 ] Qall Rungbar > tigre valliente post lost you noob
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:35 ] Phantom OfKrankor > he posted it
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:37 ] Mangala Solaris > Kill: tigre valliente (Iteron Mark IV)
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:38 ] Phantom OfKrankor > or someone did
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:38 ] Qall Rungbar > srsly – get on comms
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:38 ] tigre valliente > Thomas did =P
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:40 ] tigre valliente > haha
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:45 ] Phantom OfKrankor > Xall = bad
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:49 ] tigre valliente > Qall what are you talking about?
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:51 ] Xallaxa > Get over it already
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:57 ] Veerus Weyland > reload MOTD tigre, get a frigate and join comms :p
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:58 ] macgyver 3rd > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:44:58 ] Sephira Galamore > bounty?^^
[ 2012.12.23 01:45:08 ] tigre valliente > lol
[ 2012.12.23 01:45:14 ] Phantom OfKrankor > how about you listen to FC?
[ 2012.12.23 01:45:14 ] Nutjob O’Crazy > Depends what you’re saying
[ 2012.12.23 01:45:18 ] tigre valliente > 80 million isk later XD

After this the fleet started to log and some people bimbled over to Tama and took a few names before the night was properly over. All in all an exciting and fun night as ever, with lots of stream related rage and then a couple of amusing kills at the end. Good way to go into the xmas break for many I am sure.


And now for the prizes, as sponsored by Somer.Blink.

tigre valliente x1 Firetail x1 Slicer  (Yes a Victim, but totally a good sport)
Andy Poole x1 Hookbill x1 Comet  (Yes a Victim, but totally a good sport)
Hayden Alyaeus x2 Firetail  (Eager newbies best newbies!)
Casa Rankor x2 Slicer x1 Daredevil  (Hero aggression on the Onyx)
Ceofore Aideron x1 Firetail x1 Slicer  (Made me a duck shop thing)
Exoth3rmic x1 Hookbill x1 Comet  (Top Killer on the night)
tgl3 x1 Hookbill x1 Comet   (Top scorer on the night)
CHAOS NAGA ARAIN x2 Firetail  (Spent ages catching us up, and did it in time to whore things!)
Xallaxa x2 Comet  (Got yelled at by fleet for popping something or something, but yeah!)
Melkor Valor x1 Daredevil x1 Firetail x1 Comet x1 Hookbill x1 Slicer  (4000th ganked killmail was scored by Melkor)
Edward Tivruskii x2 Hookbill  (Streaming Rage!)
Ras Raklus x1 Slicer x1 Firetail  (Final blow on the drake we got in the only named system in Poitot)
Yendaj x2 Hookbill  (Angry woman on the internet)
Vicarious Design x2 Comet  (Helped our awesome newbie Hayden out loads!)
Zakialwe x2 Firetail  (Reminded me about things)
BadAssMcKill x2 Slicer  (New to ganked, did some keeping people safe work in systems as we ran away!)
Kast Agnet x2 Hookbill  (Scouty stuff)
Kaeda Maxwell x2 Comet  (70 more FA in xxxxx)
Sureis x1 Slicer (Final blow on Itty!)
Dracoth Simertet x1 Slicer  (Final blow on the whored drake)


Dec 252012


17 months after it all began, who would have thought we would make it this far?

50th Birthday

And to celebrate, I really did try to come up with something fun, however as you all know I am going through a bitter stage with EVE (not the game but mostly with the people who play it!) and so I went the theme that had plenty of votes in a recent poll on my blog – Tier 1 Battlecruisers (Brutix, Cyclone, Ferox & Prophecy) – and as an extra twist I added in a very special guest hull, and arranged for that to be sorted on the QT. Surprisingly only a couple of people got it before the grand undocking!

For those who were not there, the Ganked 50 fleet was to escort a CHARON loaded up with garbage, booze, porn and dead hookers. When it undocked and showed in fleet the members went pretty crazy with lots of laughter on comms and general “wtf” from most, but luckily for me you all saw the funny side and we moved out! 


We slowly but surely moved our CONVOY into null, running into several bomber wings along the way – and this really unlucky Tengu – that just didnt have as much success as they had hoped. We then got to the system of YPW on our way to C-J6MT and found ourselves dawdling around for such a long time that a Razor Tier 3 gang got a warp in on us and popped the CHARON :( However it had taken the denizens of null nearly 2 hours to do so, thus proving my point that such people are mostly garbage and lack any sort of mental ability that would have lead them to kill it sooner. Still, next time Razor, maybe bring us a stand up fight instead of exploding our garbage then running away.

The fleet was then able to move a little bit faster and that we did, moving through Insmother and into Scalding Pass, not really finding much as we did so, except this Hulk which we had some graphical fun with while ensuring we all whored onto the mail:

And then there was this Sleipnir we found in a mission too:

Nothing much happened after this until we got into VOL-MI, upon which we engaged a Devoter which jumped away, only for a PL Rokh to jump in. So we killed it, then its friends came in, many more Rokhs & logistics & 20+ carriers – from both PL & NCDOT. All for little old me and my drunk fleet. Finding ourselves unable to break all that faggotry and having had me rage a little over it too, I called a bail (and duly got targeted, the joys of open comms and a stream that is not delayed!) and most of the fleet got out. The carrier blob killed around 20-25 of us with some getting camped into 5E and others managing to get out via 8G-. After some time, we even got the guys in 5E out, via a long ass route into Catch and then back into Curse, but maps are not that hard. Unlike tackling the Fleet Phoon we had with us all night seems to be for ANYONE.

It was pretty late by this point and many of the fleet logged, still having enjoyed themselves, so a few of us reshipped to whatever and we roamed into Geminate hoping to get a fight out of BRICK. Turns out they dont fight even when we only outnumbered them 2:1 – and here I was under the impression that null pvpers believe themselves to each be worth many highsec scrubs as they call us? Brick did however give us couple of final fun killmails, in the form of a Vagabond and a Mackinaw that sat ratting & mining in a belt all the time we were in BWF-. 


And that boys & girls is that. Ganked 50 was a good roam despite the issues that nullsec has for a roam such as ours, and I hope we keep going on as strong as ever and that the next 50 are better in every way. Remember guest FCs and ideas for themes are always appreciated.



Posted Image

As ever the roam was sponsored by Somer.Blink.

Scouting Distinction – 1 of each Covops hull + a set of probes & launcher with each 4 hulls. x3 (Thecla Elarik, Green Gambit, Sascha Naskingar)

Corpse Collector – 1 hound + 1 sabre x1 (macgyver 3rd)

Spot Prizes – Stabber fleet issue x 8 (Cid Askold, Charles Burger, Whisp3r, Egren Alduin, Edward Tivruskii, Linda Fuzz Ronuken, Hackbert, Rob Cobb)

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x3 (Daneel Trevize, Zerge Bacon, Zantai Arji)

Combat Excellence – Vindicator x1 (Xallaxa)

Special Prize: The remaining RvB AT X Sleipnir. As flown by Cablex Dayspring. After a free raffle & using chribbas dice, INTRACTABLE is the winner of this prize!!!

Oct 232012

A few weeks ago, RvB found itself needing to declare war on a small corp local to our bases in The Forge;  This corp was called Rock Huggers Inc & depending on who you ask, they had either been flipping cans in RvB fights, causing the less aware members of RvB to become flashy to them or they had been “innocently” leaving cans of ammo around, and merely defending themselves when RvB pilots “borrowed” that ammo. Either way, Command deemed them a nuisance – all 8 of them – and war was declared. 

Given it was a cheap war against RvB, several other parties a long the way allied themselves with Rock Huggers Inc and lots of explosions – on both sides of the fence – occurred.  Eventually the combat wound down till only one of the enemies allies continued to fight, and only against Blue with whom they now have a mutual war, while the remaining allies finished their period of support and went on their way. 

And then roughly at the start of last week, Rock Huggers formed an alliance, which inherited the now mutual wars with RvB. 

For a few days we did not think anything of it until they started advertising free mutual wars against us.  

It was at this point when the fun began.  Following a short, sweaty & hot period of action in the form of the original war declarations, it seems RvB became a carrier – if not the Patient Zero – of the internet spaceships version of an STD.  

Basically, should you hop into bed with Purple Legion or The Marmite Collective you will become embroiled in a mutual war started by RvB –  wars which we freely admit to starting, for various reasons stemming back to the original war with Rock Huggers Inc.  However, once you get out of bed with those entities, instead of leaving the war behind, you take a fresh case with you. No matter how much protection you use. Then when you meet a new alliance, go to dinner, maybe dancing and then back to their place for “coffee”, you give them a dose too, all the while continuing to play host to your own infection. And each time the alliances have new corporations back to theirs, they too leave with a new case of Aggressive RvB Mutual War Syndrome.  Ad infinitum.  Indeed, Rock Huggers Inc used the executor corp of Purple Legion to pass a solid dose of this syndrome on to Dec Shield, who are now spreading it to every corp that passes through their doors. 

The following is the list of current wars caused by various entities bed hopping:


  1. RvB Blue v Skunk Works (Consequence of mutual war with The Marmite Collective)
  2. RvB Blue v Kicking Smurfs (Consequence of mutual war with The Marmite Collective)
  3. RvB Blue v The Marmite Collective (EDIT: Was mutual, seems to be changed now)
  4. RvB v Belteaters (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  5. RvB v Madre Del Amor Hermoso Corp (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  6. RvB v Purple Legion (Consequence of mutual war with Rock Huggers Inc)
  7. RvB v Impromptu Asset Requisition (Consequence of mutual war with Purple Legion)
  8. RvB v Purple Legion Holding Corporation (Consequence of mutual war with Purple Legion)
  9. RvB v Dec Shield (Consequence of mutual war with Purple Legion)
  10. RvB v Ba’als Deep Space Mining (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  11. RvB v Epicurus Philosophy (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  12. RvB v CEBEP DV (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  13. RvB v Battle BV (Consequence of mutual war with Purple Legion)
None Mutual
(Should have gone mutual when these entities left various alliances, but did not, despite leaving after the mutual wars had gone live. Yet another bug?)
  1. RvB v Beyond the White (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  2. RvB v Pulsar Engineering (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  3. RvB v Benedictus Ordinis Fessa Milites (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  4. RvB v Army Ninja Society (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)
  5. RvB Blue v Lonetrek Salvage and Scrap (Consequence of the former mutual war with The Marmite Collective)
  6. RvB v Entek Heavy Industries (Consequence of mutual war with Dec Shield)

As you can see, all the above have happened in a little over a week, think of what this could look like in another week, or a month, should this keep spreading like it does. Could we be looking at the eventual doom of peace in high security space, or will a vaccine be forthcoming? 

Now here is the crux of the matter, is this a bug as the folks at Dec Shield claim or is it a mechanic working as intended with the usual lack of documentation? Answer’s on a postcard please. And if you do send one, wash your hands first.

So kids, protection does not always save you does it. Still, remember


EDIT: This is not me – or RvB – complaining about the wars, as we like to fight given it is the RvB raison d’etre, but merely me wondering exactly what is going on with mutual war declarations right now.

Aug 062012

So, you have been on an RvB Ganked roam, seen me whelp us repeatedly and still have people fly with me over and over again, and now want to run a Ganked yourself?

Then you are in luck!  This post is going to cover the basics you should understand before attempting to “FC” a Ganked roam, and I may or may not ramble off on various other Ganked FC related topics along the way. We shall see.


Theme:  Try to pick something that does not limit the ability of others to take part, for example do not say “Stealth Bomber roam with Blops support” as suddenly 50% or more of regular, and potential RvB Ganked attendee’s, are unable to attend due to skill & experience levels. Any ship type that has a low barrier for entry or at least a T1 variant is your best bet to be as inclusive as possible.

Meetup Location: Use a hub, or somewhere close to a hub, that also has a reasonably close low sec, so that even the less law abiding amongst us can aid us in our eternal quest to locust the hell out of the market in every region we start from. In addition, try to ensure your meetup location gives you access to several possible regions.  Saying “lets go from Stacmon” for example only really gives you Syndicate as a viable target region, whereas Rens gives you Providence, Great Wildlands, & Curse. Dotlan is very useful for helping with this decision.

Scouts: Choose them wisely.  Green Gambit, Evilian, Kaeda Maxwell, Thecla Elarik, Daneel Trevize & Lorkin Desal (in one of his many guises) are amongst the best the regular Ganked line up has to offer. However, more are always appreciated, especially if they bring combat probes.

Local Spam: Ensure it is mostly in line with the theme, see if you can get a couple of handy images “shopped in time for the roam, and as usual YouTube will provide relevant videos. One thing to note, try not to let your fleet mates go TOO FAR in regards to spam, it can get them warned or even banned and we do not want any negative publicity or views when it comes to Ganked do we?

Once this is all done and you have passed the info to me, I will make the post on the RvB forums, mail the mailing list and begin the weeks twitter campaign, as well as edit the RvB Ganked channel MoTD to ensure as much coverage as possible is given to the roam. The more the merrier on these things after all.  I’d suggest if you are Guest FCing a Ganked roam you also work on publicity from your end and your in game social circle too, as occasionally I do slip and either forget or get too busy to push as much as I normally do. 

On the night, set up your fleet, use the Fleet MoTD for all the important information, have your route(s) communicated to your scouts and then herd your cats to glory! While doing this remember:

  1. Lemmings will happen. Make sure they link their losses;
  2. Gloriously running away is a GOOD thing if you want to avoid a needless whelp. If 20+ logistics will ruin a fun whelp, then bail. No one will mind;
  3. People may expect broadcasts, try and do it, means more people on the primaries therefore more chance of winning the isk war;
  4. Shinies are a great way to “win” a Ganked roam. Primary them at all costs, especially if they jumped to you before their logistics did;
  5. Ensure there is a prober around;
  6. Never go north, they just are not as fun as the rest of null-sec space.

And most importantly, try to keep the following two images in your mind at all times, one to link & one to just keep you smiling no matter what the fleet actually does:




And its all over.

It is now the day after and the roam was a success, you killed stuff, stuff killed you, and people got very drunk playing internet spaceships.  I would love it if you mailed me your prize winners so I can get our wonderful sponsor’s at Somer.Blink to pass their prizes to them and if you can write a few words about the roam and I’ll post them on my blog/Reddit for publicity – any publicity is good publicity after all.  

After you have done this, you can have your life back.

Not quite the same as it was before is it…

Jul 312012

Of all the reasons to go to war, would you have ever guessed that the word “Mate” was one of them?


Neither would we in RvB.

However, as it turns out, this is a perfectly acceptable reason for certain parties within NCDOT to go to war. The background to why exactly they think this way is as follows:

NCDOT alt by the name of Jimmy 4chan (inspired huh?!), joins RvB.  Along comes one of our theme weekends, and Jimmy breaks the theme, kills a few guys while in something he should not have been, and as a result gets convo’d by the one and only Nyu Trustan. Now Nyu, in his chat, uses the word “mate” quite a lot and Jimmy, being a very special snowflake, takes some offence at it, threatening to get Nyu banned…

[ 2012.07.29 17:52:35 ] Jimmy 4chan > need to speak to somebody that doesnt call me a fag every 20 secs
[ 2012.07.29 17:52:59 ] Nyu Trustan > I havnt been offensive, im giving you your terms
[ 2012.07.29 17:53:23 ] Jimmy 4chan > you have repeated me called me homosexual
[ 2012.07.29 17:53:37 ] Jimmy 4chan > and refered that i am in a relationship with other pilots in this game
[ 2012.07.29 17:53:53 ] Nyu Trustan > mates is not a homosexual reference.
[ 2012.07.29 17:53:57 ] Jimmy 4chan > going to petition you now
[ 2012.07.29 17:54:01 ] Jimmy 4chan > yes it is
[ 2012.07.29 17:54:03 ] Nyu Trustan > yea go for it mate
[ 2012.07.29 17:54:28 ] Jimmy 4chan > thanks for your willingness to accept ccp sanctions
[ 2012.07.29 17:55:09 ] Nyu Trustan > Your going to get your petition looked at for 2 seconds and closed, I wish you well in your time away from RvB, you may return if you choose to pay for your kills
[ 2012.07.29 17:55:13 ] Nyu Trustan > See you round mate

So, Jimmy leaves/gets kicked for being an illiterate baby who cannot comprehend something as basic as our weekend theme’s – then again having read some of the smack NCDOT spam in local when my RvB Ganked roams run across them, I am beginning to think they are all exactly like Jimmy – and very soon after, NCDOT declare war on the glorious forces of Red vs Blue. This is swiftly followed up by Jimmy’s main/another alt, convoing an RvB director type about the joint war declarations (I have trimmed this a little):

Travis Musgrat > How are you doing today
Jiny > fantastic…what can I do for you?
Travis Musgrat > WELL
Travis Musgrat > who o i contact for scheduling a fight
Travis Musgrat > and why do your leaders call players homosexuals
Jiny > well, the rules are clearly posted….so if you failed to read them and then decide to be rude about it…
Travis Musgrat > wasnt being rude he was the one calling homosexual
Jiny > do you mean the word “mate”?
Travis Musgrat > yes
Jiny > that’s a brittish word for friend, associate, comrade….
Jiny > not a gay reference
Travis Musgrat > thats very offensive where i live so my gm bro is going to ban him for a while tomorrow
Jiny > well that’s up to CCP….but something tells me they aren’t going to see it that way
Travis Musgrat > matei have 876 billion isk so i dont have a problem paying for their ships if you give a valid reason for shooting them
Jiny > I thought mate was a derogatory term?
Travis Musgrat > yes it is
Jiny > so…..
Travis Musgrat > same as faggot
Travis Musgrat > cocksucker
Travis Musgrat > etc
Travis Musgrat > you get the point mate
Travis Musgrat > i said i would pay for the ships i killed in my drake
Travis Musgrat > but just not the ones that were killed during the fight that continued after i die
Jiny > well that time has passed, you were rude to my members, then to one of my TLs….now by your own definition you are being rude to me, enjoy your wardec

Following this, the RvB spam crew (me amongst them) starts posting about this on Reddit, Twitter, EVEO (Login to the EVE forums before opening this link), Failheap Challenge & of course the RvB Forums, the next 24 hours become some of the most fun I have had in EVE without un-docking.  During the time before the war itself goes live, we get some allies, the most notable of which being Goonswarm Federation, We Form Voltron & The Devil’s Tattoo.  

And for even more hilarity, a troll corp called Yellow Federation also declared war, after plagiarising the existing RvB recruitment post.


And then it was time for us to fight,  with first blood in The Mate War going to the pilots of the Blue Republic for this kill. Shortly after this kill occurred, we received word that a “large”, BS & BC heavy group of NCDOT pilots was rolling out from Jita:

A couple of hastily set-up RvB reaction fleets were formed and very very loosely coordinated, and then it was time for some action. One of the in gates for Otela became the site of the first major battle of this war.  And well, excluding some purple on purple mishaps – overviews really are not that difficult to set-up mates – it totally went RvB’s way. Yes, it can be said this is down to our number’s but also our rank & file members seem much more willing to prosecute this war than those of the NCDOT (those who can get into High Sec space anyway!) For a sample of what they were thinking after this action, see this pastebin, the highlight of which is this line:

[20:31:47] Poision Kevin > and our epic cor of 6 RR BS’s couldn’t hold reps vs 120 random srubs shooting

One of the member’s of the smaller RvB “veteran” fleet recorded this fraps of that fight:


After a short lull, NCDOT once again left Jita, however this time they had a much larger gang with a very very solid (on paper anyway) core of 30 battleships, and after some neutral scanning of those ships, it turned out NCDOT were fighting like it was 2010 again. Lots of RRBS… Once again, RvB coordinated between it’s fleets and following some back and forth between gates, the larger of our groups jumped in and started spreading tackles, catching pretty much everything the NCDOT had before they could even think of bailing. Once aggro was established, the smaller veteran fleet jumped in, and while our mates dealt with the 12 – yes 12! remote repair Dominix’s, we focused fire on their Megathrons, Armageddons and Typhoons. With your’s truly doing the calling.  Within 10 minutes it was all over. Some of the enemy had escaped but not too many. The field was our’s once again!


More Pastebin logs of the enemy chatter following this engagement can be found here, here & here. The final one is the most amusing as Poision Kevin accuses us of not fighting, obviously he does not understand that herding 180 mostly drunk, certainly bloodthirsty cats around is damn difficult, as after all he is a member of such a “pro” pvp alliance. And when we did fight, things just fell apart for his little group. Amusing is such an understatement, but that’s my view and I shall stick to it.

The rest of the night following this was pretty uneventful. Small skirmishes around the way, Yellow Federation pulled off a smart-bomb BS trick in Jita – hey it happens, its not like an RvB Ganked veteran can be in EVERY RvB fleet warning them about how obvious a smart-bomb BS is to spot…. 

To follow the action, watch the campaigns on the 3 RvB killboards:

Red: NCDOT / Yellow Federation

Blue: NCDOT / Yellow Federation

Purple: NCDOT / Yellow Federation


While I have linked other vidya’s above from the view of the smaller veteran RvB fleet, the following are taken from the view point of members of the larger spai infilitrated RvB fleet (Courtesy of Karim alRashid & Shadowgirl9), however just allow me to say to the members of that fleet, BLOODY GOOD JOB GUYS! You did a bang up job taking down the targets as your FC’ and callers targeted them, without you guys willingness to fight, the first day could have been a wash out for us.  So thanks again!


To our enemies in NCDOT & Yellow Federation all I have to say is keep trying eventually you’ll soundly thrash us, and regardless of how long it takes, keep bringing the good fights and we’ll keep calling you mates in local. 






Jul 042012

Saturday 30th June 2012. 19.15 EVE.  

The glorious RvB AT10 team faced it’s first opponent, the mighty null sec pet alliance, Get Off My Lawn. And RvB thoroughly mowed that LAWN.


Del Delvechio RvB CEO was very happy:
Congrats and well done to our AT in their first match yesterday. In case you missed it they by far had the best match of the day, quickly beating GET OFF MY LAWN without suffering any losses. And they had Merlins to boot. Most probably don’t realize how much work goes into getting a good team ready for the Alliance Tournament, suffice it to say its more work than most of us (including me) have time for. So thanks to AT Team Captain and the rest of the team for their hard work and planning and making RvB look like pros on the first day.

Obviously the pilots who flew for RvB in that match had booze fuelled orgies to attend following their win – who knew that flying an internet spaceship makes you attractive to the fairer sex – but I did manage to get some of them say a few words about this victory:

Cablex Dayspring:
The fight was about as clinical as it could have been, everyone performed exactly how we needed to, and our DPS was tearing everything apart in record time whilst our reps were able to keep everyone pretty comfortable!

I’d say it was enemy fault more than our merit, what with them warping their scimi in at 20 and getting fixated on overheating invuln merlins ;) but yep we didn’t do any serious fuckup and the two factors combined got us the match.

Dracoth Simertet
GO GO RVB!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!

While the pilots were obviously very happy with their win, the reaction of RvB members and our supporters was much more raucous.  Of the 15 channels I was in that evening, 14 had lots of cheering and chatter about the fight. The last one was the EUNI public channel. Go figure.  Here is a selection of the reactions – excuse the language:


Kast Agnet > omg sheer rapage. VWD rvb
Mintax > woot! nice work
Arctius > omg brutalized
Selon Nivek > wow, that was quick!!
Treides Darkstar > whoops i somer blinked and missed it


Federal Criminal > that was epic
General Escobar > good job RvB
roigon > rvb went for the scimi, killed the scimi.  gg rvb
Krytan Reborn > ANNIHILLATED
nu11byt3 > welp, that was over before it started


Mr John22ta > wow that scimi melted
Mortvvs > rvb best b
Grarr Dexx > what the christ
Grarr Dexx > happened
ry ry > faceraped




This emphatic victory is not however the end of this campaign for RvB, after much deliberation and figuring out of their own rules, CCP finally published the schedule for the second round of qualifiers and RvB’s second match in AT10, will be against:

Suddenly Spaceships on Sunday 8th July at 18.20 EVE.

I trust everyone will be watching and cheering RvB on once again, having the support of all 4000 of you and the many thousands outside RvB who are supporting us, means a tremendous amount to those who do get selected to fly.

NB: A few people asked why I was not flying on Saturday, and it was not that I was not asked to its just that I messed up a touch.  I figured that since there was a long delay on Saturday I could move a ship around for later, and when the time came to be in fleet and moved by CCP, I was not close to our space to either plug in implants or get a ship ready! So I threw away an opportunity for glory all because CCP caught up with themselves during the break before our match!  I did however get to shoot LAWN later on that evening, so all was not lost.

Jul 032012

Totally late, but at least I got round to finishing it – however short it may be.

Anyway, few weeks ago, Ganked 28: TEETOO rolled on out into the cold unforgiving reaches of New Eden.  The theme for the night was Frigate hulls, but only if there was a T2 variant of said hull – and yes people could bring the T2 if they so wanted.

We departed from Agil – as I fancied going Querious, Delve, and Period Basis.  I did not know up front that the CFC/Honey-badgers had started to move in already.  Passing through northern Querious we killed yet more fail bombers, turns out CVA doesn’t have the franchise on these! Eventually we ended up in 319-3d, a couple of weeks before the rest of New Eden dog-piled in, where we shot a few dude’s who just kept being bad around us while we were on a bio.

We moved onwards again towards Period Basis shortly after the break taking down some retarded HUN pilots who fail at smart-bombing along the way, following which some TEST bro’s who fly with us on occasion got in touch and let us know they too had a frig heavy gang rolling around and I said come at me bro.  Just before they did, we found this, and killed it. TEST then failed to jump in, instead NULLI jumped in and we shot some things, with TEST dribbling in instead and we shot them too until eventually NULLI’s inability to want to fight without logistics overcame our fragile frigate hulls. 

After a short regroup break, our valiant group headed out again.  I scouted us into Querious and caught some more fail locals.  We slowly bimbled around passing 1DH- without the TEST swarm even knowing we where there, until Kalaratiri jumped into Y-2ANO in Fountain and found a gatecamp waiting for us – that he found it as a result of the blowing him up is another issue entirely. What followed was a brilliant fight with plenty of explosions and tons of good fights offered in local. I was hero-tackling expensive toys and went down keeping a lachesis pinned, so Daneel took over and did a bang up job of keeping the guys fighting as we kept going in order to win us the ISK war.  He firmly did that!  Kudos must go out to the Aurora Shadow guys who fought us and did so in an “honourable” way, ie no logistics! 

All in all it was yet another good night, and we all made mention of the fact that frig nights or cruiser nights seem to be the best times we have, people are much more willing to fight us…

Vidya Footage

Ranek Auscent made this:


As usual, the wonderful folks over at Somer.Blink – who are celebrating their 250 TRILLION ISK milestone – sponsored several prizes for the evening.

Scouting Distinction – 1x Stilletto, 1x Crow, 1x Taranis, 1x Malediction (Kalaratiri, Green Gambit, Lady Irradiance)

Corpse Collector – Eris (Nicola Abre-Kai)

Spot Prizes – Sentinel (Dracoth Simertet, Luscius Uta, Edward Tivruskii, sens1, SMM Scotland1993, Scyleth, ABrownie, Bernadette Kasenumi, Solivan Dallocort, lolololol01)

Combat Distinction – Arazu (Certissian, Hackbert, Major Trant, Nutjob O’Crazy, Velox Versutus)

Combat Excellence – Sleipnir (Luckyccs) Awarded pretty much because on his way home after our first whelp he blitzed 3 guys who were trying to end him.  

Heretic – 50 Tormentors, 50 Navitas, 50 Bantams, 50 Probes (Y’talana Ktra’a)

Jun 072012

The recent weekend back in the “real world” saw the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth the Second, and to mark the event Ganked 27: Kotuku was held – kotuku being her majesty’s title in Maori.  The theme for the evening was missile boats, due to the Inferno update which saw missile graphics improved to the highest levels of awesomeness!

We formed up in Rens in the mid afternoon – what with my plan being a slow wander South by South East – and of course, had the usual messed up conga before we headed out in to the wild blue yonder.  Our first null-sec stop was 7Q- in Great Wildlands and on our arrival we began to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in local, mostly because there was no one to explode. Something which proved to not change at all as we passed through empty system after empty system, until one of our scouts informed us of some form of shiny in 7-I.  Suddenly we went pro and had a prober race to the system, meanwhile another scout got eyes in G-0 in Curse, of a possible fight between some dudes that we may be able to crash. Turned out RaidenDOT (who are not dead yet) and Initiative Mercenaries were doing “something” in that system, so we ran over – promptly scaring the shiny in 7-I away – and camped the G-0 gate in KLMT-W instead.  Now its pretty possible those groups were working together as suddenly some ‘Nados appeared on the other side of the gate, however they soon went away and Abaddons un-docked to take their place…

This was when we decided we would rather live than whelp so early into the roam, and started burning off, not before we took down a few devoters that tried to catch out gang – we did lose a few ships but not as many had we stood and fought, and after being chased for a while we moved from Curse into Scalding Pass, were we came across more gangs, which didnt help us at all as we kept getting split up.  Eventually, after getting over the shock of how busy Curse and Scalding have become, I ordered us to reform in Sendaya. Funnily enough some 60 ships had survived whatever the hell Curse had become, so I was pretty happy.

Part One was over.  It could have been done much better on my part, but the prospect of massive whelps early on just isnt something I get off on, I much prefer some foreplay first, followed by a nice long sweaty session full of explosions.

Following some reships and what not we moved out from Sendaya, with Providence as our target this time.  We ran over a flashy Tornado on the way, however when we hit Providence the region seemed to be doing a good impression of Great Wildlands. NO ONE WAS ACTIVE. Until we found a couple of ratters in VKI- and used magicks to find them, and kill them. Provi after that was a tad quiet – again – and we had to resort to running down to HED-GP in Catch to find a fight. We killed a Rapier, pilot got mad and brought a bunch of stuff to kill us. We killed some more and then we either died or ran away, I forget as I did actually die as I was sat on their warp in…

Part two had ended. Was generally disappointed in Providence, as usually the locals find their balls and fight us, but even their bombers were failing this week…

Eventually a 3rd roam went out – it pretty late and we had been going for hours by this point so we had few pilots with us – and we headed up through Great Wildlands towards the North, however we did not see much until we arrived in N-RAEL, where we killed some shinies, decided we were too tired and drunk (THE QUEEN!) to go on, therefore after some glorious op success we gave up and called it a night.  All in all a really fun day was had by all.  

*Note on “The Queen”, this is basically a toast and when someone says “The Queen” you repeat it and take a drink. I think over the series of roams “The Queen” was said at least 50 times…  

Geddonz was back from Cuba and vidya’d for us:


As usual Somer.Blink sponsored several prizes for the night:

Scouting Distinction – Launcher + Probes + 1 crow (Max 3) (Josh Lebanoni, BBsoerjabi, Jamie Banks)

Corpse Collector – Flycatcher + Manticore (Nyu Trustan)

Spot Prizes – Caldari Navy Hookbills (luckyccs, Combat Mink, Nyu Trustan, Kuhal Dalan, Gribbly Lazair, Beanhead2, Uclanchar, Jedi Master06, Jason Bouryne, Mourning Souls, Nyquist Dispute, Jenny Marcus)

Combat Distinction – Osprey Navy Issue (Max 5) (Canidy, Scyleth, Daneel Trevize, Krytan Reborn, Green Gambit)

Combat Excellence – CNR or a Fleet Phoon (This is up to Blink) (Nicola Abre-Kai)

Heretic (lol I cant use missiles) – Keres (Yanni39)

Best local spam relating to HM Queen – Caracal Navy Issue (macH eoN)

Apr 292012

Today’s write up is brought to you by the letter A, the number over 100 and Somerblink, who kindly sponsored several prizes for me to award to attendee’s of the roam.

Last night was the 24th Ganked roam, and the theme this go round was Amarr, so golden spaceships firing magical lasers were a go. And some random vessels from those attendee’s who cannot fly Amarr.

Our chosen destination for this evening was Syndicate, and after much crying from me because Dotlan was broken – which meant I had to use my EVE strategic maps book to do some initial route planning, good but I cannot use it on my second monitor now can I – we moved on out.  However it was not long before the “crazy” kicked in inside of my mind, and upon being informed of a cyno in Ostingele towards a station, I did what I normally do and warped us there…

Right on top of a “deathstar” fitted pos. Much hilarity ensured as the fleet bailed off asap and we went to the sun and killed some flashy duders, while the rest of the fleet arrived. Eventually we actually moved out towards TXW-EI my chosen entry point to nullsec, but as it turns out, RnK those masters of the smartie BS cyno trick live in that area, and so I made a call to turn us around and enter via MHC-R3.

[ 2012.04.28 20:24:42 ] Mangala Solaris > this fleet made me run away :(

We then wandered the eastern half of Syndicate. Which was pretty quiet except for a few Agony Empire bombers who died before their bombs actually landed.


[ 2012.04.28 20:58:00 ] C’rith Nemes > Whoever tossed that bomb sure as hell missed the main body of the fleet.

Major Floor promised to offer them some advice on doing it right. Hope he did.

We got pretty bored meandering through eastern syndicate, as despite our best efforts we could not find anything to kill that would not either run or dock, although on that note, we did try to wtfbbq a carrier on a station while convo-bombing the pilot (Drivvin) who got very mad in local, DESPITE docking and depriving us of a mail. 

[ 2012.04.28 21:33:17 ] Drivvin > u little fucking faggots…thats sooo petitionable
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:27 ] Max Teranous > hehehe
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:29 ] luckyccs > go ahead
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:31 ] Nicola Abre-Kai > you seem mad
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:32 ] Jaymes Welty > REPORTED
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:33 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:34 ] HerrKommandant > lol
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:35 ] Vora Dumem > http://i.imgur.com/r2zvK.jpg
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:36 ] Exoth3rmic > if you don’t want to talk to us
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:37 ] Luscius Uta > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:38 ] Exoth3rmic > that’s not my fault
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:38 ] Sarcos > mmm tears
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:39 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:40 ] Vincent Death > OMG WE ARE SO SORRY
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:41 ] Drivvin > ur gettin ur lil chaeting punk asses gagged
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:41 ] Max Teranous > i wanted to talk to you!
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:44 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:46 ] Ranek Auscent > i wanted to talk to you :(
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Ralina Foley > Not our fault if you have crappy computer
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Fintarue > u mad?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Liara Bathana > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Algot Tram > UMAD BRO
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Combat Mink > u mad bro
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Mahalleinir Daishan > u mad bro>
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Yaaar Smackdaddy > u mad bro
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Mactabilis Maero > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:49 ] Ceofore Aideron > umadbro?

(Lots more “u mad bro” followed)

[ 2012.04.28 21:35:10 ] Drivvin > lol
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:12 ] Drivvin > idiots
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:16 ] Drivvin > unsub
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:23 ] Drivvin > u reak of fail

He then went on to compare killboards, so a lot of local spam became Ganked regulars linking their stats for a laugh, and then the best bit of the local chat with this amazing duder:

[ 2012.04.28 21:38:42 ] Alec Stacer > Driven, your blues would like you to act like an adult

Obviously we moved on and back towards MHC, where lo and behold we found an Agony basic class – that had actually set out on time! They bubbled the 6E- gate so we jumped in and shot them, but they jumped out, so we jumped after them as soon as our aggro had gone, as they had bubbled themselves again.  It was a slaughter. Just not a slaughter of the Ganked fleet. I did feel a little dirty, but then I heard that it was possible the Agony gang had some bad intel about our fleet composition, and I felt less dirty.

[ 2012.04.28 23:28:23 ] Phantom OfKrankor > [23:28:11] RageChild > Agony got bad Intel on Ganked being a frig fleet

Following this “GREAT SUCCESS” we took a quick break then moved out towards the only named system in Syndicate, however we did not get much further than that. And a brief explanation of why follows:

1) Cloaky bubbler in system.

2) Bubbles up.

3) Bubble is refreshed as scout lands, but before they see anything on scan.

4) Scout calls bubble as 10km off gate.

5) FC warps fleet to a “clear” gate – heh, its only a bubble and only 10km off gate.

6) As we warp, cloaky drops a cyno and in comes ROOKS N KINGS in smartie BS having been bridged in by their titan. 

7) It was a slaughter. Of us.  TiDi kicked in and we could not do a thing – I do admit that I was laughing my ass off though, as it was just a typical thing to happen to us after such a buoyant earlier fight.

Yes we had them happen to us again.  It cost us over 100 ships, and quite a lot of anger and tears in fleet and the RVB Ganked channel, but in the defence of the scouts and myself, this particular trick is a very difficult one to be on the look out for, especially with neutral eyes and even more so with our very open Ganked comms. We win some we lose some. 

To those who think that the fact that after this we had 40 or so folks remaining that obviously I am terrible then yes I am, but this happens once in a while a major whelp occurs and folks go home, yet MANY of those very folks return the following week despite any bad vibes they felt the week before, having calmed down they realise that they did in fact have a good time. But just to be nice, I am currently drafting an article that sets out everything that one can possibly experience on a ganked, along with a basic primer on some of the terms used by myself and others on our comms. As I am just that nice.

Anyway, long story short, we went back out with vastly reduced numbers. Killed some stuff, died to the Agony roam, and then logged. Then I stayed up to 6am drinking Cognac…

In other news Geddonz and Jaymes Welty both did vidyas of the roam:


And now for prizes!!!

Scouting Distinction – Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, 10 Sisters Combat probes per award. Max of three. (Akuma Nixen, Fintarue, Eviliain)

Corpse Collector – Heretic. (Exoth3rmic with 17 pod mails!)

Spot Prizes – 10 Slicers. (Ceofore Aideron, Judontknowme, Bernadette Kasenumi, Mactabilis Maero, Belkadan, Lemmingster, Rokhaard Indiz, Max Teranous, Nyu Trustan, Serina Bae)

Combat Distinction – Zealot. Max of five. (Shu’jiha Shiznae, Algot Tram, Combat Mink, Vincent Death, Ranek Auscent)

Combat Excellence – Damnation. (Daneel Trevize)

Heretic – Harbinger. Most killmails with a non-Amarr ship. (Nutjob O’Crazy)

A HUGE thanks and shout out to the folks at SomerBlink once again for providing these prizes!