Jun 132018

After the success of Hard Liquor #1, RvB and I are pleased to announce the next roam is this coming Saturday, 16th June.  In case you missed #1 a week or so back, I’ll answer a few things:

  1. Yes, I’m back in game;
  2. Yes, I’m in RvB again;
  3. Yes, I’m Fleet Commanding again, and even better, RvB trusts me to do it;
  4. Yes, I try my best to get people killed while doing the above;
  5. Yes, I’m awful at naming things right now;
  6. No, you cannot bring your Drake.

Check out these videos from #1:


If that gets you all excited, then here are the details for Hard Liquor #2 and I hope to see you there!

When: Sat 16th June 19.30 UTC
Where: Ichoriya
What: Cruiser down*. Armour. Close range. > Logi > Tackle > Ewar
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Address: public.rvbeve.com
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel – RvB’s Hard Liquor / OOG – RvB Discord
FC: Pimpin Purple Daddy, Mangala Solaris

If this is too short notice, then we do roll fortnightly (at the moment), watch this blog, the RvB forums and the RvB Calendar for future dates along with details of any other events you may be interested in.

May 252018

Those familiar with my history as it relates to NPSI, will know that way back in the dawn of time when RvB first took steps into the world of NPSI, I ran what was then known as RvB Ganked and ran it as a loud boisterous drunken party across New Eden. Often times the fleet would die as we all got pretty merry and opened fire on anyone we came across. Over time as Ganked got larger, we got more organised and considerably more sober on these roams, however we did get into bigger and more difficult fights and manage to pull off some stunning victories, so its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other really.  I mean, I have the history to prove it recorded on this very site!

While NPSI is one of the activities in EVE that I truly enjoy, I do not have the time available to jump right back in at the serious end of the purple world, although since returning to EVE, I have been mulling over getting something rolling on that front. So after some discussion with the movers and shakers of RvB, I am going to be running an old school, fortnightly slosh op on their behalf (and for my own pleasure of course!).

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you, RvB’s Hard Liquor. Details of the inaugural roam – and I do mean roam, set yourself a good few hours and a case or two of you favourite beer aside – are as follows:


Title: Hard Liquor #1 – Ass F*****

When: Sat 2nd June 19.30 UTC

Where: Reisen

What: Assault Frigs. Armour, close > mid-range. Tackle, ewar etc etc

(No I am not going crazy and providing fitting suggestions, just an old time “rough idea”)

Comms: RvB Public Mumble

Address: public.rvbeve.com

Port: 43224

Pass: RvBLives

Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name

In game channel – RvB’s Hard Liquor

FC: Great Purple Grand-daddy Mangala Solaris

And folks, we have both prizes and a selection of prefit ships to give out on the day, but please remember BYOS is just as important as BYOB here! I’ll see you all in Reisen soon!

Mar 082016

Just when you think you’re out…

Nearly five years ago, RvB took on the duty of offering the people of New Eden a regular NPSI roam. You may have heard of it, it was known as RvB Ganked. Somehow, “Ganked” very much became my baby, something I managed for years until the time I stepped away from EVE, following which the Ganked mantle was taken on by the good people at Spectre Fleet. Even when I came back, I was (and still am) happy to see Ganked continue with Spectre and show my face from time to time to fly with friends new and old. I was happy doing that, I thought I was out of the limelight.

They pull you back in!

Recently, Vision Thing Achasse got in touch with me to say RvB was starting up a new NPSI roam as part of their efforts to rebuild the RvB brand following some drastic changes late last year, and offered me the chance to FC the first roam/event.

I checked my schedule, gave it some thought, and agreed. I put 5 years of my EVE life into RvB, its a time I’ll never forget and to be offered this opportunity to help them just made so much sense.

So on Saturday 19th March, come join me, Mangala Solaris, and a host of other pilots for a roam in search of DEATH & GLORY, in the inaugural RvB Memento Mori roam.

As FC I got to choose the ships and what not for the night, and following a long look at all the options available (NAUGS, Eagles, AHACS to name a few), I decided to rock it old school. To bring back that insanity that signified the early days of RvB Ganked, when my RvB experience still influenced how I ran those roams. Namely, FRIGATE HULLS.

Yes, you read that right. Its a kitcken sink frigate fleet. Break out the frigate hull(s) you love the most and lets have a great night in support of RvB and it’s future within the EVE community.

Small print:

You will all die eventually, you’ll lose your ships, get shouted at by me, and you’ll enjoy it. Meet me in Oisio/Hysera from 20.00 on 19th March. Comms will be an RvB Mumble server:
server: public.rvbeve.com
port: 43224
pass: RvBLives

Jan 052015

Yesterday, Saturday 3rd January 2015 saw an in-game player organised event take place in the system of Ishomilken. As ever with player events Ganked attended.

The event itself was titled “Titan Smash” and was hosted by Nashh Kadavr with the backing of the folks at iwantisk.com. The event was to publicise the upcoming EVE_NT EVE meet that Nashh also organises. As is obvious from the name, the entire premise was that a titan would be sacrificed somewhere in space with a hefty of prize of 20 billion ISK being awarded to the character with the final blow upon it. Coincidentally this event was to take place on the same day as Ganked 150 and very close to Spectre Fleet’s First Birthday, as a consequence of this fortuitous alignment Douglas Aurelius, Jayne Fillon and myself decided to have our celebrations together and fly something ridiculously special.

Golden Fleet was born.

We asked for our communities to wherever possible bring Navy Apocalypses, Apocalypses, Armageddons and so much more. On the day all three of us were blown away by the response we had received.  We ended up with several fleets as Ganked and Spectre’s respective channels hurled x after x at us.  Doug took one fleet, I took another, Jayne handled the capitals he had arranged to support us. Other folks started third, fourth and even fifth fleets to come along with us to the event.

The Titan Cometh

Arriving in the event system, we were greeted by the event titan – an Erebus – sitting in a large FW plex (unlike other FW plexes these do not have gates so can be warped into by anything) with a defence fleet consisting of many, many tech 3’s, t2 logistic support a small number of carriers. To our utter surprise (not really) it was our old friends in Snuff along with Shadow Cartel, Dead Terrorists and others. Groups who have in the past proved very tough to fight, but from whom we have never shied when taking that fight.

All our fleets – hostile and friendly – got stuck in to the subsequent engagement and it went back and forth for hours upon hours, with hundreds of ships dying across the grid while the Erebus sat majestically in the centre of it all. NPSI being NPSI we couldn’t quite push them away from the Erebus – despite a tremendous numerical advantage overcome the awesome organisation displayed by the defending force, even though we were inflicting horrendous losses upon them (and any other fleets stupid enough to land around us – say a prayer for CFC Harpies & CO2 Ruptures everyone!) especially their logistics and carrier support.

Now, you may be wondering what I mean when I state we were unable to own the field, this when we had multiple fleets and they had one fleet. Basically, NPSI fleets are often made up of people who do not fly together a lot, who have a vastly different amount of pvp experience and even massive SP differences; and in this case we were engaging a fleet consisting of some of the best that lowsec has to offer, flying a composition they do very well when operating as individual entities, let alone as the voltron they had formed. However, despite this we in the NPSI fleets gave it an amazing try and in my opinion we performed very well considering the patchwork job we had to do for organisation of the multiple fleets. Yes, we yielded the field to the defenders but not without seriously bloodying them.

I have said it repeatedly this weekend, but seeing what the NPSI community pulled together for this event has yet again reaffirmed my faith in our communities and their future in EVE. We have grown so much from small groups of pilots getting together for drunk roams in shit ships.

Drama llama

Now, the titan itself did actually die. Golden Fleet had pulled off – as it turns out a couple of enemy guardians too early! – and the defending fleet turned their guns upon it. Doing so caused tears of rage from so numerous parties, many of whom are part of the NPSI communities of EVE. Claims of “rigged” started to whirl around iwantisk and EVE_NT, especially when the titan died while fitted with civilian modules and the pilot with the final blow was in the defending fleet; Claims that EVE_NT / iwantisk supplied ships to the defenders appeared; Generally a stupid amount of butthurt over people’s apparent lost opportunity to whore a titan/win 20 billion ISK.

With every new claim and accusation I have seen, I have also seen Ganked and Spectre name-checked specifically as being butthurt about how the event ended, which frankly has annoyed me and continues to annoy me. Speaking for myself as the Godfather of Ganked, and for my close friends in Sash/Spectre command, last night was truly spectacular. We took our numerous fleets along to this event fully intending to get you all into a fight, a fucking HUGE one at that and thats what we did. We killed, we got killed, we had fun, we got stressed (sorry Encord!), we came away exhausted but satisfied. Somehow, we all thought you felt the same way too.

Below I address several of the complaints levied at EVE_NT and the defenders by people purporting to represent Ganked and Spectre:

We expected to simply get there, own the titan and leave with our pockets jingling.

Anyone expecting this was – and continues to – deluding themselves. If previous experience has taught us anything is that there is always a defence fleet. Given the chance, I would take you all along as a defence fleet on a similar event (oh wait…)!

Our numbers should have made it easy.

Try herding around 1000 pilots, across several comms setups, and multiple fleets, many of whom do nothing but complain about tidi, or shoot the wrong thing. Yeah….

The defence fleet should have rolled over and let us kill the titan/there should have been no defence fleet.

Originally I “think” Nashh planned to have the titan supported by a few friendly carriers flown by his Bastards, however we threw a spanner in that plan by being the largest groups to confirm attendance shortly after the event was announced. Can you imagine how quickly 1000 pilots would have destroyed the Erebus and its support had he gone ahead with that plan? Then can you imagine trying to find a fight from someone in lowsec for our hundreds of BS and support? As seriously I would have let none of you go home without getting my blood up.

The event was rigged

No one in the defence fleet wanted prizes. They wanted killmails, which they received. They wanted to test themselves against the blob, which they did.

Bloo, Bloo, the titan was civilian fit.

As I understand it the titan was fit out of Nashh or the titan pilots own pocket, so taking the fit off when it was to be killed by its own defence fleet made perfect sense. Especially in an environment where the killmail may not even generate (sounds familiar yes?). Frankly does the isk value of the titan matter when its a god damn titan on your killboard? No. Unless its a Leviathan as those things are like fucking unicorns.

As to whether iwantisk should be accountable for any issues arising from this tiny bit of drama, I really do not care enough to give it thought beyond saying that sort of decision should be between Nashh and themselves. As far as I am concerned, iwantisk provided something fun for an event run by Nashh in whatever way he wanted. Reading his own coverage of the thing, he basically got what he wanted, which nicely dovetailed with my own ambitions for last night too.

As for iwantisk, you guys have heard the saying “Any publicity is GOOD publicity” right?

Everything ends sometime

The tl;dr here is that the vast majority of the attendees in the NPSI community were there to celebrate G150 and Spectre’s birthday. A titan killmail and/or some isk would have been icing on top of icing on top of icing on an already awesome cake. That some people are complaining simply shows they were not there for the fight, they were there to get them dollar bills, which is entirely the wrong focus to have in such events.

Thats enough of that though, let me leave you with more awesome screens from last night and a great video too:

Jul 062014

Hi guys.

The leaders/FCs of various NPSI communities in EVE are currently discussing a brawl to be had between fleets lead by FCs from all of those groups.

Would this be something you are interested in? Answer the poll so we can get a read on things.

Would you be up for this event?

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Notes: Fleets limited in numbers around 50 per fleet – maybe more if the interest is there; Most likely in lowsec; Close Range fits so we’re all in each others faces. All fleets are NPSI to one another and so on.