Jun 142014

A great discussion just cropped up in the RvB Ganked channel and it lead to this post.  To cut a long story short, RvB Ganked (otherwise known as a vehicle for my ego) is lacking two things.

Firstly a video that does a great job of introducing Ganked to newbies/those unfamiliar with Ganked and public fleets in general. 

This would be a great thing to have at hand to show off to folks with.

Secondly, we are also lacking a 15 second Alliance Tournament advert video. We should totally rectify this. Rules are found here:

General Rules
All video material must be Eve related!

The item/service being advertised must be Eve related.

The advert must be suitable for all ages.

Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.

Adverts must be in English.

The quality of the advert must reflect positively on EVE itself, we will work with you on improving the quality of the video until we can accept it. The earlier you get in touch and send us material the more we will be able to advise you, the closer to the event we are the less time we will have to help you.

The deadline for each weekend of the tournament is midnight on the Wednesday of that week. That’s August 13th, 20th 27th and September 3rd. If accepted your advert will be shown on all the subsequent weekends of the tournament. Please keep in mind if you want to be sure your advert will be included please submit it at least a couple days earlier.
Technical Rules
1920×1080 resolution with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio, failing this you can submit as 1280×720, adverts will not be accepted in any other resolutions. Video should not contain black bars either horizontal or vertical.

Either 30 or 29,970 frames per second, adverts will not be accepted at any other frame rate.

15 Seconds long [img]exactly[/img], adverts will not be accepted if longer or shorter.

We suggest the video is delivered as a Mov or mp4 file with H.264 as a compressor at 15 to 20Mbps, WMV is also acceptable, MKV are not.

Video quality is more important than small file size!

Anyway lets brainstorm a few ideas in the comments as the weekend moves on, and we can start blagging people into doing us huge favours and making videos!!!  

FYI: Ganked logo is here.

Apr 282013

As is now traditional for CCP at the CCP Presents part of each Fanfest, they unveiled a new video.  This time it wasn’t a direct trailer for an upcoming expansion but more of a look at the background of the EVE Universe. It is called EVE Online: Origins. 

It does a great job of putting over the history of the EVE Online universe, covers the DUST connection, graphically is very easy on the eyes, & features capitals dieing. More importantly it is very much the spiritual successor to the first EVE Online introduction, even though it is not as lore heavy:

Now there was also some talk on the night of an EVE Online TV show, or even a movie and the new video is – I will admit – an excellent prelude to any of that, however why not make this video the introduction movie to both EVE & DUST, as it does show the connection well enough for anyone to understand. Parts could even work for the introduction to a TV show on this very subject, or stretched out and you have a movie, but for now lets stop saying trailer and all say introduction.

Anyway, regardless of my opinions enjoy the video.

Jan 152012

Take 90 bloodthirsty folks;

Throw in a dash of Rifter Hulls;

Soak in a few gallons of Beer;

Then mix well together for several hours and you get the perfect frigate roam.

That pretty much sums up Ganked 12: We Come For Our People, the most recent Ganked outing which saw us get back to our Rifter roots (yet again) and run into Null-sec.

This time around it was decided (by me!) that we would go to Syndicate, and not because there was also an Agony PVP class heading there too on the same night (okay okay…). So we formed up in Stacmon several hours before the off, eventually the fleet grew to around 90 pilots, with around 50% in Rifters, and many more in Wolf & Jaguar hulls.

And yes we conga’d, or rather tried too. The fail was not me this time. Although I do fail, in that I never ever take pictures on these roams, or even video then myself… See tgl3’s Rifter er Blog for pictures.

Eventually we moved out on a small loop through low-sec towards one of the many Syndicate entry systems – I had chosen MHC-R3 for this particular night – and it was largely uneventful except for some smartbomb fit BS which failed at trying to kill us, however we derped and did not get enough points on them to defeat their warp core stabilizers, so they bailed too. 

When we got into MHC-R3, to our surprise and our eternal glee was the Agony class and after some milling around, and the decimation of another dumb smartbomb fit battleship and its pilot, we got down to it, by warping to the sun and engaging the Agony class that was nicely sitting there waiting for our ragtag band of drunks.  I called “Buttercup” in local which was my codeword for everyone to primary Azual Skoll, as well as spamming “Azual Skoll is Primary” over and over on comms.  We got 55 of our band on his first mail

Great success!

Then our fleet set about the business of mercilessly destroying the Agony class with our usual élan, especially those RVB members who had taken part in the said class and the roam. Traitors to the Ganked cause fear our wrath! (We still love you though.) I pretty much only called when I could lock stuff – I spent some of the fight jammed (I love to hate the hydra principle when its used against me) and the rest trying to lock ships before they died. With some occasional calls to primary people I “know” from RVB or elsewhere. Then as suddenly as it had begun, it was over.

We held the field.

After a while we moved back to Harroule to lick our wounds, store the loot and corpses, and let the few losses reship.

Then off we went into deepest Syndicate once again, this time sharing intel with the Agony class, who had notice of a couple of carriers in the pocket near the Cloud Ring pipe, so we made our way in that direction, only – after a bit of a wait – for the intel to not lead to anything. By this point we were itching for a fight – and after some allusions to Azual that we would kill a friendly carrier – we said sod it and moved towards CR & Pure Blind, with a few kills along the way, some station services that needed shooting, and then suddenly a report of a Razor+other PB residents gang heading towards us, a gang of Hurricanes, Scimis, Drakes and the like. So basically the usual over the top welcoming committee you find amongst the risk averse denizens of large parts of null. 

We joined battle, killed a few things, bitched about logistics, and slowly got whittled down or bailed ourselves back towards high sec, calling it a night.  Was a great fun roam, even when stacked up against the highlights of Ganked 11, where we shot a titan.  I look forward to next week and the sight of hundreds of missiles streaming towards their targets.

I shall leave you with another Ganked video, made by the illustrious Geddonz, one of our committed regulars:

Jan 092012

Just a quick post to admit that I have been both incredibly lazy, and heavily engrossed in SWTOR, and therefore not creating blog posts.  However a new year is here, and I have things to say, so watch this space.  For now I will leave you with video from the past few Ganked events.