Jul 162018

Roam, event, drunken blunder across New Eden, hideous feed, series of un-explainable victories.

Call it what you will, RvB Ganked or Ganked turns SEVEN years old on the 22nd July, and while Ganked still runs under the aegis of the good people over at Spectrefleet, I cannot very well ignore the birthday of the event that gave the server a bloody terrible drunken FC along with cementing RvB as a content provider for the wider EVE community.

The first RvB Ganked was a two parter, Rifters – FC’d by Manic Miner/Tim Pest and kitchen sink, FC’d by me. Wasn’t too bad to be honest, broke even on the fight that really got me hooked on the drug that is slosh ops. You can read selections from Ganked’s story over the years following 22nd July 2011 on this blog, or check out the many many campaigns over on the Ganked killboard. Hell you can join a Ganked event every week just by being a part of the Spectre community, or come fly with me on Hard Liquor of course!

I was thinking as HL #5 is being held close to Ganked’s 7th, that we would reprise the original setup, a 2 part roam of rifters then kitchen sink, however I remembered that CCP has been kindly giving us ships for major birthdays in EVE, and so HL #5 will fly the Praxis & Gnosis.

Fits are here; We also have prizes that will firm up as the event draws closer so keep an eye on the mailing list Hard Liquor, the RvB forums and discord, and this website. I’ll see you all there this Saturday!

When: Sat 21st July 1930 UTC
Where: Ichoriya
What: Praxis. Logi. Gnosis. Tackle. Logi. Ewar.
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Address: public.rvbeve.com
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel: RvB’s Hard Liquor / OOG – RvB Discord
FC: Mangala

Prizes: Lots of stuff, around 10b isk total.

Aug 232013

On September 25th 2013, RvB turns 4 years old.

And as usual we will be having several events to mark our birthday, the final of which is also the largest & most spectacular of them all!



You read that right.

On October 26th 100,000 frigates will be set loose for RvB members to pilot & explode in what is going to be our largest Frigate Free For All to date.

I know many are wondering how to get in on this action, and to you I say simply join RvB prior to October 26th and you’ll be all set to take part in our largest event ever; In fact possibly EVE’s largest FFA ever.

If anyone wishes to donate, please contact Northern Misfit or Del Delvechio regarding any donations. Note that ships, modules & even offers of free time to help fit ships are all appreciated. Right now our dedicated fitters have set up over 40,000 ships for this event with 5 weeks left to go!

Thanks must go out to Sindel Pellion of The Angel Project for a sizeable donation to the cause, as well as to RvB members like Dracoth Simertet, Sylacx, Ringusworm for their donations of ships & prizes for the event, as well as to our many, many ship fitters for all the time they have given up to ensure this goes with a huge bang!

For a taste of what these FFA’s entail, check out these videos:

Keep up to date on the progress of both the event prep & the event itself by regularly checking this RvB forum thread, or by following @rvbeve on twitter.

Jul 112013


If you follow anything I write you will know that Ganked is two in a few days, and as with last year I thought it would be a fun idea to have some awards for various people involved in Ganked.  This will include your favourite FC, who in your opinion has been the best scout this year, as well as write in votes for your top roam & most entertaining person in fleet.

Now the awards will be kept secret until I secure agreement from Blink, but please vote in the polls and use the comments for everything else.  I’ll be throwing in some random prizes for best comments too, so remember to use your character name!

Also, note that following the 2nd birthday roam on 20th July, we will take two weeks off to allow various people to focus on the Alliance Tournament, including me. We will resume Ganked on the 10th August.

So here you go, the award categories are:

[poll id=”4″]

[poll id=”5″]

Which roam from Ganked 32 to Ganked 76 was your favourite & why?

Who would you say has provided the most entertainment in fleet this past year?

As an aside, I would love to see your ideas for themes for our Third year, so get to it!

Jun 242013



… It was EVE’s largest, regular public pvp roam.

In a little under four weeks, RvB Ganked turns Two years old and I can look back on the past year with a smug grin on my face.  The past year has seen Ganked get bigger & stronger than it was during its first year of being with many more people joining us regularly, including several new Guest FCs: Alphastarpilot, Combat Mink, Greygal, Lorkin Desal, MirrorGod & Roigon. Ganked has easily cemented it’s place as EVE’s Number One public roam.

Our average fleet is up to around 150 pilots every week – with the roam for Ganked 67: MAX PCU technically seeing us run a max fleet and end up with a secondary fleet running too!

We are killing much more on roams than we used to, although a Titan still remains elusive! When we turned One we had 2000 kills to our name and around 150 billion isk in damage done, now we are turning Two we have increased that to nearly 7000 kills and over 540 Billion ISK exploded.

The 45 roams held since Ganked turned One have been really good for all of us, I know I have a lifetimes worth of good memories from these roams, including:

  • Being THE roam for EVE’s 10th birthday;
  • Finding a group who likes to fight nearly as much as we do – Brave Newbies Inc;
  • Escorting a Charon into null-sec for fun;
  • Epic scrap with DPS boats with pets of -A- during Ganked 40;
  • Fighting Alphastars talwar gang in B-D at the start of Ganked 59;
  • Discovering I had the support of so many of you all when I announced that I would run for the 8th CSM;

and so many many more that were I to sit here listing them, I would be here for a year myself!  

The past year (hell the past two years) would not have been possible without all of you who attend Ganked and take part in our weekly sebo fuelled shenanigans for spreading the tales of the roam, bringing your mates, suggesting themes and even occasionally listening to your FC’s. Additionally some thanks has to go to CCP for the wonderful rebalancing work they have undertaken this past year too, as that has given us so many more viable hulls to play with, adding some much needed variety to both our fleets and those we explode!

Here’s to the next year, may we grow even bigger and better!


Please use the comments to discuss your memories, I shall pick my favourites to read out during the Birthday roam on 20th July and may even find a prize or two for those I like the best. For a refresher, check the videos of our roams, found here.

Oct 252012

A little history:

Way back in the dawn of time on an internet spaceships forum that is now lost to us, a few pilots had the idea to set up 2 groups that would be at permanent war and would have no rules on who could or could not join, as long as they wanted to explode/be exploded by someone.  They named the corps Blue. & Red. and for a while all was right with the world.  Explosions happened and good fights were had.  Then after a few months, much drama and eventual leadership inactivity caused the experiment to come to an end. 

Or did it?

Around a year later, on that very same forum a few of the original protagonists of the Red v Blue experiment decided to try it again, and this time it would be harder, better, faster, stronger than the last time.  And so on 25th September 2009, a new war began between the forces of the Blue Republic & the Red Federation.  

After a week, 2800 explosions had been made, and the rest as they say is history.


1127 days later

Despite several changes in rules, leadership and even location the war is still going strong, with hundreds of explosions daily. From the ubiquitous T1 fit rifters to multi-billion isk fit vargurs and everything in between, no hull is sacred in the eternal war that is Red v Blue. During these 1127 days, each side has passed 100,000 kills solely of the other, with Blue reaching it first, soon followed by Red in a flurry of activity – that happens when you offer 1 billion isk to each of the pilots who get the final blow – and much more recently this explosion became the 300,000th RvB explosion.  For those interested, we have exploded the general eve populace over 20,000 times, several thousand of these being in third party wars, the most memorable for me being those against the good people at Ivy League


 (Stats courtesy of Uclanchar & eve-kill.co.uk)

As you can see from the tables above the action never ends.  Yes, we have had our quiet months, but that has not stopped the war machine rolling on, keeping both corporations in the Top 20 on Evekill for several years, as well as several of our pilots up there too month in and month out. As we continue on this destructive course, our member numbers also keep increasing – helped along by our very own recruitment thread, live streams, hundreds of related videos & publicity courtesy of CCP:

So much so that Red Federation just inducted its 3,000th member.  Say hello to Eanok:

However RvB is already – when combined – the single largest entity in high sec space, and we are the 9th & 10th largest alliances in EVE as a whole. And all that without holding space or making our members any money.  Who knew a very explodey isk sink would be so popular, I certainly don’t think the original protagonists of Plave, Tron, Chakarai, Joe Appleby to name a few could have envisioned this 3 years ago when we first went “live”. 


Wait, we haven’t always lived in The Forge?

Yes, RvB has not always lived in The Forge. We started off down in Verge Vendor, why I cannot tell you as even my memory gets hazy after three years, what I do remember is that it is a remote part of Empire space in todays terms and that logistics was an absolute pain when supplying yourself with toys.  Since I seem to be turning into the “RvB Stats guy”, a few weeks ago I sat down & looked into our various homes, the explosions we made while living in each & how long we spent in a given region, unsurprisingly the closer we moved towards the economic heart of Empire, the more we exploded, the larger we got…

As I said above, three years ago we started off in Verge Vendor which was the scene of over 49,000 kills – valued at 740 BILLION ISK. We lived here until August 2010 when we made the jump to Everyshore, which if you can believe it, proved even more out of the way (despite being close to 2 market hubs!), but we still reached around 39,000 kills valued at 560 BILLION ISK in our time there.  It was in July 2011 that we decided to leave Gallente space and so we moved to the much more populated Caldari region of Lonetrek, achieving 75,000 kills valued at 1.3 TRILLION ISK while living mere jumps from some of the busiest Empire & nullsec regions, however the part of the region we lived in was not well loved of the membership and so in March 2012 we relocated one region over to The Forge and we have been here since then. To date we have over 145,000 kills valued at 2.1 TRILLION ISK.  Yes, in 6 or so months, we have killed nearly double what we did in the 9 months we lived in Lonetrek.  


You’re obsessed with the number 3.

Keen eyed observers will have noticed that I keep mentioning that RvB is three years old, or has done x or y in 3 years,  I do so because – & this should be obvious – the Red v Blue war reached its third year of explosive goodness on 25th September 2012. As with previous years – see the celebrations I organised for the 2nd birthday back in 2011 (Anywhere But, Sink the Bismarck & RvB Ganked 3: Time on Target) – I made a conscious decision to step up to the plate once more and put together various events to help the thousands of pilots who fly along side me, celebrate this past year and look forward to the next.  Luckily, this year I was not alone in organising our birthday events, as over the summer I became one of the founder members of the RvB events committee – not really a surprise considering my events pedigree over the past few years of my time in RvB.  

I personally organised a series of RvB Ganked roams: Ganked 40, Ganked 41 & Ganked 42. All of which were really good nights with very high numbers of RvBers attending and joining in the drunken nullsec fun, in addition I set running the third iteration of my Somewhere Out There event, which has recently come to an end, with participating RvB members taking home prizes totalling 30 billion isk.  Quite the birthday present from me to all of you really.  As well as my events others from the committee – and the general population of RvB – stepped to the plate and organised things too:

  1. Mandelbrot Fracture threw us a Bantam Brawl with the addition of a Navy scorp to massacre. Much hilarity ensued.
  2. Combat Mink organised 3 weeks of evening events, from Musical Frigates to a Conga Brawl to an Industrial FFA to Gladiators – which saw Wiiggls crowned as the current Gladiator Champion of RvB!
  3. Cartheron Crust did a bang up job of organising the first RvB Cannonball Run. A race across space and back with the entrants misleading each other, getting one another killed and so on all in the name of prizes and birthday cake!!!
  4. Connall Tara, Blue Rep member & host of the Fly Reckless podcast put together an RvB birthday special, which can found here.  Combat Mink & Wiiggls (and lots of mentions of me) where his special guests, along with many soundbytes from other RvB members!

Now that the birthday celebrations are all wrapped up and over with, I think it is safe to say that even with a larger membership this years celebrations were bigger and better and more well received than ever before.  Everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves, and found new joy in being part of the RvB machine. I know I did, and I mostly stuck with organising & publicity over anything else.  

Huge thanks to all of you who attended & took part in any of the events over the past 4 weeks or, its people like you that keep us on the Events committee doing what we do. Oh and because our ego’s need sustenance.

To everyone who missed out, there is always next year! 


What does the future hold?

We are now into our third year, with both the 5 trillion isk exploded & 500,000 kill milestones to reach, which in my opinion are well within RvB’s grasp during this year, either way its going to be very explosive!  Helping us towards those markers there will be several RvB Ganked roams, including the 50th roam – for which I am taking suggestions – however before that, there is to be a very very special RvB FFA.

Special you say?

Yes, I said special.  

10,000 fitted rifters (and assorted other frigates) being jettisoned in space so RvBers can grab them, explode someone, be exploded by someone, then grab another is pretty much the very definition of special when applied to our case.

This wonderful event is being put together by a very very dedicated team of people who have spent nearly a month fitting and moving the hulls around.  I expect this to go off amazingly well and result in a giant red dot marking our little corner of space for hours on the 3rd November 2012.  Hopefully hundreds of us will participate in such an epic event.


My final words.

My 3 years in RvB, have been the most enjoyable of my 6 years in EVE.  Nowhere else can I get the instant action on offer here, alongside an amazing array of events and contests, setup and organised by some of the funniest folks I have met in my time in game – and by me of course.

It really stuns me to take a trip down memory lane in regards to RvB and see what small roots we have grown from and to turn and look at what we can become, indeed what we have already become in some ways.  And to know that I have had a part of that and have helped guide us on the path to an even more explodey future really makes me proud.  

As long as RvB keeps the explosions going, anyone of us, from Command to bitter vets to fresh faced newbies and even ex-Rvbers can take away the knowledge that they are and have been a part of something very special in a game as special as EVE.  So thanks to CCP, my fellow RvBers and all the people I have met on my road. 

Oct 072012


& bring in all your ships.

After a short hiatus due to the recent EVE meet down in London – see TGL3’s blog for more on that – Ganked returned last night.  It was both the 40th Ganked, and the first of 3 roams to celebrate RvB’s third birthday.  Originally I had planned that the theme would be based on the results of this poll, however Daneel Trevize had suggested a “max dps” theme, were we bring as much gank as possible, and I liked the idea so much that I ran with it.

And what a night it was.

Met up in Rens, had the usual conga shenanigans with a little can flip idiocy thrown in for good measure resulting in Blue Rep members being able to get this kill. Then we were off.  Had a speed bump of some Eternal Evocations guys in lowsec, however not all of them went flashy on our broadsword, so we only got a couple of them.  After jumping into G-5EN2 we got word of a sizeable Red Alliance Tier 3 gang over in 9-F, however they would not jump into us, and their use of spais – ON THE LEAST SECURE COMMS IN EVE WITH PILOTS WHO DON’T REALLY CARE WHEN WE DIE, JUST HOW (GG RED, GG. All of EVE remembers you when you were good!) – prevented us getting successful cloaky warpins, so we just moved past them and right onto a Black Ops Hot drop performed by Russian Thunder Squad, members of -A-. Our bait vindicator worked wonders.  Their blops drop failed amazingly, in that we traded 1 Vindicator – that Green got for free – for a few Black Ops BS.


I still do not know what exactly those pilots thought they could achieve. Yes, like 2 managed to escape, but that is only because traffic control caught a few of our tacklers & bubblers. Regardless, at that point it felt really good to be back in the Ganked saddle.

And then we were off again, rolling over a CVA gang that was sat at 0 on a gate, and did not cross jump us even when I and a handful of others killed a sabre of theirs that had cross jumped. By the time I got into ERVK-P, the CVA gang was dead, or had ran away really fast. Except for 1 Lachesis that logged WITH aggression and was probed down and killed by us. God knows how the dumb manage to dress themselves in the morning. Speaking of dumb, we crashed a Legio gate-camp later on which did not warp off despite most likely knowing we were coming, and also being in one of the few systems they live in.

We started to spiral down towards the Catch/Stain border, however while idling in QETZ-W, local started spiking with -A- and their various pets, so we jumped into BUZ-DB, hit the station, killed some stuff, bubbled it and waited. And waited. And waited. And then the drake+scimi fleet they had landed in our bubbles and it was on. 


House & myself switched calling roles, with Dan and others helping out on warpins when needed & the majority of the fleet focusing on primaries when told, grabbing points and generally not being terrible, which warmed my cold bitter heart. As a group we calmly took down targets as called, or as they presented themselves as new primaries – why hello there Mr Scimitar – without much comms clutter or even your FC doing a good impression of a rabbit caught in headlights. While we did end up dead – around 100 of us were still going by this point – we out performed ourselves massively in terms of how we did in the whelp section of the roam.  Overall, I was and still am, very impressed & can happily say that fight really helped me find my love for FCing and EVE once again. Now if only I would undock more.

And then it was 2 AM UK time and it was all over.  As the dust settled we had done around 14 billion isk in damage with 130+ kills to our name. Pretty epic night considering I did the whole thing SOBER and that I ran out of smokes around 11 PM UK.

One last word before videos and prizes, however I shall let fleet chat from towards the end of the night say it for me (& my ego):

[ 2012.10.07 00:11:34 ] lolololol01 > we did amazingly well against all those logi lol. was quite suprised
[ 2012.10.07 00:12:08 ] Whisp3r > thx for fleet and fun
[ 2012.10.07 00:12:30 ] Caterpil > Thanks for the fleet :)
[ 2012.10.07 00:12:32 ] macH eoN > cheers guys o7
[ 2012.10.07 00:12:48 ] Alayna Le’line > Thanks guys, fun as usual o7
[ 2012.10.07 00:13:30 ] Shish Tukay > fun night, heading home now, bye guys o/
[ 2012.10.07 00:13:33 ] Geo Vent > I’m off. Thanks for a fun evening Mangala Solaris
[ 2012.10.07 00:13:37 ] Sir Yohnny > GF guys…
[ 2012.10.07 00:13:50 ] Deea Noban > o/ great fleet
[ 2012.10.07 00:13:58 ] Dece Goo’Ba > Excellent Ganked night :-) ttfn!
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:00 ] Rokhaard Indiz > thanks for the fleet everyone
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:02 ] Yori Yolanda > thx for fleet! great fight
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:12 ] mimori > Thanks chaps, was fun.
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:33 ] Morindius > thanks guys, my first Ganked and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:34 ] Thash Isnit > was fun thanks guys!
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:36 ] PVDNS77 > yeah nice ganked. even died \o/ thx for fleet o7
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:47 ] Ohpehk Doshu > great night. thanks RVB
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:51 ] Osoi Shinu > awesome thanks everyone
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:51 ] Himaro 1 > probably the most fun i’ve had on this game in a long time
[ 2012.10.07 00:14:58 ] Andrew Koch > o/ thx for an awesome fleet
[ 2012.10.07 00:15:17 ] Nutbolt > thanks for ganked, was a really good end!
[ 2012.10.07 00:15:22 ] SoraXIII > yeah had a great time guys Mangala Solaris is an epic FC xD
[ 2012.10.07 00:15:24 ] Ganage Be’des > Thanks for the fights!
[ 2012.10.07 00:15:31 ] Solaven > Thanks for the roam guys. great fun.
[ 2012.10.07 00:15:36 ] Janis Praag > great fight fly unsafe!
[ 2012.10.07 00:16:57 ] Stickelback > was that a win lose or draw?
[ 2012.10.07 00:17:09 ] Phantom OfKrankor > it was a good loss
[ 2012.10.07 00:17:35 ] Mangala Solaris > WIN. We exploded, they did too. I didnt rage :D
[ 2012.10.07 00:17:57 ] Strom Crendraven > thanks that was fun!
[ 2012.10.07 00:19:46 ] Kast Agnet > Cheers guys thx 4 everything
[ 2012.10.07 00:20:10 ] Jagtor > cheers mang got to go
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:14 ] Dieter Rams > thanks for the fleet guys
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:17 ] Furious Ginger > fun time guys gtg :D
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:19 ] Dieter Rams > well done
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:37 ] Bazanti d’Arys > Thanks for the Fleet RvB, I had a beautifull death!
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:44 ] Mangala Solaris > glad you came!
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:48 ] Michael Warsaw > Thanks for having me, awesome stuff!
[ 2012.10.07 00:21:53 ] Johnny Vector > that was awesome.
[ 2012.10.07 00:22:14 ] Henry Warsaw > Awesome is an understatement.
[ 2012.10.07 00:24:09 ] Shepherd Riddick > great ganked thx mates


Videos to follow when uploaded


As usual, our friends over at Somer.Blink sponsored prizes and here are the winners:

Scouting Distinction – Buzzard+Probes+Launcher x3 (Sir Yohnny, Captain Hurrdurr, Kaeda Maxwell)

Corpse Collector – Eris x1 (Captain Hurrdurr – for the awesome chain of friendly pods at the end of the night!!!)

Spot Prizes – Federation Navy Comet x6 (SoraXIII, Edvantage – “I CANT SHOOT THEM OR THEM OR THEM OR THEM”, Janis Praag, Rondra Juliaris, Rokhaard Indiz for this – “when fc tells you to take a piss, you ask how high”, Henry Warsaw for this “My first pvp roam. Lets for that guys!”)

Combat Distinction – Cynabal x3 (Green Gambit – for putting that Vindicator on the line so well, BigWierdo, Admiral Rufus – This pair did some great bubbling in the various fights we had)

Combat Excellence – Machariel x1 (Macgyver 3rd – topping the KB kills for the campaign, in the face of hard competition from many including several new comers to Ganked)

Sep 102012


Somewhere out there beneath the blue nebulae
Someone’s shooting at me and looting me tonight

Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there


RvB is three years old shortly and as part of our celebrations for this wondrous occasion, I am running the third version of my “Somewhere Out There” event.

For those unaware of what this is, it is a month long – starting on the 24th September – competition, with the aim of encouraging RvB members to fly away from the “core” combat systems, either rolling solo, or in gangs of 5 or less, and find fights in the un-loved systems of whatever region we currently live in – which right now is The Forge.

At the end of the event I do some maths and other creative wizardry and award prizes out to people. The prizes this go round are as follows:


The Most Wanted 
(Top 10 Killers from the campaign):
1: 1 Billion ISK
2: 700 Million ISK
3: 600 Million ISK
4: 500 Million ISK
5: 400 Million ISK
6: 300 Million ISK
7: 250 Million ISK
8: 200 Million ISK
9: 150 Million ISK
10: 100 Million ISK

Dancing on my own:
(Most Solo Kills)
1: 1 Billion ISK + 1 PLEX + Medal 
2: 700 Million ISK
3: 600 Million ISK
4: 500 Million ISK
5: 400 Million ISK
6: 300 Million ISK
7: 250 Million ISK
8: 200 Million ISK
9: 150 Million ISK
10: 100 Million ISK

You found Fievel:
(Most Event Points)
1: 1 Billion ISK + 1 PLEX + Medal
2: 700 Million ISK
3: 600 Million ISK
4: 500 Million ISK
5: 400 Million ISK
6: 300 Million ISK
7: 250 Million ISK
8: 200 Million ISK
9: 150 Million ISK
10: 100 Million ISK

The Brucie:
(Most Killboard campaign points)
1: 750 Million ISK
2: 600 Million ISK
3: 550 Million ISK
4: 500 Million ISK
5: 450 Million ISK
6: 400 Million ISK
7: 350 Million ISK
8: 300 Million ISK
9: 200 Million ISK
10: 100 Million ISK

Gotta get the Bling Bling to get the Chi-Ching:
(Most Expensive Kills)
1: 500 Million ISK + 1 PLEX
2: 250 Million ISK
3: 100 Million ISK

The Gatekeeper
(Most kills in Null Sec entry systems):
1: 2 Pirate Cruisers
2: 2 Pirate Frigates + 100 Million ISK
3: 150 Million ISK

The Terminator:
(Most Kills with T1 (none faction) Frigs)
500 MILLION ISK + 50 T1 (None Faction ) Frigates of Winners Choice

Where’s all the rum gone?
(For being all Yarr! – anything that mucks up your sec status excluding dropping ships bonused for mining) (So most kills of none RvBers):
1 Pirate Collection (1 Pirate BS, 1 Pirate Cruiser, 1 Pirate Frig. Has to be all from the same Pirate faction, Guristas/Blood Raiders/Sansha/Angel/Serpentis – assuming they all have a fleshed out line of ships ofc)

The Loneliness of Command:
(most kills of members of RvB Command – Team Leaders, Directors & CEOs only – Cosmo Blink & Panda101 count for kills from 18.00 EVE 01/10/12)
1 Command Ship of choice + 1 of each ganglink and mindlink (excluding mining ones).

Big is Beautiful:
(Most RvB Battleship Kills – BS have to be in RvB) 
1 Pirate Battleship of Winners Choice (Or Value of most expensive Pirate BS split between all contenders in the event of a tie)

Lord of the Firetails:
(Most solo kills of Mangala Solaris)
50 Republic Fleet Firetails

Scrambled, Fried, Poached, Benedict:
(Most neutral pod kills)
5 of each bomber & 1 of each interdictor (not HICs)

(RvB member with most losses) 
250 MILLION ISK + 150 T1 (None Faction) Frigates of Choice


To take part you need to be a member of RvB and sign up in this RvB forum thread

I’ll see you somewhere, out there.

Jul 232012


RvB Ganked was One yesterday.  And to celebrate we took destroyer hulls out on one of our infamous day long roaming sessions. I am not going to write too much about this, I’ll let the various videos cover the day – when they are posted – however we had a really good day, was pretty quiet at the start, although I did lead us through the drone regions.  Highlight of that part was a Super Twinkey69 kill that some of the fleet got without me even knowing, all while NCDOT was showing off their “logi powerz” to a gang of 100 destroyer hulls!  If only we had carried on past that system we would have found a more manageable IRC group to throw ourselves at, instead of the angry northerners who never play nice when we face them.

After a small break we went back out, and after a damn quiet roam through GW & Curse, we eventually ended up jumping into HED-GP, and into a gang.  I de-cloaked first so died first, but the rest of the gang performed excellently, even allowing me to grab a newbie vessel from Chribba’s house and rejoin the fight to whore some mails, but not until they had killed a Proteus and other “worth more than half our gang” type ships. Cue a quick reship in Agil and we bimbled back to HED-GP, finding a TEST gang also waiting to jump in from Keberz.  

[ 2012.07.22 21:24:02 ] Bud Tooper > ok 3 2 1 jump and brawl
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:05 ] Bud Tooper > GO
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:05 ] Skallagri > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:07 ] Dece Goo’Ba > ITS OUR BIRTHDAY
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:10 ] Elmicker > fuuu
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:12 ] Elmicker > almost got that wreck
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:15 ] Baron von Beijendorf > You’re going down on the other side!
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:25 ] The Djentleman Paulson > LOL GATEGUNS
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:27 ] tgl3 > THEMS FIGHTING WORDS
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:28 ] zurich93 > shoot me i dare ya
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:28 ] Mangala Solaris > we’ll all go in and kill A ;)
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:29 ] Thumper Tallen > i have the cyno
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:29 ] PVDNS77 > Baron von Beijendorf thats why we are here
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:31 ] Baron von Beijendorf > My only wish is that I brought a Thrasher.
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:32 ] Mangala Solaris > they are fukken awful
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:36 ] Baron von Beijendorf > Oh.
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:42 ] Baron von Beijendorf > Wanna kill -A- together?
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:47 ] Mangala Solaris > always
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:49 ] Bunniy > yes!!
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:50 ] Bud Tooper > fuck that
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:51 ] jackofasour ofthebong > i like the carrot
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:55 ] Bud Tooper > bropact, flip chribbas station
[ 2012.07.22 21:24:59 ] Y’talana Ktra’a > CARROT *NOMNOMNOM*
[ 2012.07.22 21:25:03 ] Baron von Beijendorf > See ya!

Initially I said follow them in and kill everything, then decided TEST are chill bro’s and when we piled in, I focused on calling on -A-, including a 1.6BILLION isk valued Cynabal that was caught by SMM Scotland1993. 

[ 2012.07.22 21:26:37 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : HED-GP
[ 2012.07.22 21:26:40 ] Similac Wolfe > GF M8s
[ 2012.07.22 21:26:43 ] tgl3 > TEST WE ARE HELPING
[ 2012.07.22 21:26:45 ] Lenier Chenal > kill AAA~
[ 2012.07.22 21:26:46 ] tgl3 > DONT YOU WORRY
[ 2012.07.22 21:26:46 ] SMM Scotland1993 > TEST ARE BROSS
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:00 ] tgl3 > BROPACT
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:01 ] Lenier Chenal > TEST + RVB vs AAA
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:11 ] Green Gambit > TEST + RVB vs AAA
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:14 ] Green Gambit > at the Keberz gate
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:29 ] Mangala Solaris > test bros
[ 2012.07.22 21:27:48 ] Similac Wolfe > GF M8s, im proud of you for undocking, now pod me
[ 2012.07.22 21:28:02 ] Rahzhial Arran > Kill: Thumper Tallen (Moa) lol y’all are cutte
[ 2012.07.22 21:28:31 ] tgl3 > fuck, alpha’d
[ 2012.07.22 21:28:43 ] tgl3 > BRB GETTING VELATOR
[ 2012.07.22 21:28:49 ] Mangala Solaris > primary broadsword test bros
[ 2012.07.22 21:28:53 ] Mangala Solaris > praying mantis
[ 2012.07.22 21:29:32 ] Mangala Solaris > get on loki
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:05 ] Ramier Assene > kill me fgts
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:08 ] Elmicker > gfs gfs
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:18 ] Ramier Assene > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:43 ] ottawolf > pod express please
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:46 ] ottawolf > ty
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:50 ] Scyleth > http://cogdev.net/blink/?act=home blink for a new loki
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:54 ] Mangala Solaris > saving you test bros
[ 2012.07.22 21:30:55 ] ottawolf > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:24 ] Solarienne > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:29 ] Vora Dumem > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:31 ] Yuri Wayfare > gf bros
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:33 ] Scyleth > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:36 ] Mangala Solaris > test we love you
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:36 ] Skallagri > gf
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:41 ] Vora Dumem > gf test bros
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:47 ] Mangala Solaris > and hi AAA :)
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:48 ] Mangala Solaris > and A
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:50 ] Skallagri > ty test
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:51 ] Mangala Solaris > and engarde
[ 2012.07.22 21:31:54 ] Mangala Solaris > and bad friends

And this is the end result of yet another fun impromptu three way.  Epic fight was Epic, and finally HED-GP starts being fun again. Following this we moved onwards, and decided to go to 1DH- and chat with our new bro’s TEST.  Got there after killing a dumb cloaki that did not run in time, jumped in using FLEET SCOUT BEST SCOUT and there was a TEST gang.

With no bubbles up. 

So I warped us off to the PR- gate, which funnily had a single bubble anchored around it. And there we made our stand

Not a bad haul considering the 400 TEST & Friends in system! And that was the end of the night. Yet another epic day was over with, over 100 kills done, including 3 Tech 3 cruisers and THAT Cynabal.  Happy birthday to us!



Before I get to the Somer.Blink sponsored goodies, I just want to say a small thing about Ganked.

Its all Tim Pest’s fault!  

Who knew that RvB Ganked, an excellent idea that Tim had around a year ago, would grow to become the juggernaut of open to all drunken roams it has become. With over 2000 kills & 150 BILLION isk in damage done in our first year alone, I can only see it getting bigger and better, unless of course the residents of nullsec learn how to bomb properly. For my part, it has been and continues to be a joy to “Not FC” you all nearly every week.  Who knew that from calling the big whelp in the second half of Ganked One I would go on to lead a further 28, and all because Tim let me pick up the ball and run with it. So to reiterate, it is all Tim Pest’s fault!

For this roam, I asked our glorious at sponsors at Somer.Blink to sponsor some prizes – as they do anyway – but with a slight twist and so without more words here are the winners:

Spot Prizes – 20 Navy Frigs (1 each to 20 people, possibly random selection of hull via Blink:  Giana Queen Fox, Major Trant, Bunniy, Aliisa White, Lachlan Herrema, Garett No’Jubai, Solarienne, Nutjob O’Crazy, Tranquil Hegemony, Swatzor,  Arcadis Netharius, Dirk Magnum, Kruger Vemski, Cannybull, Lee Hoshmo, Carathas, Castellan187, Shino Gekai, Elmicker, Lodavier)

Combat Distinction – Vexor Navy Issue x 3.  (SMM Scotland1993, Y’talana Ktra’a, DefMan Kahoudi)


Following awards were voted for by attendee’s of the evening part of the roam:

Best videographer for year 1: Cynabal  (Geddonz)

MV Scout for year 1: Inty pack – 1 each of all inties (Green Gambit).


The following are based on performance over our campaigns this last year:

Most pods in year One: 1 of each bomber. (Macgyver 3rd – over 100 confirmed pod kills)

Topped the most kills, the most often: Navy Megathron (LizzVicious – achieved most kills on 4 different campaigns)

In addition to the above AssassinationsDoneWrong donated a Vindicator to be awarded to the RvB Ganked Year One MVP , and this was won by Green Gambit, for all his hard work scouting, occasional FCing, forming fleets when I am late, and keeping us focused while he was obsessing over finding the mythical mack+rorq mining op. Well done Green! I know I – and the fleet – would be lost without you!


Oct 022011

So, a couple of weeks ago my beloved RVB was two.

We celebrated this with two Ganked nights during September, the first of which was a Thrasher hull night, and which went very very well from start to finish. Seeing what 100 thrasher hulls can do – especially when armed with artillery – is just an amazing thing, like really amazing.

Take a look at the Ganked killboard for a quick overview (Right now this campaign is not displaying correctly, but you can at least see the numbers, until I figure out what is wrong) of the kills we got during Ganked 3: Time On Target.

The second September Ganked was one that took the majority of the attendee’s back to their pvp roots: Rifter hulls!!  And as with Ganked 3 (and indeed any Ganked) it was a great success!!  Fleet was a sight to behold with – again – nearly 100 rifter hulls rolling out to mess up the evening of anyone they came across – and we did it with style, despite 1 smart bombing abaddon, and a group of very determined Scythe Fleet Issue pilots (We love you too Hydra) trying their best to under cut our fun!

However, the main event – and an internal RVB one at that – was one I termed “Sink the Bismarck“. This final birthday event would see a Red Fleet try and guard it’s flagship, the RVBFS Bismarck from Veisto to Oimmo, at opposite ends of the RVB combat area, while the Blue Fleet tried to prevent that.  Battleships, Battlecruisers, and relaxed rules on logistics and electronic counter measures made this a much more interesting prospect than every day RVB and both sides pulled in 70+ members for their respective fleets.

Both fleets surprisingly had formed up on time and the hunt was on, Reds rolling with an excellent scout team, and Blues with Fintarue – who is a scout team all on his own!! (They did have other scouts, however AFKing on a gate does not a scout make). Eventually, Red Fleet got near to Oimmo, and a stand off ensued.  However, it did not last too long as the Red FC made the decision to leeroy into the Blue Fleet who had setup in Vourrassi on the Hageken gate.

The rest is glorious.  Ships burned, logis repped, ECM jammed and carnage happened.

RVB did what it does best.

Happy Birthday RVB.


Note: I personally lost 2 battleships, and 2 loaned guardians.  And it was so worth it.