Jun 242013



… It was EVE’s largest, regular public pvp roam.

In a little under four weeks, RvB Ganked turns Two years old and I can look back on the past year with a smug grin on my face.  The past year has seen Ganked get bigger & stronger than it was during its first year of being with many more people joining us regularly, including several new Guest FCs: Alphastarpilot, Combat Mink, Greygal, Lorkin Desal, MirrorGod & Roigon. Ganked has easily cemented it’s place as EVE’s Number One public roam.

Our average fleet is up to around 150 pilots every week – with the roam for Ganked 67: MAX PCU technically seeing us run a max fleet and end up with a secondary fleet running too!

We are killing much more on roams than we used to, although a Titan still remains elusive! When we turned One we had 2000 kills to our name and around 150 billion isk in damage done, now we are turning Two we have increased that to nearly 7000 kills and over 540 Billion ISK exploded.

The 45 roams held since Ganked turned One have been really good for all of us, I know I have a lifetimes worth of good memories from these roams, including:

  • Being THE roam for EVE’s 10th birthday;
  • Finding a group who likes to fight nearly as much as we do – Brave Newbies Inc;
  • Escorting a Charon into null-sec for fun;
  • Epic scrap with DPS boats with pets of -A- during Ganked 40;
  • Fighting Alphastars talwar gang in B-D at the start of Ganked 59;
  • Discovering I had the support of so many of you all when I announced that I would run for the 8th CSM;

and so many many more that were I to sit here listing them, I would be here for a year myself!  

The past year (hell the past two years) would not have been possible without all of you who attend Ganked and take part in our weekly sebo fuelled shenanigans for spreading the tales of the roam, bringing your mates, suggesting themes and even occasionally listening to your FC’s. Additionally some thanks has to go to CCP for the wonderful rebalancing work they have undertaken this past year too, as that has given us so many more viable hulls to play with, adding some much needed variety to both our fleets and those we explode!

Here’s to the next year, may we grow even bigger and better!


Please use the comments to discuss your memories, I shall pick my favourites to read out during the Birthday roam on 20th July and may even find a prize or two for those I like the best. For a refresher, check the videos of our roams, found here.

  • Trinneth

    I’ve only been flying with you guys a few months, but there’ve already been plenty of highlights in that time, including:

    * That insane four hour, multi-way brawl, which ensured that when I think of lowsec, I no longer think of Tama, Old man star, or Amamake – they’re all secondary to Rahadalon now.

    * Spreading the gospel of Fozzie to the unbelievers.

    * The awesome firetail dogfight from a couple of weeks ago.

    * And, of course, Alpha’s hit & run talwar fleet from last week.

  • Anon

    Don’t forget the Rhea gank in Reisen we decided to do on a whim :)

  • roigon

    Ganked has been a wonderful addition to my life in eve. It generally finds that perfect balance between “pub atmosphere” and “serious spaceship game”. Comms will generally be filled with stories, discussions and laughter, while a few dedicated ganked helpers are scouting and FC’ing the fleet almost behind the scene. Just venturing into the land of nullsec in search of things that are fun.

    Ganked also holds many memorable experiences for me in eve. From a certain scout “tackling” a cloaky rorqual without a point, to the FC of an opposing fleet singing on our comms, or my first time FC’ing ganked which was also my first time FC’ing a fleet with more then 15 people in it (just a few people more).

    That’s ganked for me. Taking a step back from what is the norm in eve and turning it up-side-down and just having a good time while doing it. All the accumilated in-jokes about TGL3, house and of cours mang himself to all those players new to ganked who decide to tag along and discover a new side of eve they might not even have known existed.

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  • RiotCrow Timotheos

    RvB Ganked is mostly the thing i keep playing EVE!

    So much fun. :)

    I remember on thing most. Somewhere in the north-west we was waiting for a fight. Its Monday morning, 2 am or so. Some guys are accepted the fight and they come with 2 times more pilots than we are. But…. we won the fight. Great night!