Jun 102012

Red & Blue are such a friendly bunch, that at the request of CCP Punkturis – and various others folks including CSM member Seleene – we dropped the war against each other for 24 hours.  This was done to rectify the War Report statistics and to allow Red’s to declare war on Blue, allowing Punkturis OCD to be sated. 

However, this did leave thousands of pilots at a loose end. And you never want an army of blood thirsty killers just hanging around, their minds will soon wander to women and plunder.

As a consequence of this, I decided I would take some of them out on an impromptu Ganked, and so Ganked: War, What is it good for? took place on Tuesday 5th June, with a goodly number of drunk British pilots showing up, since they were all off work due to continuing celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee. I settled on frigs and cruisers as the theme for the day, with Reisen being the jump off point for everyone, handy for RvB space as well so more people would be able to die along side me.

Since it was yet another bank holiday in the UK, we formed up not long after down time and rolled out.  We meandered through Etherium Reach and the Kalevala Expanse seeing very little in the way of targets – obviously not many Brits live in the drone lands – although we did get a couple of Black Legion kills along the way. And then all of a sudden we were in Geminate, home of the wonderful Brick Squad. However except a few small scuffles we really did not get a fight out of them, although we did kill former Ganked attendee Bei Artjay a couple of times – apparently causing him to rage a little as he is trying to avoid awful losses to gain a place in Brick’s AT team this year – as well as the usual fail bombers, and some ROL pilots that tried to take us on. All that action made me hungry so we took a break, a well deserved one as I was feeling the beer already!

About 90 minutes later we reformed and picked up even more numbers – lots of Euro pilots getting home by the time we rolled again – and after a couple of jumps into low-sec, we came across a Brosef’s gang of Cynabals, Scimitars and some random hulls. Apparently they had formed up to chase another smaller, purple RvB gang led by Tiaggo, which had merged into the Ganked blob…  Thing’s did not go very well for the Brosef’s gang at all. They went blinky on a fleet member’s tier 3 BC hull, did not seem to get reps from their own scimitars, and had a fleet member in a Munnin whoring all their mails as they died.  Was a pretty fun fight to say that as ever were disorganised and lackadaisical as low-sec is normally quiet.

We continued on and scouts reported a gang in PX- in Etherium Reach, so we piled on in, caught what we could and killed things.  Was fun to fight people even more bad than we are, just sucks that we caught so few, when there was many more on the gate (even my bubble did not help).  They even got reinforcements, but they never jumped in, so we moved onwards until we got word of a Tier 3 gang in 74- and after a while they ended up right on a gate so we jumped in and had a bloody good fight with them, got a few kills, lost a few dudes and then held the field. It was after this that we had word of a large SOLAR gang nearby, which by the time we had solid info had jumped in and out and in and out, but never once tried to find us. So we turned around popped back to high-sec – rolling over another Fidelas gang as we did so – as we needed to reship our losses, and get more beers.

The night gets a bit blurry for me at this stage, I know there was other kills in low-sec including one of a 3rd party war target who was just dumb and some EWOKS as well; and I do know that there was lots of drunk talk about using bait navy megas to get fights, however I know we ended up in the north being killed by NCDOT in one of their usual displays of teen angst and pubescent rage.

All in all it was a great day, lots of new faces came along with us and really got into the spirit of Ganked. Nearly 80 kills totalling nearly 7billion ISK and lots of wrecks left behind us. SUCCESS.

And as it turned out, Blue redecced Red, and Punkturis OCD will just have to deal.

And luckily, Ranek Auscent was on hand to record it – when he remembered to hit record:

Turns out, Dece Goo’ba from RvB also made a recording:

Jun 072012

The recent weekend back in the “real world” saw the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth the Second, and to mark the event Ganked 27: Kotuku was held – kotuku being her majesty’s title in Maori.  The theme for the evening was missile boats, due to the Inferno update which saw missile graphics improved to the highest levels of awesomeness!

We formed up in Rens in the mid afternoon – what with my plan being a slow wander South by South East – and of course, had the usual messed up conga before we headed out in to the wild blue yonder.  Our first null-sec stop was 7Q- in Great Wildlands and on our arrival we began to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in local, mostly because there was no one to explode. Something which proved to not change at all as we passed through empty system after empty system, until one of our scouts informed us of some form of shiny in 7-I.  Suddenly we went pro and had a prober race to the system, meanwhile another scout got eyes in G-0 in Curse, of a possible fight between some dudes that we may be able to crash. Turned out RaidenDOT (who are not dead yet) and Initiative Mercenaries were doing “something” in that system, so we ran over – promptly scaring the shiny in 7-I away – and camped the G-0 gate in KLMT-W instead.  Now its pretty possible those groups were working together as suddenly some ‘Nados appeared on the other side of the gate, however they soon went away and Abaddons un-docked to take their place…

This was when we decided we would rather live than whelp so early into the roam, and started burning off, not before we took down a few devoters that tried to catch out gang – we did lose a few ships but not as many had we stood and fought, and after being chased for a while we moved from Curse into Scalding Pass, were we came across more gangs, which didnt help us at all as we kept getting split up.  Eventually, after getting over the shock of how busy Curse and Scalding have become, I ordered us to reform in Sendaya. Funnily enough some 60 ships had survived whatever the hell Curse had become, so I was pretty happy.

Part One was over.  It could have been done much better on my part, but the prospect of massive whelps early on just isnt something I get off on, I much prefer some foreplay first, followed by a nice long sweaty session full of explosions.

Following some reships and what not we moved out from Sendaya, with Providence as our target this time.  We ran over a flashy Tornado on the way, however when we hit Providence the region seemed to be doing a good impression of Great Wildlands. NO ONE WAS ACTIVE. Until we found a couple of ratters in VKI- and used magicks to find them, and kill them. Provi after that was a tad quiet – again – and we had to resort to running down to HED-GP in Catch to find a fight. We killed a Rapier, pilot got mad and brought a bunch of stuff to kill us. We killed some more and then we either died or ran away, I forget as I did actually die as I was sat on their warp in…

Part two had ended. Was generally disappointed in Providence, as usually the locals find their balls and fight us, but even their bombers were failing this week…

Eventually a 3rd roam went out – it pretty late and we had been going for hours by this point so we had few pilots with us – and we headed up through Great Wildlands towards the North, however we did not see much until we arrived in N-RAEL, where we killed some shinies, decided we were too tired and drunk (THE QUEEN!) to go on, therefore after some glorious op success we gave up and called it a night.  All in all a really fun day was had by all.  

*Note on “The Queen”, this is basically a toast and when someone says “The Queen” you repeat it and take a drink. I think over the series of roams “The Queen” was said at least 50 times…  

Geddonz was back from Cuba and vidya’d for us:


As usual Somer.Blink sponsored several prizes for the night:

Scouting Distinction – Launcher + Probes + 1 crow (Max 3) (Josh Lebanoni, BBsoerjabi, Jamie Banks)

Corpse Collector – Flycatcher + Manticore (Nyu Trustan)

Spot Prizes – Caldari Navy Hookbills (luckyccs, Combat Mink, Nyu Trustan, Kuhal Dalan, Gribbly Lazair, Beanhead2, Uclanchar, Jedi Master06, Jason Bouryne, Mourning Souls, Nyquist Dispute, Jenny Marcus)

Combat Distinction – Osprey Navy Issue (Max 5) (Canidy, Scyleth, Daneel Trevize, Krytan Reborn, Green Gambit)

Combat Excellence – CNR or a Fleet Phoon (This is up to Blink) (Nicola Abre-Kai)

Heretic (lol I cant use missiles) – Keres (Yanni39)

Best local spam relating to HM Queen – Caracal Navy Issue (macH eoN)