Mar 262013



RvB is proud to announce that on the weekend of June 1st & 2nd we will be holding our first ever public 1 v 1 frigate tournament.


The basics of the event are as follows:

  • Two Brackets. One for characters under 90 days & one for everyone else.
  • Tech One frigates only (No Faction).  Any fit is a go.
  • No links allowed. Duellists will be fleeted with an RvB umpire to ensure this.
  • Implants – we cannot check for these so will be allowed, but note that you can be podded so use them at your own risk.


Prizes will be announced closer to the date. I am open to offers though if you wish to have your name in lights (or at least mentioned in blogs, forum posts and advertising).

Keep checking back to this blog as I release further information on this event.