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If you follow anything I write you will know that Ganked is two in a few days, and as with last year I thought it would be a fun idea to have some awards for various people involved in Ganked.  This will include your favourite FC, who in your opinion has been the best scout this year, as well as write in votes for your top roam & most entertaining person in fleet.

Now the awards will be kept secret until I secure agreement from Blink, but please vote in the polls and use the comments for everything else.  I’ll be throwing in some random prizes for best comments too, so remember to use your character name!

Also, note that following the 2nd birthday roam on 20th July, we will take two weeks off to allow various people to focus on the Alliance Tournament, including me. We will resume Ganked on the 10th August.

So here you go, the award categories are:

Ganked Year Two: Your favourite FC's

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Ganked Year Two: Best Scout?

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Which roam from Ganked 32 to Ganked 76 was your favourite & why?

Who would you say has provided the most entertainment in fleet this past year?

As an aside, I would love to see your ideas for themes for our Third year, so get to it!

  • Baal

    favourite roam was prolly firetails, since thats the only good one i’ve been able to go to -.-

  • tgl3

    Favourite roam was the Microjumpdrive battleships. Just because surprise-jumping a kiting Tornado gang was the best thing ever.

    Still need an ECM theme…

  • Butch Cassidy

    Favorite Roam was MJD Battleships, indeed. Not only because we had a huge fight in low sec w/ goons etc., but also because I was able to use my megathron & I could finally fit 4 Sebos w/out feeling bad.
    The best entertainment was provided by PVD I’d say w/ some of his bubbles .. lol

  • Ceofore Aideron

    My favorite roam of the past year was For the Queen. I don’t know what it was (probably the unadvisable amount of alcohol) but every time Mink said it I chuckled.

    MJD Battleships were definitely fun – as were most – but it’s always the running jokes and the laughs on comms that make for my favorite events. Keep ’em coming.

    P.S. – I felt so dirty being 1 of like 80 blackbirds on a kill for our ecm roam, but not sure if that was this year or last. Either way… guilty pleasures.

  • Cal Abunga

    My vote is a newbship theme. As well as a theme thats “use guns your ship isnt supposed to use” Could call it Junkyard Wars

  • Dan

    Loved Venture fleet! But died too quickly…
    Entertainment wise Butch Cassidy was pretty good with his sarcastic comments + links, because I see his name here. But Green’s & Mang’s “fighting” was the best entertainment tho.

  • Codename Par

    Jamming… or Ganked 24 – “I am a Golden God” I think…

  • roigon

    I think I know who are going to win these two polls :P

    (I just need to end above Daneel, that’s all I ask for)

  • Motty007

    Definitely ‘For the Queen’ much fun had by all and I was taking a few fingers of alcohol every time we saluted so I was well out of it by the time we were done.

  • Shish

    Jamming – because it was shockingly effective

    The Queen – because drunk

    MJD BS – I died quickly because I was bad, but the views I saw from my pod looked fun :P

    ASP’s second fleet, with the talwars – doubly so with the Benny Hill theme running in the background as we bounced around the station; popping BCs and warping off before they could lock back :D

  • Arjar

    I loved the DPS fleets, especially when Green was flying his bait Vindi and the Black Ops guys dropped on him, never seen such expensive ships melt so quickly – as for most entertainment, a slightly left field choice in Rooks and Kings, I honestly never thought I would have so much fun being blown up!

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