Aug 232013

On September 25th 2013, RvB turns 4 years old.

And as usual we will be having several events to mark our birthday, the final of which is also the largest & most spectacular of them all!



You read that right.

On October 26th 100,000 frigates will be set loose for RvB members to pilot & explode in what is going to be our largest Frigate Free For All to date.

I know many are wondering how to get in on this action, and to you I say simply join RvB prior to October 26th and you’ll be all set to take part in our largest event ever; In fact possibly EVE’s largest FFA ever.

If anyone wishes to donate, please contact Northern Misfit or Del Delvechio regarding any donations. Note that ships, modules & even offers of free time to help fit ships are all appreciated. Right now our dedicated fitters have set up over 40,000 ships for this event with 5 weeks left to go!

Thanks must go out to Sindel Pellion of The Angel Project for a sizeable donation to the cause, as well as to RvB members like Dracoth Simertet, Sylacx, Ringusworm for their donations of ships & prizes for the event, as well as to our many, many ship fitters for all the time they have given up to ensure this goes with a huge bang!

For a taste of what these FFA’s entail, check out these videos:

Keep up to date on the progress of both the event prep & the event itself by regularly checking this RvB forum thread, or by following @rvbeve on twitter.