Aug 282013


Well what an interesting weekend we had guys, with Putting the BANS back together & Oh Look a Bank Holiday! both happening and what not. Thanks to everyone who attended, put up with whatever the hell happened, and generally dealt with a severely annoyed Mangala. We still managed around 200 kills between both roams over the weekend, so not bad considering that Saturday may have seen one of our more expensive whelps right at the start of the night!!! Although on reflection the tactics used by certain members of the Proviblock just shows that they believed themselves unable to beat us any other way! The Sunday session was interesting in that we found things that make Talwars not work, making our jobs as tackle that much harder. Anyway, the fights with BNI, PL & EUNI were pretty good so made up for the stuff with BALEX for sure.

As ever we had Somerblink sponsoring some prices, and additionally several people provided other items to be awarded over the weekend.

SomerBlink sponsored prizes went to:

Vexor Navy Issue: Lotta Vageena, Ravingone, Carathas, Ragnar Alestorm, Mandelbrot Fracture
Brutix Navy Issue: Lemming Malgalad, Captain Jonathen Archer
Dominix Navy Issue: Atlas Jaynar

Blink will get these to you as soon as possible.


Other prizes provided last minute went to:

Quake BPC x2: Abstemious & Waitangi

Sleipnir: Rebbeca Neresh

Machariel: Gyouzac

I will have these up on contract shortly.


In other news, I am currently working with our guest FC’s to fill in the Autumn & Winter Schedule for Ganked.  We have our spreadsheet for this, but I have copied the contents to a publicly viewable one here.  So keep an eye on that future dates, as well as the mailing list “RvB Ganked”.  And yes, you read Ganked 100 right. It says Caps. If you have suggestions for a theme, pop them in the comments to this article, and maybe a Guest FC – or even little old me – will take it & run with it.


Finally, I would just like to talk about what makes Ganked fun for ME.  Mostly its the feeling of 150+ pilots from varying walks of eve life coming together to have a laugh & kill some stuff along the way, with no real attention to ingame politics & allegiances. However it may seem to some that I have not been enjoying this as much lately, and I will say I agree.  

And here is why:

I think that at times comms has been too unruly, yes its fine to speak up when we are free burning or waiting on a scout to find “something”, but try not to do it when action is on the near horizon, its a bad thing at that point. The same goes for singing, although Cal spends so much time working on his lyrics he can be forgiven (PS Anyone got those recorded?!). If you cant hold your beer enough to stay quiet at the right times guys, maybe you should drink girlie drinks.

Lemmings.  Its getting very old now. Align doesn’t equal warp, hold does not equal jump, Primaries are not optional. Seriously guys, you can spook targets by warping/jumping too soon, you can prevent a gorgeous kill by splitting your deeps too soon etc etc. Fun can still be had by playing your A game you know.

Sebos. “Its Ganked” is NO BLOODY EXCUSE to feel that fitting more than a single sebo to something cruiser hull and above is fine.  You gimp your fit, and you gimp your fleet in doing so. When fitting SEBO’s think about it first. As for you frig guys that do it, unless you are a scouting inty, do not bother. Arty thrashers/Talwars, its expected you fit them!!!  While saying this, just note that users of extraneous sebos will be excluded from winning Blink prizes in the future, not that they win much anyway ;)

So yeah, I have been feeling a little burnout from things like that above, lets see if we can still enjoy Autumn & Winter, but without as much of those as the Summer held. 

Going forward lets have a stunning few months in the lead up to Ganked 100!! I hope to see many of you there.