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Attentive Ganked folks will have noticed a small mention about Ganked 100 on the Autumn/Winter schedule and started wondering, this post is mostly for you guys; However, the rest of you should read along as well, as this may interest you.

Long story short is that in working on the schedule for the next few months I realised we would reach Ganked 100 in January 2014 – the 18th to be precise – and it got me thinking about making it something special.  And somehow I decided it would feature capital ships – preferably carriers & dreadnaughts.  Initially Ganked 100 was to be a roam, although I – and others (thanks Daneel!) – soon pooh-poohed that as it is A LOT of organisation, even for someone as anal as me. After a wee chat with Daneel – who also made a handy post on the idea over on Failheap – it is now going to be similar to the Flight of a Thousand Rifters event that we crashed back in May – see my write up of Ganked 67 – but instead of a solo Supercarrier taking part, it will hopefully be large number of carriers & dreadnaughts undocking in some random low-sec system (incursion locked or not…) and inviting the world to “COME AT US BRO”, while other Ganked attendee’s attempt to stop them/whore the capitals/shoot blinkies etc. 

Which is were YOU guys come in.  

If you would be willing to take part in this, then say so in the comments along with what you are or could be capable of fielding as far as Capital Ships are concerned. If you have ideas on the subject, wish to maybe help out with logistics nearer the time, basically anything related to this event, say so in the comments. Any pertinent ideas that do appear from comments, will be added in to this post.

I know I am over 4 months early for this, but an event with the potential that this has to escalate beyond our wildest dreams/nightmares demands it don’t you think? 



  • Reb-Ner

    i am currently rushing into a nidhoggur, i want my first carrier to be owned less then a mounth, doesnt everyone?, also i cant think of a better way to celbrate traning for the huge pile of steel

    • Reb-Ner

      why is my icon Kaley Cuoco?

      • Because thats the default on here. Im a huge kaley fanboi

  • Nutbolt

    I can field a Chimera and/or Archon for this (assuming I’m around on the day of course)

  • GatesMcTaste

    I could field a revelation. maybe an archon.

  • tgl3

    Possible Thanatos/Chimera (OR BOTH) depending on ISK at the time

    • House2twist

      Shield fit thanny?

  • Daneel Trevize

    Friendly reminder: crosstraining carriers is now ~10days and ~400mil, no need for BS5.
    IF we can get a good number of Chims & Nids, I think we can do the better fitting doctine, so please list what you’re willing/able to welp on the day. But nothing’s fixed yet, nor demanded, subcap support is essential too.

  • Mandelbrot Fracture

    I can fly dread, I cannot afford dread, Thus will be coming in BS lol

  • Meirantean

    have been looking for a reason to train carriers. will aim for chimera and hope i have enough isk close to the time :)

  • Caterpil

    With any luck I’ll be bringing a Nidhoggur :D
    (quite a lot of training and ISK grinding)
    Looking forward to it!

  • Dracoth Simertet

    I’ll bring a carrier along to this, if the EFT wizards can let me know what to train I’ll train it :)

  • Sephira

    I’d bring either a Nid or a Hel.

  • Tubrug1

    You have my Moros assuming I’m not spacepoor by then.

  • Jayne Fillon

    Our alliance is looking to dedicate a number of capitals, although it would be best for this sort of event to have pantheon fit carriers. I look forward to this.

    • Daneel Trevize

      Feel free to reply to the FHC thread as to how the proposed fits aren’t pantheon, except that they are shield for the stated reason of saving subcaps.

      • Jayne Fillon

        I didn’t see the thread, or the fits. If that’s already the case, then I’m happy.

  • Matt Grav

    A Capital is going to be a bit out of my reach, so subcap support it is then.

    • Thats more than fine dude, we’ll ensure that as with every Ganked no one is left out when it comes to taking part :)

  • AdW

    Carrier or Dread take your pick. I’m in!
    Pantheons are height of awesomeness except when you advertise them 4 months ahead of time and the whole of eve turns up in damps. Let’s discuss fits nearer the time because we know for a fact we will have no spais.

  • Charles Burger

    x Nidhoggur!
    Early is good. I’ve never flown one in anger so can you put up a guide of what skills and fitting would be needed?

  • Homefries

    Well, assuming I have the ISK (and am available), I have decent Nid skills. Otherwise I can fly other stuff that might be useful.

  • Cal Abunga

    Ill bring my archon to welp. just send out suggested fits. Id like to survive more than 5 minutes :D

  • Fewell

    Sweet, blowing up caps on my birthday. I won’t be able to fly one but I’ll do a Loki or recon so as to have webs for any dreads we might have.

  • Almando Menezes Guimarães

    My Revelation will blow!! LOL, I’m in!!!

  • Encord

    I’ll bring Revelation (prio) / Archon. We could start gathering funds for supercap :O

  • Butch Cassidy

    Would bring a Thanatos.

  • Nigel Steele

    I can login a Carrier and a Dread, but have never flown either. Need some fits!

  • Uskehan

    75 Days until I can fly a Naglfar. Sure hope its in time to do some sisi testing.

  • chzy

    I’d love to suicide a super down the middle of this…hmmm ideas

  • Captain Jonathen Archer

    I’ll be able to field a Dread, so far it will be a Moros but I’ll try and get into a Naglfar.

  • Couple of short updates in the blog guys.

  • Baal Zann

    i will be there in a naglfar, possibly with the krysis capfleet, name idea: YOU SHALL NOT PASS

  • Shish

    What are the column titles on that spreadsheet? Looks like somebody overwrote them >_< I've guessed that the first column is in-game RvB name and third column is which capital you can bring, no idea about the others…

  • John Cadenza

    X Rorqual (Not even kidding)
    Will be ready to move it January 4th

  • Mithyy

    + 3 Shield Moros’s
    – Mithrawn’arudo

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