Apr 282013

As is now traditional for CCP at the CCP Presents part of each Fanfest, they unveiled a new video.  This time it wasn’t a direct trailer for an upcoming expansion but more of a look at the background of the EVE Universe. It is called EVE Online: Origins. 

It does a great job of putting over the history of the EVE Online universe, covers the DUST connection, graphically is very easy on the eyes, & features capitals dieing. More importantly it is very much the spiritual successor to the first EVE Online introduction, even though it is not as lore heavy:

Now there was also some talk on the night of an EVE Online TV show, or even a movie and the new video is – I will admit – an excellent prelude to any of that, however why not make this video the introduction movie to both EVE & DUST, as it does show the connection well enough for anyone to understand. Parts could even work for the introduction to a TV show on this very subject, or stretched out and you have a movie, but for now lets stop saying trailer and all say introduction.

Anyway, regardless of my opinions enjoy the video.