May 252018

Those familiar with my history as it relates to NPSI, will know that way back in the dawn of time when RvB first took steps into the world of NPSI, I ran what was then known as RvB Ganked and ran it as a loud boisterous drunken party across New Eden. Often times the fleet would die as we all got pretty merry and opened fire on anyone we came across. Over time as Ganked got larger, we got more organised and considerably more sober on these roams, however we did get into bigger and more difficult fights and manage to pull off some stunning victories, so its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other really.  I mean, I have the history to prove it recorded on this very site!

While NPSI is one of the activities in EVE that I truly enjoy, I do not have the time available to jump right back in at the serious end of the purple world, although since returning to EVE, I have been mulling over getting something rolling on that front. So after some discussion with the movers and shakers of RvB, I am going to be running an old school, fortnightly slosh op on their behalf (and for my own pleasure of course!).

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you, RvB’s Hard Liquor. Details of the inaugural roam – and I do mean roam, set yourself a good few hours and a case or two of you favourite beer aside – are as follows:


Title: Hard Liquor #1 – Ass F*****

When: Sat 2nd June 19.30 UTC

Where: Reisen

What: Assault Frigs. Armour, close > mid-range. Tackle, ewar etc etc

(No I am not going crazy and providing fitting suggestions, just an old time “rough idea”)

Comms: RvB Public Mumble


Port: 43224

Pass: RvBLives

Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name

In game channel – RvB’s Hard Liquor

FC: Great Purple Grand-daddy Mangala Solaris

And folks, we have both prizes and a selection of prefit ships to give out on the day, but please remember BYOS is just as important as BYOB here! I’ll see you all in Reisen soon!