May 092018

I won EVE a few years back.

Like many others, I did not simply walk away and forget this place, this community, this world that had kept me intrigued for nearly 9 years. I found myself popping back in for a moment here and there, Ganked turning 5, World War Bee with Spectre, trying to entertain some “Dirty Crims” and a couple of other times when I had the urge to check up on this most amazing of games.

However, each time I tried again, I found myself with a problem, I really didn’t feel at home anywhere, so visits to EVE dwindled away. Eventually I came to realise that the only place I would feel comfortable, the only place I know I am content to provide content in EVE was the place I had called home for many years and had left behind back in 2015, RvB.

And so earlier this year I resubbed to EVE, over 12 years since the firs time, spent some time reading through around 18 months of changes, sorting my stable of characters out then more recently rejoined RvB and I’ve never felt more welcome, even when I rejoined slap bang in the middle of my own life rearing its ugly head!

Folks will be reading this and thinking that RvB is dead, that it “closed down” in autumn 2015, or simply withered on the vine as other entities gobbled up the newbies and spai alts of EVE.  The changes RvB went through since I walked away back in spring 2015 will no doubt be covered by better men than I, but suffice to we are still here, and I have Firetails to lose:


So I am back in EVE, back in RvB and am looking at NPSI stuff too, I’ll see you out there folks!!