Jun 272018

Well, what can I say about Hard Liquor #2, started quiet while we chased around in low sec in our ships, however all got very interesting when someone tried to play with us in their Phoenix. A few of us popped to keep him occupied, but fleet bro’s got us some support and him and his friends went down. Never know what you’re gonna get on our roams really!

That brings us on to Hard Liquor #3! This week I’m feeling the need, the need for speed!


When: Sat 30th June 19.30 UTC
Where: Amarr
What: Inties > Bubbles > Ewar > Insanely suicidal non-inty fast tackle.
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Address: public.rvbeve.com
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel: RvB’s Hard Liquor / OOG – RvB Discord
FC: Mangala

No real definition of what I want beyond inties. Although crows would be nice, so I can feel all Tom Cruise and shit.  We will be heading out to all points null, so bring lots of time. We’re going hunting!


Remember, you can check the RvB forums and the RvB calendar for details of future roams, which are now weekly as you lot are addictive!