Jul 042012

Saturday 30th June 2012. 19.15 EVE.  

The glorious RvB AT10 team faced it’s first opponent, the mighty null sec pet alliance, Get Off My Lawn. And RvB thoroughly mowed that LAWN.


Del Delvechio RvB CEO was very happy:
Congrats and well done to our AT in their first match yesterday. In case you missed it they by far had the best match of the day, quickly beating GET OFF MY LAWN without suffering any losses. And they had Merlins to boot. Most probably don’t realize how much work goes into getting a good team ready for the Alliance Tournament, suffice it to say its more work than most of us (including me) have time for. So thanks to AT Team Captain and the rest of the team for their hard work and planning and making RvB look like pros on the first day.

Obviously the pilots who flew for RvB in that match had booze fuelled orgies to attend following their win – who knew that flying an internet spaceship makes you attractive to the fairer sex – but I did manage to get some of them say a few words about this victory:

Cablex Dayspring:
The fight was about as clinical as it could have been, everyone performed exactly how we needed to, and our DPS was tearing everything apart in record time whilst our reps were able to keep everyone pretty comfortable!

I’d say it was enemy fault more than our merit, what with them warping their scimi in at 20 and getting fixated on overheating invuln merlins ;) but yep we didn’t do any serious fuckup and the two factors combined got us the match.

Dracoth Simertet
GO GO RVB!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!

While the pilots were obviously very happy with their win, the reaction of RvB members and our supporters was much more raucous.  Of the 15 channels I was in that evening, 14 had lots of cheering and chatter about the fight. The last one was the EUNI public channel. Go figure.  Here is a selection of the reactions – excuse the language:


Kast Agnet > omg sheer rapage. VWD rvb
Mintax > woot! nice work
Arctius > omg brutalized
Selon Nivek > wow, that was quick!!
Treides Darkstar > whoops i somer blinked and missed it


Federal Criminal > that was epic
General Escobar > good job RvB
roigon > rvb went for the scimi, killed the scimi.  gg rvb
Krytan Reborn > ANNIHILLATED
nu11byt3 > welp, that was over before it started


Mr John22ta > wow that scimi melted
Mortvvs > rvb best b
Grarr Dexx > what the christ
Grarr Dexx > happened
ry ry > faceraped




This emphatic victory is not however the end of this campaign for RvB, after much deliberation and figuring out of their own rules, CCP finally published the schedule for the second round of qualifiers and RvB’s second match in AT10, will be against:

Suddenly Spaceships on Sunday 8th July at 18.20 EVE.

I trust everyone will be watching and cheering RvB on once again, having the support of all 4000 of you and the many thousands outside RvB who are supporting us, means a tremendous amount to those who do get selected to fly.

NB: A few people asked why I was not flying on Saturday, and it was not that I was not asked to its just that I messed up a touch.  I figured that since there was a long delay on Saturday I could move a ship around for later, and when the time came to be in fleet and moved by CCP, I was not close to our space to either plug in implants or get a ship ready! So I threw away an opportunity for glory all because CCP caught up with themselves during the break before our match!  I did however get to shoot LAWN later on that evening, so all was not lost.