Jul 032012

Totally late, but at least I got round to finishing it – however short it may be.

Anyway, few weeks ago, Ganked 28: TEETOO rolled on out into the cold unforgiving reaches of New Eden.  The theme for the night was Frigate hulls, but only if there was a T2 variant of said hull – and yes people could bring the T2 if they so wanted.

We departed from Agil – as I fancied going Querious, Delve, and Period Basis.  I did not know up front that the CFC/Honey-badgers had started to move in already.  Passing through northern Querious we killed yet more fail bombers, turns out CVA doesn’t have the franchise on these! Eventually we ended up in 319-3d, a couple of weeks before the rest of New Eden dog-piled in, where we shot a few dude’s who just kept being bad around us while we were on a bio.

We moved onwards again towards Period Basis shortly after the break taking down some retarded HUN pilots who fail at smart-bombing along the way, following which some TEST bro’s who fly with us on occasion got in touch and let us know they too had a frig heavy gang rolling around and I said come at me bro.  Just before they did, we found this, and killed it. TEST then failed to jump in, instead NULLI jumped in and we shot some things, with TEST dribbling in instead and we shot them too until eventually NULLI’s inability to want to fight without logistics overcame our fragile frigate hulls. 

After a short regroup break, our valiant group headed out again.  I scouted us into Querious and caught some more fail locals.  We slowly bimbled around passing 1DH- without the TEST swarm even knowing we where there, until Kalaratiri jumped into Y-2ANO in Fountain and found a gatecamp waiting for us – that he found it as a result of the blowing him up is another issue entirely. What followed was a brilliant fight with plenty of explosions and tons of good fights offered in local. I was hero-tackling expensive toys and went down keeping a lachesis pinned, so Daneel took over and did a bang up job of keeping the guys fighting as we kept going in order to win us the ISK war.  He firmly did that!  Kudos must go out to the Aurora Shadow guys who fought us and did so in an “honourable” way, ie no logistics! 

All in all it was yet another good night, and we all made mention of the fact that frig nights or cruiser nights seem to be the best times we have, people are much more willing to fight us…

Vidya Footage

Ranek Auscent made this:


As usual, the wonderful folks over at Somer.Blink – who are celebrating their 250 TRILLION ISK milestone – sponsored several prizes for the evening.

Scouting Distinction – 1x Stilletto, 1x Crow, 1x Taranis, 1x Malediction (Kalaratiri, Green Gambit, Lady Irradiance)

Corpse Collector – Eris (Nicola Abre-Kai)

Spot Prizes – Sentinel (Dracoth Simertet, Luscius Uta, Edward Tivruskii, sens1, SMM Scotland1993, Scyleth, ABrownie, Bernadette Kasenumi, Solivan Dallocort, lolololol01)

Combat Distinction – Arazu (Certissian, Hackbert, Major Trant, Nutjob O’Crazy, Velox Versutus)

Combat Excellence – Sleipnir (Luckyccs) Awarded pretty much because on his way home after our first whelp he blitzed 3 guys who were trying to end him.  

Heretic – 50 Tormentors, 50 Navitas, 50 Bantams, 50 Probes (Y’talana Ktra’a)