Jul 022012



I’ll let Seismic Stan’s words speak for me as to what this is all about:

Like a gentle echo of last year’s acrimony, capsuleers have once again been voicing their dissent at changes brought about by the latest expansion. This time it is the removal of the Vagabond’s “frill”. Chief amongst those protesting is Rixx Javix of Eveoganda notoriety, but there has also been much chatter in Tweetfleet, on the forums and elsewhere. It seems that finding something to rage about is fast becoming a Summer tradition in New Eden, but this time there’s a distinctly more festival feel about things.

That’s not to say there isn’t a point to be made. It would be a magnificent showing of player solidarity if we could get a bit of a crowd together to tub-thump about the needless circumcision of the Vagabond, but equally to celebrate EVE and its communities, and also to remember that 20% of CCP staff lost their jobs as a result of last Summer’s mistakes. Whatever axe you’ve got to grind, bring it along, I’m sure we can blow something up in its honour.

As a result of this unannounced change to the Vagabond, there will be a “protest march” of sorts featuring the Vagabond (Does High Sierra still offer them for free?!) and its cousins the Stabber & Stabber Fleet Issue taking place on Sunday 15th July 2012 from 18.00 EVE time onwards; and I have been approached to use my organisational hutzpah to put some violence together during and after this march. Basically, the “protest march” will turn into Ganked: No Frills Edition (+1 internets to anyone who gets the reference).

Here is the timetable for the evening:

1800 ‘My Loot, Your Tears’ Prize Suicide Gank in Jatate
1900 General Stabber/Vagabond muster to form the “Frill Me” fleet at Jita Memorial to flash our knickers at the AT10 camera.
1929 “Thukk You” Outlaw/?RvB fleet enters Jita, performs monument alphastrike flyby. Pinata self-destructed.
1930“Thukk You, Frill Me!” combined fleet departs Jita on Protest March
2000 Rendez-vous with remaining outlaws in low-sec
2100 Fleet arrives in M-MD3B to deliver a sternly-worded letter of complaint to the Thukker Mix CEO.
2101+ Tea & Biscuits/Death or Glory

The “Outlaw/RvB” Fleet is basically the Ganked: No Frills fleet – along with anyone else who wants in to this evening too.  We will meet up in New Caldari (Most of us will anyway) and enter Jita when planned.  Following this we will race to Akora to meet the flashy members of the group and then head on down to M-MD3B in the Great Wildlands via N-RAEL.  After a short “protest” at the Thukker HQ, we will move off and go roaming in our No Frills fleet of greatness.  

As per normal if you cannot fly a stabber hull fly something useful – tackle/bubbles especially.