Mar 052013


So I went on vacation, had a great time and then I came back to lead Ganked 59: Wulfpax, this past Sunday.

The chosen theme was purely destroyers, with no specific range or set-up.  

We formed up in Stacmon with the intent of a roam through Syndicate, and the surrounding lowsec space, however Alphastarpilot from the HBC convoed me to let me know he also had a destroyer gang forming and would we want to fight? I put it to the fleet and despite some wariness they went for it. So after a little delay due to some douches trying – and failing (they killed like 10 ships) – to smart bomb the fleet in highsec, we moved out as fast we could to the target system, although fast is probably too polite a term, given that the server through tidi & traffic control tried its best to slow us down.

An uneventful run to B-D saw us regroup on the gate before it, and then once 170 or so of us were there, I called for us to jump in and hold cloak as the HBC gang was set-up ready for us. And right as I jumped it, things went south for my client – total lock up despite everything being either off or set low. Luckily others stepped up and FC’d the fleet while I waited to get back in, and Ganked took over 100 names in that one fight!  Although one of those names was mine, shamelessly killed before I got back into the fleet, BY MY OWN FLEET!

Here is the kill board views of this fight:

Take a look at these two videos from that fight, both from the HBC point of view – I prefer Bagehi’s as it has comms on it:


Most folks did not survive that, however several got out and made their way back to Stacmon to rejoin the rest of us. These people had assistance from both our regular scouts and Andre27, who lead them out scoring a Sabre kill along the way.

Following a short break & reship period, we headed back out following my original plan, but we did not find much at all.  We arrived 30 seconds too late to crash someone else’s party, although did snag an Armageddon & a Damnation. After this, we got a tip off that some potential bads could be found in Aridia, so we burned in that direction, only for them not to come out and play despite our best efforts.  We had a similar situation with a carrier in Shafrak – again in Aridia – that was missioning, its pilot wised up to us and docked depriving us of a kill.

As it was late, we made the decision to power down to Delve and find a whelp. We did so.  One side of a gate was a Brack Region Muninn gang, the other-side a Goon Rupture gang, we hit the Goon gang dropping a Claymore & some support before they started bailing as the BL gang came in and pretty much cleaned us out.

And that was pretty much that. My first night back was over, with us snagging 187 kills, nearly beating my personal best Ganked record of 189 kills. 

gankedsponsor23 As ever the roam was sponsored by Somer.Blink.

Scouting Distinction – Helios+Probes+Launcher x3  (Green Gambit, Roigon, Thecla Elarik)

Corpse Collector (Most Pod Kills) – Sabre x2  (Macgyver 3rd)

Spot Prizes – Daredevil x5  (Daneel Trevize, Longdrinks (First Final Blow on First Proper kill of the night), Melkor Valor, Ahmed Ibn Rustah, Alphastarpilot (for giving us a good fight!))

Combat Distinction – Cynabal x3  (MirrorGod, Andre27, PVDNS77)

Combat Excellence – Navy Megathron x1  (Kadesch47)

Heretic – Caracal Navy Issue x1  (Crynsos Cealion)

Prizes will be contracted to the winners this week by a representative of the Somer.Blink group.

NB: Except for the Sabre’s, these prizes are 1 hull to each winner.