Apr 242013


There I was, just sat waiting for something to happen in the “real world” and reading the EVE Online forums, when I saw this thread by ROX Genghis and it made me think that if someone is out there “pimping” RvB Ganked  then I best sit down and put out a rough schedule, as well as a plea for Guest FC’s to take on some of the dates. Especially in light of my recent run for the 8th CSM, which I feel will result in a seat for me come the weekend!

Before I run into what theme’s the summer will bring – when I am FCing at least – I think a quick paragraph on what RvB Ganked actually is, would be helpful to any of the new people directed here as a consequence of ROX’ forum post.  


Im new & what is this?

Basically RvB Ganked – or Ganked as it has become known – is a roam into lowsec & nullsec space featuring a fleet of people all getting their drink on together.  The aim of the night is to kill a bunch of stuff and eventually die to a bunch of stuff. Sometimes this does not happen, other nights it happens over and over again. Regardless of the way it pans out it is a fun night for all.  

It has to be noted this is primarily a FUN roam, so links, logistics and doctrine fleets rarely come into it at all.  The night is usually themed towards a weapon type or ship hull mostly for the look of it on killmails. If this is something that you think you want to take part in then I advise taking a look at the following:

Green Gambit’s Ganked Guide

Mangala’s “New to Ganked” Guide

The RvB Ganked Video Playlist


Additionally, Somer.Blink sponsor prizes for various things during each roam, so not only do you get kills and have a good time, you have a chance to WIN prizes just for showing up!!!  Over the past year they have sponsored over 50 billion ISK in prizes paid out to hundreds of roam attendee’s.


Ganked goes to Summer Camp

Now that is the out of the way, here is a rough schedule for as much of the summer as I feel I can layout.  For dates where I ask for a Guest FC, do get in touch if you think you can give it a go. I would advise attending a few roams first before jumping in feet first with an offer to FC.

Roam Date Theme FC Notes
Ganked 69: Moist Saturday 18th May 2013 Thorax & Maulus Hulls Mangala Damps & Dongs
Ganked 70: Disco Fury III Sunday 26th May 2013 Smarties & Lasers Mink  
Ganked 71: Dino-Warriors Saturday 8th June 2013 Caracals & Moas Mink  
Ganked 72: SO BUFF Saturday 15th June 2013 Firetails Mangala  All must include Spirits & Tobacco
Ganked 73: TBA Saturday 22nd June 2013 TBA Alphastarpilot  
Ganked 74: TBA Saturday 29th June 2013 TBA Guest FC  
Ganked 75: Rockets Red Glare Saturday 6th July 2013 Missile Boats Mangala  
Ganked 76: Rickrolled Saturday 13th July 2013 Spherical looking hulls Mink  
Ganked 77: Nearly New Saturday 20th July 2013 Gnosis Mangala Gnosis hulls for Gankeds 2nd Birthday
Ganked 78: TBA Saturday 10th August 2013 TBA Mangala?  


And there you have it, a very rough itinerary right up to the end of July 2013.  I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.  And remember join the mailing list RvB Ganked to keep abreast of the official roam announcements and any changes to the above.