Feb 242015

This morning a close friend, fellow pilot in RvB and all round top bloke, Dracoth Simertet passed away after a short battle with cancer. This cancer was diagnosed last October and while Dracoth and his friends within both RvB and the greater EVE community hoped for the best, it was not to be.

Personally I am torn apart. I feel like I lost a true friend, and no matter that our friendship was mostly founded in EVE, I considered Dracoth as close as a friend as the people I see every day. His humour, even when directed towards me, was enough to lift your spirits at just the right time. His enthusiasm for everything was contagious, you could never feel down around him, even in the midst of a tremendous welp.

By his passing, and the passing of other members of this community, I feel we are diminished; however I know these fallen pilots will forever leave an echo of themselves in and out of game thanks in to the community they called home. They will travel in the memories of those they touched, even when EVE is no more.

I just know that I’ll miss my friend of the past 4 years.


Several members of the EVE community asked me for details of anywhere they could donate in Dracoths name, I have been in contact with his family and they would prefer donations are made to The St John’s Hospice on the Wirral.  This hospice provided considerable relief for Dracoth in his final days and survives only on donations, so anything you can donate will go to ensuring they continue to help those with progressive or incurable conditions. For ease of use, they do have a Just Giving page.

Oct 232014


This weekend I am hosting a 5v5 Tournament for RvB.  This tournament is to be live streamed (on Twitch) and commentated.  Currently RvB’s own Thecla Elarik, and the great Ceofore Aideron are signed up to commentate. We did have two more, however apparently studies and getting your insides cut open are more important to those people.

Anyway, this is a VERY last minute call to anyone who would fancy joining Thecla and Ceofore in commentating the matches.  Check out the rules, prizes and so on below. Schedule is here, get in touch if this interests you with a slot you can fill in to commentate.

You can get an idea of what you are in for by watching a tournament from earlier this year, that was ran in the same way. Videos are here and here.

RvB Tyrian Trophy Rules, Guidelines, & Points information:

We will be using a points as with the AT, SCL & NEO. This will make for more interesting matches as the points & rules do not allow you to just bring 5 mallers!!!
Teams are responsible for providing their own ships and fittings.
Teams have a maximum of 33 points to invest in the following ships:

T2 Logistics Cruiser – 13
Battlecruiser (None Faction) – 12
Faction Cruisers (Not Pirate) – 10
T1 Logistics Cruiser (Augoror, Exequror, Osprey, Scythe) – 9
EWAR Bonused Cruiser (Blackbird, Celestis, Bellicose, Arbitrator) – 8
T1 Cruiser – 7
Electronic Attack Frigate – 5
Interdictors – 4
Pirate Frigate – 4
Assault Frigate – 4
Faction Frigate -3
EWAR Frigate – 3 (Griffin, Crucifier, Maulus, Vigil)
Interceptor – 3
Destroyer – 3
Tech 1 Industrial Ships (aka Haulers) – 3
T1 Logistics Frigate (Bantam, Burst, Inquisitor, Navitas) – 3
Tech 1 Frigate – 2 (Except EWAR Frigates)

Ships not mentioned in this list are not allowed.

Tech 1 & 2 modules are allowed
Faction and officer modules are not allowed
Tech 1 Rigs are allowed
NO T2 Rigs
Only one local repair module per ship
Only a logistics cruiser or logistics frigate may use remote repair or capacitor transfer modules or RR drones
No Pirate Implants are allowed. EVEBoard will be used to check this.
All boosters (drugs) are allowed
Faction ammo is fine
Pirate ammo is not allowed
Faction drones are fine
Augmented drones are not allowed
ECM Modules are allowed ONLY on a hull bonused for ECM.
ECM target jammer drones are not allowed
No smartbombs
No links in any way
NO Deployables. Only the Referee will have one out, and thats an MTU.

Teams will field a maximum of 5 pilots.
A MAXIMUM of 2 of the same ship types are allowed per setup. Ie 2 caracals, or 2 moas or 2 harpies (Skinned ships count towards these totals) etc etc etc
Only one T2 logistics cruiser OR T1 logistics cruiser per team OR 2x T1 logistics frigate per team.
One (1) EWAR Bonused Cruiser or Frigate Hull is allowed.
The arena will be have a diameter of 200km (so a radius of 100km). Leaving this arena bubble will mean disqualification if you do not rectify this within 30 seconds.
Teams will be allowed to warp to the arena before the match starts. However only at a range between 0km & 50km.
NO podding – do so and your team will be disqualified.
NO warping in the arena.
NO prelocking the other team. Only lock them once the match countdown has started.
Matches to last 10 minutes. No more. (In the event of a points tie, an extra 3 minutes sudden death combat will be added and the arena will reduce by 50km. First side to kill a ship wins the match).
If a team is more than 2 minutes late to a match, it automatically forfeits that match.
Team that goes into the Finals as the Victor of the Winners Bracket, will be allowed to issue 1 ship ban in the 1st and 3rd “Best of 3” matches.
Team that goes into the Finals as the Victor of the Losers Bracket will be allowed 1 ship ban in the 2nd “Best of 3” match.

Jun 072014



Day one is over. 

This isn


Anyway, vote for your player of the day from the Spring Cup by posting in the comments to this post.  A rough list of characters who flew today can be found be looking over the killboard for the system:

http://eve-kill.net/?a=system_detail&sys_id=132&view=kills or check the thread here for a rough idea of teams: http://rvbeve.com/forums/index.php/topic/7819-the-rvb-spring-cup-a-team-tournament/

Go back to around 14.00 EVE on the 7th June 2014.

They’ll win a Navy BC of their choice.



Dec 132013

December 7th, a fateful day in history.  And for Ganked, a day to take Navy hulls out to play in the wilds of space. And so the order “Niitaka yama nobore” was given.  CCP also had chosen this day to have a telethon of sorts to raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, with many many fun events arranged as part of that.  

We formed up in Black rise while watching the live stream, getting some interesting kills & waiting for a rumoured Dev roam to happen. Around 20.00 just as we were to set off, CCP Bro, CCP Dolan & CCP Guard appeared in Heydelies. So off we went moving as quickly as we could to that system to take those Devs down! Fast as we could got slower & slower the closer we got due to ever increasing TIDI, however we did get there in end. When we landed we started clearing out the grid the Devs had called home before burning towards Bro & Dolan (Sadly we missed out on Guard exploding) wherein they eventually exploded. We lost like 3 frigs during that whole thing – obviously the Ganked killboard doesnt show that, and no other board even with some doctoring will ever display Heydelies correctly – for nearly 100 kills.

Following this we moved onwards for we had a fight between TEST (& some RvBers) & BNI to interrupt. However we got word that BNI had left their reinforced target system and were moving toward Heydelies, so we setup in Melmaniel and waited. And waited.

Until local shot up by 400+ and in came the BNI hordes – a horde that had more Thorax in fleet than I had fleet members!  And yet we fought. And it was slow, very slow. TIDI shot down to 10% very quickly. And still we fought, until Suddenly Spaceships & Shadow Cartel appeared on field in HACs & Tech 3’s, and we moved off the field allowing BNI to play with them.  Surprisingly we had not lost that many – I had died though – and so TGL3 took over the fleet and moved them into Murethand to ambush the TEST/RvB fleet, which had been fighting a Provi residents fleet in Heydelies.  However BNI also came in on that fight, as did CVA, an RvB Null Roaming Talwar gang run by Alphastarpilot & even Suddenly & Shadow. It was a mess, and you could feel the TIDI a region away, however some kills were gotten! While this fight was raging the Ganked fleet broke off and moved over to Hysera where we had been asked to kill a carrier belonging to Ganked regular Darius Caliente (Certified are recruiting by the way!) and we did kill it, plus other things, including Alpha’s talwar fleet!!! 

After the fun with the carrier, I realised it was coming up hard on midnight, the time I understood to be the deadline for PLEX donations to the cause, and so TGL3 took the roam out for a second round. He had this to say about it:

We set out for the illustrious destination of VFK, with a brave 30 pilots in tow. A quick brawl with a few TEST ships in EC- gave us some early kills but null-bears and elite bubble campers alike scattered ahead of us for the rest of the initial journey. Upon reaching VFK our scouts went to work. Our first major kill was a Vargur, who jumped into our scout. Despite calling in local for help, the Vargur died without assistance. Our scouts then went into overdrive in the surrounding systems. An Ishtar, Vexor Navy and a second Ishtar all died in 3 seperate systems within 15 minutes. A Tengu then evaded a scout thanks to some lucky Gurista Jams from the rats, but he then undocked from his Caldari Research Station into our fleet. He was bumped and killed. A hulk followed shortly a couple of jumps away.
We had no further fun with VFK, the local goons refusing to undock anything, so we trekked back through Cloud Ring towards Kinakka. A hostile camp on the high-sec exit gate were surprised when our hero frigates went in and tackled the lot of them, giving us a half dozen more kills to end the night on.

10/10 for Green Gambit, ScummyB, Angelus Infirim and Nuos Ono, the scouts who got us those kills.

All in all a spectacular evening of fights & fun times – with the night easily making it into our Top 5 roams in terms of kills and isk destroyed!

You guys donated enough for me to purchase 35 PLEX and of course ensure that Ping Wu & myself had take a large hit when upholding our individual pledges, resulting in over 50 PLEX being donated on behalf of RvB Ganked. This may not have been as many as Somer Blink donated, or as many as what Chribba & Amarr Citizen 155 raised ISK for, but it all helps.  CCP eventually announced that some $190,000 had been raised for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, which is an amazing sum and makes me very proud to be both a part of & a representative for the EVE Community. Check out the devblog on this here.


We did have sponsorship for the roam from our sponsors at Somer Blink and these are my chosen winners, you guys will be receiving your prizes soon:

Dramiel: Elenor Kharne, Melkor Valor, Amera Khan, Swornn, Edward Tivruskii, Xearo001

Cynabal: Nuos Ono, Ilik Tankalot, Jorel Antonius

Machariel: Andrew Hoffman (this kill he was FB on: http://rvbganked.co.uk/kills/index.php/kill_detail/15014/ was our 10,000th kill – if we had held a ccp member longer ccp bro would have been it, but oh wells!)



Oct 022013

Its that time again, just a brief round up of various items from the past few weeks, from CSM to Ganked to RvB and EVE in general.


The Summer Summit Minutes are coming on a treat with the old guys of the CSM putting us kids to shame and doing 4/5 sessions each, cant say when they will go public as that relies a lot on CCP, although should be noted that some of the content unveiled with the Rubicon announcement makes certain sessions moot.

In other CSM news, as you may know I held my first Watch with Mangala during the Winter Expansion announcement last week, and it went very well. 50 of you were on comms for this as well as many more hanging in the RvB Ganked channel ingame too.  Lots of good discussion during & after the Rubicon announcement, especially during when being “live” people had less of a chance to think their responses to new features through.  I’ll certainly be repeating this for future expansion announcements as well as any other live streams that CCP do – just as long as it isn’t a live stream of a roam as I will be logged in shooting at it!


The RvB Forever War (just the war between Red & Blue) has been running (nearly uninterrupted) for 4 years and 4 days, and at 02.57 UTC 29/09/13, we hit the 500,000 kill milestone. Yes, HALF A MILLION kills in a little over 4 years.

This is the kill that took the 500,000 mark, typically it involved a Maller. Well done to everyone who got us to this point over the past 4 years, old & new members alike. The winners received this special medal:

I Was There [500,000]

This Medal was awarded to those pilots involved in the 500,000th Forever War explosion.

Accept this award on behalf of all past, present, and future RvB Members


Plans for Ganked 100 are really firming up, I will have my final decision on shield or armour caps before I depart for EVE Vegas on the 15th.  Regardless of how this goes if you are one of our prospective cap pilots please add to this spreadsheet, as well as get yourself training the same skills on SISI, as we will be having a training session or two on how to use caps in the run up to Ganked 100. 

The schedule for the Autumn & Winter has pretty much been settled amongst your FC’s – there is still room for some changes if anyone else wants to give it a go of course.  Check this spreadsheet here.  As you can see a good variety of roams coming in the next few months, as ever logistics will be welcome on all of them, so if that is what you like do not feel a need to stay home!

Ganked also passed 9,000 kills over our 94 total roams this past weekend, and it was this kill that took us there.  Red Bishop won a Armageddon Navy Issue – courtesy of our sponsors at SomerBlink – for snagging Final Blow & highest damage on the pod.

RvBP is also back playing Planetside 2 every thursday night from 18.00 UTC. Give us a look on the Vanu Sov over on the Mattherson server.

For those who missed it, here is a video of the final part of our last minute roam against CCP on Friday 27th September:


Remember that this weekend see’s the first Crossing Zebras Community FFA. This free for all will feature CSM, Podcasters, Bloggers & of course YOU! So from 20.00 UTC on Saturday make sure you are in Asakai to take part in the fun – you can even get to shoot me!  For more details check the Crossing Zebras site here.

Aug 232013

On September 25th 2013, RvB turns 4 years old.

And as usual we will be having several events to mark our birthday, the final of which is also the largest & most spectacular of them all!



You read that right.

On October 26th 100,000 frigates will be set loose for RvB members to pilot & explode in what is going to be our largest Frigate Free For All to date.

I know many are wondering how to get in on this action, and to you I say simply join RvB prior to October 26th and you’ll be all set to take part in our largest event ever; In fact possibly EVE’s largest FFA ever.

If anyone wishes to donate, please contact Northern Misfit or Del Delvechio regarding any donations. Note that ships, modules & even offers of free time to help fit ships are all appreciated. Right now our dedicated fitters have set up over 40,000 ships for this event with 5 weeks left to go!

Thanks must go out to Sindel Pellion of The Angel Project for a sizeable donation to the cause, as well as to RvB members like Dracoth Simertet, Sylacx, Ringusworm for their donations of ships & prizes for the event, as well as to our many, many ship fitters for all the time they have given up to ensure this goes with a huge bang!

For a taste of what these FFA’s entail, check out these videos:

Keep up to date on the progress of both the event prep & the event itself by regularly checking this RvB forum thread, or by following @rvbeve on twitter.

Jul 052013


When the in game clock ticks over to 17.55 today, Mangala Solaris will have been a member of the amazing institution known as RvB for exactly 3 years.


Like many of you, I first joined RvB with an alt however in July 2010, not long after returning from the outside world, I found myself looking for a home with my main and so I signed up to Blue Republic with Mangala. Within hours I was whoring those mails and even getting the odd final blow. My favourite kill from those early days will always be this one, and people wonder why I like the unlimited combat area so much!

Somehow I started FCing – arranged fights, impromptu scraps, roams and so much more – and from there I helped out in Command a couple of times and slowly moved towards becoming the pimp for RvB I am today.  

During my journey from eager RvB main to jaded & bitter RvB veteran I have seen & undertaken many things:

  • Four moves from Verge Vendor to Everyshore to Lonetrek and now The Forge;
  • Helped RvB pass 500,000 kills, kills which no matter how they were made all have a story behind them;
  • Several epic wars with those smelly layabouts over in EVE University, during which high sec saw what we still hold to be the largest battles between two entities it has ever seen;
  • Innumerable other third party wars, some fun ones, some not so fun – MATE;
  • An RvB directors’ wild idea go from a simple purple roam to become EVE’s premier public roam, with dear old me having FC’d over 50 of them;
  • Our Mass frigate FFA’s, a couple of which have given the server a severe RvB shaped headache;
  • And who could forget all the support & assistance RvB gave me during my successful campaign to become a CSM 8 Delegate.

After three wonderful years & nearly 6000 killmails that I have found my way on to, I feel more at home here than ever, and I know that this is down to all of you. This includes the people who cause me to get annoyed, the people who cannot read the rules, the people who make the rules, and especially the people who make it a joy to log in and (occasionally) undock. Keep doing what you do and I’ll still be here in another 3 years.


Jul 012013


On the 29th June, the 74th numbered Ganked roam went out to play.  It was lead by top scout & regular Guest FC: Green Gambit, as I would only be able to make it later due to taking part in a Space hangout with Ali Aras – a fellow CSM delegate.  The time I spent with the roam was really great fun, a couple of good fights were had with the Providence holders and their friends.

Anyway, Green sent me his write up of the whole thing, so here it is:

So we’re out on Ganked 72 discussing future roams when I mention the idea of shield-Amarr as a theme. Next thing that’s chosen as the theme for Ganked 74, and I’m guest FC…

Fleet forms up in the regular favourite of Rens, although we don’t see any of the usual docking games. Departing a minute or two past 20:00 the fleet makes best-speed to Irshah where we meet up with the flashies in fleet. Now at full-numbers the 130-strong fleet heads one-jump out into Asabona when we’re informed of a small BC fleet, one jump back in Gomati. We run back to find that they’ve left local, and we have no clue which way they went. We turn around again and head into Curse.

Entry into Curse is quiet so we start heading along the pipe to VOL-MI. Forward scouts call a small gate-camp in CL-85V, so the fleet burns to try and catch something only for the scout to report the camp fleeing, as soon as we start hitting K-Q. Fortunately a Cynabal lands on the CL-85V gate in K-Q at the same time of the fleet, is forced to jump and dies in CL-85. We move on through Curse looping around through XX9 finding people in local, but space quiet. We arrive in H-A and as we’re warping towards the S-E gate, a gang on a gate in EQX is spotted, again the fleet makes haste over, but again the gang flees to station before we arrive. We turn around and head back towards VOL-MI cutting through Scalding Pass. Local009 spots another small gang in VOL-MI heading into ARG. We wait in R-3 hoping to catch them as they come through – however they must have scouted us as they flee, leaving us just with a solitary Stabber to kill.

We get intel on a relatively large Cruiser+BC gang in Providence, so head out of empty Curse and cut through Catch into Providence. Our scouts find them in T-RPFU setup at zero on the gate. This being Ganked, we jump in and open fire. We have slightly more numbers, but they have more BCs whereas we’re mostly cruisers. Add to them a dozen Scythes and they clearly have the upper-hand, but it’s a nice little brawl and we cut through most of the Scythes and net 28 kills overall.

Whelp One over.

Having finished his CSM business, Mangala joined us for round two, and the fleet reformed in Rens. We set off again around 22:45 heading back towards Providence but skirting through a little low-sec first. The fleet kills a random punisher on a gate in low-sec only to discover from the killmail it’s worth 92m ISK! But aside from occasional ships on gates this part of low-sec is quiet, so we soon find ourselves back in Providence.

We wander around Providence mostly missing small things on gates until local009 calls a small gang with Harby and Drake on the D61 gate in Y-MP. We send forward a couple more ceptors to tackle, and the two BCs are pointed. Fleet jumps in and kills both, along with 6 other ships from the gang. This seems to have turned around our luck as we then snag a few things on gates including a Raptor that thinks he can escape by burning away at 3km/s. However our tackle has him locked down and eventually he dies along with his pod. Unusually though Providence is quiet of ratter and miners.

We head further around Providence and venture into VKI then H-G. It’s quiet so we turn around to start moving round towards LF-2. There’s a little confusion about the location of fleet and scouts, and we’re told about a medium-sized gang – just as we jump into it in 3GX. Finding them set up, and ourselves outnumbered, we burn back to the gate and jump back into VKI – we lose a few ships, but most of the fleet make it back. The scouts still in 3GX inform the Provi-defence fleet, that we’ll stand and fight but only if they jump into us.

After a small delay they oblige and local spikes. A rupture is the first thing to decloak and dies almost instantly. We’re shooting other targets when Mang points out their Basilisks have decloaked right in the middle of us, so we switch targets. It takes us a minute to grind through the reps but they both die. We’re now starting to fall fast, but manage to pick-off a couple more ships before we’re done. Another decent fight, whelp two over and time for bed!

I’d like to thank.

  • Local009 for scouting and stepping up to target-call when needed.
  • Major Floor for scouting and bringing some links along
  • Cal Abungu for entertainment on comms
  • The provi-block for bringing two decent fights


As with the past 40+ roams, Somer.Blink sponsored some prizes for the roam and the winners are:

  • Navy Slicer: Major Floor, Akori Mitsumoto, Phantom OfKrankor, mikeshaw91 inkura, Dazmaz, Joe Appleby, Ragnar Alestorm, Kitty Baugh
  • Navy Omen: Cal Abunga, Oh’so Scrumptious
  • Navy Harbinger: Local009, Trinneth
  • Navy Apocalypse: sens1
Mar 262013



RvB is proud to announce that on the weekend of June 1st & 2nd we will be holding our first ever public 1 v 1 frigate tournament.


The basics of the event are as follows:

  • Two Brackets. One for characters under 90 days & one for everyone else.
  • Tech One frigates only (No Faction).  Any fit is a go.
  • No links allowed. Duellists will be fleeted with an RvB umpire to ensure this.
  • Implants – we cannot check for these so will be allowed, but note that you can be podded so use them at your own risk.


Prizes will be announced closer to the date. I am open to offers though if you wish to have your name in lights (or at least mentioned in blogs, forum posts and advertising).

Keep checking back to this blog as I release further information on this event.


Jan 212013



An endless war fought by thousands of pilots who have moved through our doors since September 2009.  

Pilots who have all contributed to an ever increasing set of numbers.

Numbers which I keep finding myself drawn too.  So below I have grabbed a few of those numbers, thrown them together into a mixer with the result being this blog post.


On 16th January 2013, RvB passed 200,000 kills done in the core systems of Josameto, Liekuri, Nomaa, Obanen, Otela & Poinen. This includes Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, Blue on Blue & Purple on anyone who gets in our way. 

RvB passed 400,000 life time kills on the 20th January 2013.

In the Forge as a whole we have over 212,000 kills since we moved here in March 2012. This figure is more than we killed in every previous “home region” combined by around 25%.

During the week to 20/1/13 we hit the 5 TRILLION Isk exploded mark purely for Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, Blue on Blue kills. Not bad considering many “out there” still view us rifter alts.

RvB has killed over 371,000 ships in ONLY the regions we have “officially” lived in since September 2009 (Everyshore, The Forge, Lonetrek & Verge Vendor), this includes Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, & Blue on Blue.

Outside of our home regions – and our eternal war – we have exploded around 28,000 ships since 2009, 4500 of those being in low/nullsec as a consequence of the excellent RvB Ganked roams.

Regarding cruiser use, following the advert back in March 2012 & our move to The Forge we had a sharp increase (obviously) in cruiser use, however over the rest of year it settled down to around an average of 1500 cruiser explosions a month. Then December 4th came and it went up to around 2400. Right now we are at 1800 for January 2013. So thanks CCP!

Blue are “winning” when it comes to Red on Blue & Blue on Red kills, by roughly 20,000 explosions. Blue should hit the 200,000 Red kills mark in February, with Red hitting the 200,000 Blue kills mark in March. The Poinen Must Burn FFA will be the reason these milestone’s happen so quickly!

The 3rd party we have killed the most is Eve University, currently sitting at 3,100 kills to 2,200 losses.

Yankunytjatjara is un-matched as RvB’s number 1 solo pilot. 1965 solo kills at this point in time. The nearest currently active Red has around a third of his total.

Yank is also the leading “loser” in RvB, with some 1700 lifetime losses. Matthias Duran in Glorious Federation of Red, has around 870 total losses and is Yank’s closest rival for most losses.

Blue spend much more time in Otela (Red HQ), than Reds do in Liekuri (Blue HQ). 26,000 to 17,000 kills respectively.  Indeed, this has been quite the pattern in all the systems we have called “HQ” over the past 3 years.

Josameto is easily our busiest “core” system, with both Red & Blue sitting at around 32,000 kills there since March 2012.

Red’s all time killer of Blue’s is Kikkio with over 8500 Blue kills, while Blue’s all time killer of Red’s is Jagtor with nearly 10,000 Red kills.

Red has killed more Carriers than Blue, while Blue has killed more Dreads. Neither side has killed a Titan or Supercarrier (the 6 “live event”/incursion Mom’s do not count in my opinion).

Nomaa, the FFA/Solo system has seen 10% of RvB’s total kills for the month of January 2013. Which means there is a place for solo action in RvB!


I hope you enjoy this look at some of what makes RvB interesting for me, so please come back in a few months when I will no doubt have much larger numbers to share with you!