Jan 102013

As many of you will know, RvB likes to explode things. Especially itself.

And to kick off 2013, we will be holding our third MASS FFA.  



What is a MASS FFA?

The Mass FFA is an idea that Torve Starduster had back in October 2012.  The basic premise is get a POS, chuck in a few thousand pre-fit frigates, dilute with several hundred RvB pilots, leave to cook for a couple of days with the end result usually a dead server node and lots and lots of wrecks.  It works!

The first Mass FFA in November saw 8,000 frigates exploded over 48 hours, with the second in December seeing 12,000 over the same period.

The next, to be held on January 26th 2013, will hopefully see 26.000 pre-fitted frigate hulls blown up all in the name of a good time.  


How do I join in?

You have to join RvB any time between now and 15.00 EVE on the 26th January 2013.  Then on the 26th, get into the FFA fleet, find out the POS password, grab a hull, warp to a belt, planet, gate or station and start killing fellow Reds & Blues.

Then do it over again.

And again.

And again.

Until nothing is left.


To get an idea of what these are like, check out this video by Catalyst XI: