Jan 092013



This past weekend, RvB Ganked started 2013 in style! 

We gathered over 150 pilots, with the majority handling the majestic Gallente hull known as the Thorax.

As part of the evening we would be visiting the EVE Gate in New Eden, as I go once a year and had decided that this year I would drag the Ganked crowd along with me. People were oddly receptive to it, mostly as they had never been.  

I just did not think that when we arrived, we would do this – much thanks to MirrorGod for FCing the creation of this:

Even stranger was that despite us being in low sec the night got even more fun the longer we spent there. Given the remoteness of the region, people could come to us from various directions, and one such pilot – Alex Arcannis – approached us from the Gonditsa area, informing us that he was killed & podded in Sapthar.  A couple of pilots shoot ahead of us with Amy Rioz landing a point on one of Alex killers, however we manage to TIDI & Traffic Control on our jump in and the targets get away, except as they get away a guardian jumps into us and is ended rather quickly. Meanwhile at the other end of Genesis, Phantom was rushing to meet us through the Chej area when he reports a largish BC/BS heavy gang of flashies, resulting us doing an immediate about face and running over as fast as we could.  We formed up one jump out, chucked House & a bait squad in – little did I know this squad contained a Deimos – and the flashies ran, so House chased them into Noranim, tackled a bunch and called us in.  Seeing what a bag of thorax’s can do is amazing.

More amazing than that however is the lack of smack the locals gave us, hell just the fact they stood and fought was enough to make us like them, the smack thing was just icing on the cake.  Much respect to the pilots of D3vil’s Childr3n.

And so we moved on, getting back on to our route which would see us move towards null sec, however that plan soon hit the rocks.  We heard tell of another logi supported gang over in Korridi and moved that way to wave our Thorax’s at them, we managed to snag a hurricane at first, before we heard the main gang that was sat on a station had warped to the Bantish gate were we had a few guys. Daneel gave us a great plan to deal with them which resulted in a dead guardian swiftly followed by their fleet jumping into Bantish. 

Right into the remainder of our band of dongs.

Tackles were gotten, primaries called and the fight was on. Except for me, as I was primaried.  

MirrorGod stepped to the plate and before I had gotten back in a new hull, the fight was over.  We had shot our (dps) loads all over the enemy, then leaned back and lit a cigarette like a properly sated guy following a session like that.

For a while we tussled with the locals in Gonditsa, but they were more interested in smacking us for being bads, or wannabe Goons etc, instead of demonstrating their so called pvp prowess and pewing us all down.  Got to love people like that don’t you. Anyway, Rote Kapelle turned up to show them how it was done – after asking me for our location – it was a fun fight with friendly gf’s thrown in local after.  The few that survived even joined our roam including e-famous blogger: Ripard Teg.

Before we milked Genesis dry of fun fights, I had us move out towards Fountain, however Aridia and even Fountain proved to be pretty quiet, so we started to head into Delve with the intention of burning fast towards Aridia and then Genesis again – as why not go back to the fights after giving the locals time to recover!  However that plan was soon put to rest when we got word of a TEST gang in ZXB, the FC of which was listening in on the Ganked comms.  After a little “chat” between myself and their FC, they jumped to us and we fought hard, and long, however our stamina just wasnt up to it and we found ourselves dieing in droves. We still took a few with us though!

After 5 hours, 4 of which had been spent having a ball in Genesis low-sec, this whelp was the incentive we needed to roll over and go to sleep.  

All in all 115 kills at over 10 billion isk in value was the evenings tally. Quite successful!


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As ever the roam was sponsored by Somer.Blink, and here are the prizes & the winners of said prizes:

Scouting Distinction – Helios/Launcher/Probes x3  (Thecla Elarik, Wulfrunner, Captain Hurrdurr)

Corpse Collector – Eris (Kingzan – not most pods, but easily for most expensive pod killed!)

Spot Prizes – Fed Navy Comet x10  (GatesMcTaste, Westar Egdald, Alex Arcannis, Amy Rioz, Matt Cooper, Ceofore Aideron, SaintCav, Crynsos Cealion, Alexandros Balfros, Xi Tzu)

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x3  (House2twist – FCing that first good fight, MirrorGod – For the “art” at the EVE Gate, Geozor – topping campaign points)

Combat Excellence – Megathron Navy Issue  (Nutjob O’Crazy – topping campaign kills)

Heretic – Osprey Navy Issue  (Furious Lao)