Jan 212013



An endless war fought by thousands of pilots who have moved through our doors since September 2009.  

Pilots who have all contributed to an ever increasing set of numbers.

Numbers which I keep finding myself drawn too.  So below I have grabbed a few of those numbers, thrown them together into a mixer with the result being this blog post.


On 16th January 2013, RvB passed 200,000 kills done in the core systems of Josameto, Liekuri, Nomaa, Obanen, Otela & Poinen. This includes Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, Blue on Blue & Purple on anyone who gets in our way. 

RvB passed 400,000 life time kills on the 20th January 2013.

In the Forge as a whole we have over 212,000 kills since we moved here in March 2012. This figure is more than we killed in every previous “home region” combined by around 25%.

During the week to 20/1/13 we hit the 5 TRILLION Isk exploded mark purely for Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, Blue on Blue kills. Not bad considering many “out there” still view us rifter alts.

RvB has killed over 371,000 ships in ONLY the regions we have “officially” lived in since September 2009 (Everyshore, The Forge, Lonetrek & Verge Vendor), this includes Red on Blue, Blue on Red, Red on Red, & Blue on Blue.

Outside of our home regions – and our eternal war – we have exploded around 28,000 ships since 2009, 4500 of those being in low/nullsec as a consequence of the excellent RvB Ganked roams.

Regarding cruiser use, following the advert back in March 2012 & our move to The Forge we had a sharp increase (obviously) in cruiser use, however over the rest of year it settled down to around an average of 1500 cruiser explosions a month. Then December 4th came and it went up to around 2400. Right now we are at 1800 for January 2013. So thanks CCP!

Blue are “winning” when it comes to Red on Blue & Blue on Red kills, by roughly 20,000 explosions. Blue should hit the 200,000 Red kills mark in February, with Red hitting the 200,000 Blue kills mark in March. The Poinen Must Burn FFA will be the reason these milestone’s happen so quickly!

The 3rd party we have killed the most is Eve University, currently sitting at 3,100 kills to 2,200 losses.

Yankunytjatjara is un-matched as RvB’s number 1 solo pilot. 1965 solo kills at this point in time. The nearest currently active Red has around a third of his total.

Yank is also the leading “loser” in RvB, with some 1700 lifetime losses. Matthias Duran in Glorious Federation of Red, has around 870 total losses and is Yank’s closest rival for most losses.

Blue spend much more time in Otela (Red HQ), than Reds do in Liekuri (Blue HQ). 26,000 to 17,000 kills respectively.  Indeed, this has been quite the pattern in all the systems we have called “HQ” over the past 3 years.

Josameto is easily our busiest “core” system, with both Red & Blue sitting at around 32,000 kills there since March 2012.

Red’s all time killer of Blue’s is Kikkio with over 8500 Blue kills, while Blue’s all time killer of Red’s is Jagtor with nearly 10,000 Red kills.

Red has killed more Carriers than Blue, while Blue has killed more Dreads. Neither side has killed a Titan or Supercarrier (the 6 “live event”/incursion Mom’s do not count in my opinion).

Nomaa, the FFA/Solo system has seen 10% of RvB’s total kills for the month of January 2013. Which means there is a place for solo action in RvB!


I hope you enjoy this look at some of what makes RvB interesting for me, so please come back in a few months when I will no doubt have much larger numbers to share with you!