Nov 182013

Ganked 100, the event when Ganked says “Come at us Bro” to the rest of eve, is coming up in January. Yes, 2 months from TODAY.  

As many of the pilots willing to sacrifice capital ships on our altar of fun are new to utilising them, we have begun testing how to use capitals on SISI, including combat refitting, cap chaining and so on.  If you intend to fly a capital alongside us for Ganked 100, then we ask that you attend as many of these sessions as you can.  

Why do we want this?

While Ganked at its core is primarily a whelp fleet, it is nice to survive long enough to get on some killmails, especially when in caps yes? 

When are these sessions then?

Update: From 4th December we will be running practices on the following days –

  • Wednesdays @ 20.00 UTC
  • Saturdays @ 15.00 UTC (Excluding 7th December, as I have plans for the Plex for Good stream).
  • Sundays @ 12.00 UTC

What about sub-cap pilots can we help?

Hell yes!  There is a lot of testing related to you guys that we can do, so the more of you who attend the better it is for us all.

How do I get onto SISI then?

For information on how to connect to SISI, check this EVElopedia article out.