Jul 012014

Those of you who joined in the first CSM 9 Town Hall back on June 22nd will have heard me say that I wished to run a project relating to any potential future corporation/alliance revamp, and how such a thing could benefit the numerous social groups in EVE.

Well here I am.

First up what do I mean by “social groups”. Usually these are 2 or more individuals with a shared interest coming together to undertake that interest outside of other ties, familial or employment related. Borrowing from wikipedia (I know, I know), I found this list of definitions which works even better:

Common motives and goals
An accepted division of labor, i.e. roles
Established status (social rank, dominance) relationships
Accepted norms and values with reference to matters relevant to the group
Development of accepted sanctions (praise and punishment) if and when norms were respected or violated

In EVE terms, the following are what I would class as the prime examples of social groups:

  1. Incursion communities such as Warp to Me, Incursion Shiny Network or The Ditanian Fleet and many many more.
  2. NPSI / Open Roam groups like RvB Ganked, Spectre Fleet, Redemption Roams or Stille Gewalt
  3. Groups from outside communities that wish to enjoy EVE’s content together without leaving the potentially disparate corporations they are in. Examples being the SIG’s famous in the CFC, forum based groups like those in the Teamminmatar channel, shared language communities and so on.

For those interested in my current thoughts on the issue have moved beyond simply allowing the creation of truly public fleets. Currently I would love to see social groups/communities in EVE be more than a chat channel and potentially a mailing list. This could be done by merging both of those as the key systems the group coalesces around, with membership of one granting immediate access to the other. Combine this with greater granularity of roles for those assigned them by the community. Roles that potentially allow some people to moderate the chat, some to moderate the mail systems, or others to form fleets that any members of that community can access just like they would a corporation fleet, fleets that can inherit standings from their FCs, that have built in kill logs, allows some people to post operations in a group calendar (rather than relying on outside sites and tools) and so on and so on. Effectively a corporation without the shared assets, hangars, taxes, and all the other useful aspects that cause people to come together under a corporate banner.

This is where I need feedback. I have my own ideas, some of which I have wrote about above and in the past on my weekly Crossing Zebras column, but the larger the level of feedback the better.

When providing feedback try to use concise explanations, with plenty of obvious keywords, this will make it easier to scan and get that feedback centralised for when and if the time comes. 

NB: Feedback is welcome either in the comments on this blog, or in the matching thread on EVEO.


Jun 142014

A great discussion just cropped up in the RvB Ganked channel and it lead to this post.  To cut a long story short, RvB Ganked (otherwise known as a vehicle for my ego) is lacking two things.

Firstly a video that does a great job of introducing Ganked to newbies/those unfamiliar with Ganked and public fleets in general. 

This would be a great thing to have at hand to show off to folks with.

Secondly, we are also lacking a 15 second Alliance Tournament advert video. We should totally rectify this. Rules are found here:

General Rules
All video material must be Eve related!

The item/service being advertised must be Eve related.

The advert must be suitable for all ages.

Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.

Adverts must be in English.

The quality of the advert must reflect positively on EVE itself, we will work with you on improving the quality of the video until we can accept it. The earlier you get in touch and send us material the more we will be able to advise you, the closer to the event we are the less time we will have to help you.

The deadline for each weekend of the tournament is midnight on the Wednesday of that week. That’s August 13th, 20th 27th and September 3rd. If accepted your advert will be shown on all the subsequent weekends of the tournament. Please keep in mind if you want to be sure your advert will be included please submit it at least a couple days earlier.
Technical Rules
1920×1080 resolution with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio, failing this you can submit as 1280×720, adverts will not be accepted in any other resolutions. Video should not contain black bars either horizontal or vertical.

Either 30 or 29,970 frames per second, adverts will not be accepted at any other frame rate.

15 Seconds long [img]exactly[/img], adverts will not be accepted if longer or shorter.

We suggest the video is delivered as a Mov or mp4 file with H.264 as a compressor at 15 to 20Mbps, WMV is also acceptable, MKV are not.

Video quality is more important than small file size!

Anyway lets brainstorm a few ideas in the comments as the weekend moves on, and we can start blagging people into doing us huge favours and making videos!!!  

FYI: Ganked logo is here.

Jun 072014



Day one is over. 

This isn


Anyway, vote for your player of the day from the Spring Cup by posting in the comments to this post.  A rough list of characters who flew today can be found be looking over the killboard for the system:

http://eve-kill.net/?a=system_detail&sys_id=132&view=kills or check the thread here for a rough idea of teams: http://rvbeve.com/forums/index.php/topic/7819-the-rvb-spring-cup-a-team-tournament/

Go back to around 14.00 EVE on the 7th June 2014.

They’ll win a Navy BC of their choice.



May 272014



On the 7th & 8th June, RvB will be holding a tournament for its members, the RvB Spring Cup. A tournament with a prize poll of around 20 billion ISK.

The Spring Cup tournament will comprise of 5 man teams duking it out across a Double Elimination format with the following limitations and rules:

We will be using a points system as with the AT, SCL & NEO. This will make for more interesting matches as the points & rules do not allow you to just bring 5 mallers!!!
Teams are responsible for providing their own ships and fittings.
Teams have a maximum of 30 points to invest in the following ships:

Logistics Cruiser – 13
T1 Logistics Cruiser (Augoror, Exequror, Osprey, Scythe) – 10
T1 Cruiser – 7
Electronic Attack Frigate – 5
Pirate Frigate – 4
Faction Frigate – 4
Assault Frigate – 4
Interceptor – 3
Destroyer – 3
T1 Logistics Frigate (Bantam, Burst, Inquisitor, Navitas) – 4
Tech 1 Frigate – 2
Tech 1 Industrial Ships – 3
Ships not mentioned in this list are not allowed.

Tech 1 & 2 modules are allowed
Faction and officer modules are not allowed
Tech 1/2 Rigs are allowed
ECM target jammers are not allowed
ECM target jammer drones are not allowed
Only one local repair module per ship
Only a logistics cruiser or logistics frigate may use remote repair or capacitor transfer modules
All implants are allowed
All boosters (drugs) are allowed
Faction ammo is fine. Pirate ammo is frowned upon (and will be demanded as tribute to the AT team anyway if you use it).
Faction drones are fine. Augmented drones are frowned upon (and will be demanded as tribute to the AT team anyway if you use them).
NO smartbombs
Boosting via command ships or tech 3’s is not allowed
NO Deployables. Only I will have one out, and thats an MTU.

Teams will field a maximum of 5 pilots.
A MAXIMUM of 3 of the same ship types are allowed per setup. Example 3 x caracal 1x burst 1x random frig is fine; 4 caracal 1 x condor would be bad. This includes skinned ships.
Only one T2 logistics cruiser OR T1 logistics cruiser OR T1 logistics frigate per team.
The arena will be have a radius of 200km. Leaving this arena bubble will mean disqualification.
Teams will be allowed to warp to the arena before the match starts. However only at a range between 0km & 50km.
No podding – do so and your team will be disqualified.
No warping in the arena.
Matches to last 10 minutes. No more. (In the event of a tie, an extra 3 minutes sudden death combat will be added and the arena will reduce by 50km. First side to kill a ship wins the match).
If a team is more than 2 minutes late to a match, it automatically forfeits that match.
Team that goes into the Finals as the Victor of Match N, will be allowed to issue 1 ship ban per the final “Best of 3”.


The Spring Cup will be held on TQ over two days. Schedule of the matches is here

Now, I would like this event to be streamed and commentated upon, again as you see with the AT, NEO & SCL.  Currently we have some commentators lined up: Mizhir of the One Man Crew project, Connall Tara of Fly Reckless, RvB’s own Thecla Elark and Catalyst XI amongst them. Not all of these gents will be in a position to stream while commentating due to circumstances beyond their control. Connall is very much willing to be the host of the event, for instance constantly running on the RvB Ganked mumble with other commentators, feeding match commentary and between match chatter to a group of dedicated streamers, Mizhir and Thecla are both very technical individuals with a great depth of tournament experience who will give us that “real” feeling when it comes to the matches themselves. 

As I say above I would love for this to be streamed, and this is were the EVE streaming community comes in, I am looking for streamers who want to provide visual of the matches across the day, streamers who know both what they are doing and how to present this tournament in the best way to the viewing public, and in as professional manner as possible. You would also be in a position to commentate on matches along side the people named above as well. Done right and this could really work in your favour as free publicity for your streams, as well as for RvB.  I am even willing to provide a PLEX for your services as the tournament will take a lot of time to cover I am sure.

If you are interested, you can mail Mangala Solaris ingame, leave your thoughts in the comments to this blog or find me on the RvB Jabber from Wednesday onwards. I really am a stream novice, totally in awe of people who spend their time working that medium to its fullest, so anything you have to say on how to make this a reality will be appreciated.  If you have Jabber issues, give @Khador_Vess a shout on twitter for assistance.

Additionally I am looking for interested parties to help with refereeing on the weekend, team managament between matches and so forth. I have some volunteers from within RvB, but more is always good for that too, as the event is quite long over the two days.

May 252014

Last night we formed up for Ganked 117: No Duck left behind. Yes, it was a Drake night. While we had many many Drakes, as well as logistics, other missile ships and plenty of frigates, we had a surfeit of something else: a high number of people 100% new to the NPSI scene. And even to large scale fleets. This of course did not stop us roaming, it just made for a strange experience, the vets were super relaxed, comms reflected this and the new guys were damn eager, this is all well and good until things actually began to happen.

Of course events did not happen immediately, word of 200+ russians in BS over in FDZ etc came down during form up, but Drake night being what it is, no way could I burn us there while still accepting people – many of whom are new to Ganked and/or pvp in general (downside to the theme I suppose), by the time we do arrive they have done what they were in system to do and gone, not even a vodka and black bread party in BWF.

Move onto my planned route, and some gate campers pick off stragglers as we free burn through lowsec, retreating every time we even think about sending groups of us back (GIS basically do this for a living as utilising their skill set in a better way is too risky for them). Eventually we get into nullsec and start moving only for 5 Titan Bridge Legion to come and play. After much “jump into us” “no U” went back and forth, with neither side being willing to give, my fleet scattered on grid to chase random shit, I got bored and fleet warp us off, however PL chose that moment to come in. They follow us to our out gate were I make a snap decision to fight and its on.

We brutalise much of the PL logi and take down a bunch of expensive vultures, then they bring in the triage. We could still land damage on targets, however due to varied amount of sp/experience of mass pvp/general “huh”, our positioning isn’t amazing and much of our damage is wasted as by now the fleet was strung out following me (good work following me though :D), and so range was all over the place – that’s a downside to missiles. Still we did better against a smaller superior force than other groups (HAI PROVI) have done without access to caps and/or reship ability.

Reforming we were to help Ceofore Aideron lose a dread, however PL Nyxed that idea – the result of lots of miscommunication between Ceo & myself, and me trying to keep 100+ dudes entertained. Lowsec was mostly a bust as well, and Providence was pretty quiet. Ended the night shooting Alpha  :evil:

So a pretty quiet night. Not the highest scoring, although certainly well attended by pilots new to the NPSI scene, I just hope that all you new guys keep coming back and do not get soured on pvp by how the roam went. Seriously ask around, we often have stellar nights with good times on comms and awesome fights to be had. And if there is anything that Ganked can do to make the NPSI experience easy to pick up as a pvp newbie, let me know in the comments to this piece.

NB:  if you know anyone looking to FC an NPSI roam, get them to contact me, Ganked is always on the look out for guest fcs.

Apr 302014

Hi guys!

Your friendly neighbourhood FC here.

It came to my notice while sorting the setup for Ganked 115 out, that many of you are HAC capable, or very close to it, and this lead to me remembering a brief chat I had with Jayne from Spectre Fleet (and the guest FC for Ganked 109) about such things. Jayne actually asked his FCs about HAC usage and had a positive response.

So here I am with a poll for you all to complete too. So if you would love to bring serious ships like HACs (Shield or Armour depending on your skills/the theme) to Ganked, or just want to sway me from this course then vote in the poll below:


For those concerned that this may see Ganked become more serious in future, do not worry, despite all the changes over the last year we have not – I may have but I am special – and we will continue to not take things too seriously as long as we get some epic fights doing what we do. We will continue to fly inclusive open roams with inclusive setups, its just that from time to time, the theme will lend itself well to HACs and other specialised hulls being flown in large numbers, while supported by t1 variants and tackle and all the toys you normally bring to Ganked.

Apr 072014


It is that time of year again when EVE goes to polls to vote for the Council of Stellar Management. And like last year I have sat down and looked over the quite considerable candidate list and have selected those I think deserve to be on your ballots this year.  Obviously I have included myself as I am running for a place on CSM 9.

As with last year you will be able to list up to 14 candidates on your ballot, and if a candidate at the top of the list gets in before your vote is counted, it will move to the next in the list and so on until 14 candidates are elected.

So without further ado here are the 14 candidates I feel will make for the best possible 9th Council of Stellar Management. Please note they are in no particular order, I will provide a couple of recommended ways to order them at the end of this post:

Mangala Solaris

I feel the work of CSM 8 is unfinished and would like to see that through to the end, while continuing to try my best to represent all of you in my interactions with CCP and my fellow CSM delegates.

Jayne Fillon:

Jayne is amazingly knowledgeable about the game, especially when it comes to pvp. I feel that he would do a great job on the CSM on that basis alone, however his work with the social communities within EVE including Spectre Fleet and Ganked has demonstrated excellent abilities as an enabler and CCP needs the input of such individuals when it comes to future content additions.

Ali Aras

Ali is the star of CSM 8. She has worked tirelessly to represent the vast majority of the playerbase and has been at the forefront of all the CSM’s activities and discussions with the developers – good and bad. She has worked tirelessly on the duties of Secretary. She very much deserves a place on your ballots for CSM 9 to continue on this good work.

Xander Phoena:

Xander is a true gent. As someone with immense community presence, I feel that he will bring the perspective of the community to the CSM in their interactions with CCP, which is especially invaluable with a community that does like to break out the pitch forks regularly! As well as his proven community focus, he knows what he does not know about EVE and is always willing to reach out to those who have that knowledge, something that is invaluable in a CSM member.

Mike Azariah

Mike ran for CSM over and over until finally winning a seat on CSM 8.  After a year of working alongside him I have to admit that had I known the sort of man he was before I would have voted for him on every other occasion he ran!  Mike is a tremendous communicator, with a wide depth of knowledge about EVE and a totally steadfast advocate for the casual player regardless of where they call home.

Steve Ronuken:

Last Steve was the “little fish” who no one knew much about, however over the past year Steve has upped his profile and demonstrated a grasp of many aspects of EVE that has surprised many people. He has also not wavered from his core focus on greater support for third party developers, and given the tools he has provided to the community this past year I am a convert and now share his views on this issue.

Sugar Kyle:

Lowsec needs a CSM representative, not just on CSM 9 but on all CSM’s going forward. I am of the belief that Sugar is an excellent start to a new lowsec legacy on the CSM. She is incredibly knowledgeable about issues as diverse as industry, pvp and the new player experience, and how they all can contribute to a better lowsec for all. 

Psianh Auvyander:

Psianh has a background in community management, and as we keep seeing communication between the players, CSM and CCP is very important, therefore on this alone Psianh will make an excellent member of CSM 9. However this is not solely why I chose to recommend him. He has a solid footing in small gang pvp across many areas of EVE, understands that EVE needs an active merc community, and after a long chat with him he has strong ideas on new players and how best to ensure they advance in EVE.

Matias Otero:

The founder and spiritual leader of Brave Newbies. Matias has overseen the creation of a major entity within EVE in under a year, something that requires the drive and focus needed to be a successful CSM member. He is deeply interested in the retention of new players and has a sweeping vision for improving the sandbox like no other.


Mynnna is easily the most knowledgeable of the current CSM when it comes to issues like industry, economics and nullsec mechanics.  Combine this knowledge with what he has learned about the CSM process during his stellar term on CSM 8, and this makes him an obvious pick for CSM 9.


Possibly the strongest wormhole candidate since Two Step. Is known to nearly everyone in that community, has forgotten more about wormholes and wormhole mechanics than I have ever learned and of course in what seems to be a banner year for industry he has some interesting thoughts there too.  He could probably beat me in a RL fight too. 

DJ Funkybacon:

Another lowsec candidate, however Funky is very much the lowsec pvp candidate with a huge focus on Faction Warfare and the betterment of it. If you have any interest at all in FW, then Funky needs your support.  Additionally as with some of the other candidates above, Funky thanks in part to his EVE Radio presence is a very well known guy in the community, and as I have said for others such individuals are needed on the CSM both for the benefit of CCP and for your benefit as well.

James Arget:

As with last year I have found myself supporting multiple wormhole candidates. I have worked with James for the duration of the 8th CSM and he has been a very hard worker indeed, and one who always put the concerns of his wormhole constituents at the forefront of his dealings with CCP and the CSM. He will no doubt continue this going into CSM 9.


Like many others I originally considered Progodlegend to be running purely for the fun of it. However I was wrong. During the latter half of CSM 8s term, he has demonstrated a level of knowledge about the game beyond his apparent nullsec focus that made me sit up and pay attention. On top of this his activities in providing content for his coalition members and their enemies make him a must recommend by someone like me.

As I said towards the top of this post, I am providing a couple of slates (suggested ballot orders using my favoured candidates) for you to follow when voting opens tomorrow.

I am happy to be able to provide magic links for each slate that – once you have logged into the voting page – you should click the one you agree with. This will then highlight the relevant candidates and allow you to drag & drop them onto your ballot. All you then need to do is click submit vote. The magic links are beneath the slates found below. Choose ONE that suits and use that.


“People wot I like and think you should like too”:

All of them are massively well qualified for the job and I really would relish working with them for the betterment of EVE during CSM 9. If I could order them in another way, everyone bar myself would be at #2.

  1. Mangala Solaris
  2. Jayne Fillon
  3. Ali Aras
  4. Xander Phoena
  5. Mike Azariah
  6. Steve Ronuken
  7. Sugar Kyle
  8. Psianh Auvyander
  9. Matias Otero
  10. Mynnna
  11. Corbexx
  12. DJ Funkybacon
  13. James Arget
  14. Progodlegend

 Click this as per the above instructions:



“Wisdom of the ages”:

This slate consists of CSM 8 incumbents – who all have been excellent during their terms and like myself feel they have both things they wish to see through and experience and knowledge to impart as part of CSM 9; My other recommendations from the candidate pool that have a range of experience across activities in EVE that will be useful for the CSM going forward.

  1. Mangala Solaris
  2. Ali Aras
  3. Xander Phoena
  4. Mike Azariah
  5. Sugar Kyle
  6. Mynnna
  7. Jayne Fillon
  8. James Arget
  9. Progodlegend
  10. Steve Ronuken
  11. Psianh Auvyander
  12. DJ Funkybacon
  13. Corbexx
  14. Matias Otero

Click this as per the above instructions:



“Pee Vee Pee”:

Many, if not all, of my recommendations pvp in one way or another. If you are a solid pvp fanatic that loves the thrill of the kill, flying with your buddies or everyone ever, beyond anything else EVE has to offer then this slate is very much for you. 

  1. Mangala Solaris
  2. Jayne Fillon
  3. Psianh Auvyander
  4. Corbexx
  5. DJ Funkybacon
  6. Sugar Kyle
  7. Matias Otero
  8. Ali Aras
  9. Progodlegend
  10. James Arget
  11. Mike Azariah
  12. Mynnna
  13. Xander Phoena
  14. Steve Ronuken

Click this as per the above instructions:


Mar 082014

During Fanfest 2014, CCP will be unveiling a monument to all EVE players past & present. 

In addition to engraving all our character names upon it, CCP will be sealing a time capsule beneath the monument that will contain messages from the playerbase. And I would like to give one of you the opportunity to write a message on behalf of the Ganked community to the people who will open the time capsule in 25 years. Feel to talk about Ganked, what you think of Ganked, notable things Ganked has gotten itself involved in and so on.

As an incentive, I am offering a hard copy of EVE Source (not the limited editions as I thought this up too late to snag any of those for this), to the entry I deem the winner.

So if this competition interests you then please get writing! 


Things to note include:

1) Must be no more than 1000 words.

2) Must be submitted to me via evemail, or shared google doc, or posted in the comments to this post by downtime on 25th April. I will then chose my winner and start the submission ball rolling.

3) Follow CCP’s small print at all costs

All texts, videos, and other submissions for the monument must comply with the EVE Online End User License Agreement and Terms of Service. Players may not submit texts, videos, or other materials that include harmful, threatening or obscene language or content that may infringe on a third-party’s intellectual property rights. CCP reserves the right not to include any texts, videos, or other submissions we deem inappropriate. No refund will be given for inappropriate submissions.

4) If I can swing it, the prize MAY even be signed by members of the Dev team & CSM 8.

5) I will cover all submission & postage costs personally.

Feb 102014

Ganked has been doing its thing for over 2 & a half years now, with this website not far behind it, and while Ganked has evolved the website itself really has not. Its still mostly a blog portal with an attached killboard. However I fancy a change round these parts and so over the next few months I want to make several improvements to both how the site looks and how we all interact with it.

My current thoughts on what to do are many and varied but include:

  • Unified theme across the site;
  • Easier access to Fleetup;
  • Some form of chat/out of game communication;
  • Directory of all groups & individuals running public roams;

If you can help out with anything on that list, or have suggestions for other things I may have missed, use the comments!

The last item on the above list is something I want to get going sooner rather than later, so if you run, or know of people who do run public roams & public event fleets then please use the comments to get me their details or have them get in touch so I can get something up & running.  


Feb 052014


Ganked 100 was a few weeks ago, and since then I have been to the CSM 8 Winter Summit in Iceland, and had the Ganked 100 write up to do. However I finally got all of that out of the way and so I have had some time to commit to the prizes – its what you can came for right? Not the hours upon hours of pure combat.

Given that my lossmail did not appear I had to do some alterations on the prizes – some got removed, criteria for others got changed. However I have still managed to award over 40 billion isk in prizes between the donations made by many of you & the support of Somerblink. If you disagree with a certain award, suck it up.  Those who have won Blink sponsored prizes, will receive those in the coming days, everyone else should have either had their prize or are yet to accept it off contracts.

To take a look at the prize winners, check out this spreadsheet.  It has two tabs, one for the Blink prizes, and the other for the donated prizes. Keen observers will note that three are marked TBA, those results are coming they are just taking a little more time than I am willing to spend right now. Looking at killboards is making my eyes bleed.

Thanks again to everyone who donated prizes, to everyone who helped in the planning of Ganked 100 and of course to all of you who came along and made it such a great event.