Feb 052014


Ganked 100 was a few weeks ago, and since then I have been to the CSM 8 Winter Summit in Iceland, and had the Ganked 100 write up to do. However I finally got all of that out of the way and so I have had some time to commit to the prizes – its what you can came for right? Not the hours upon hours of pure combat.

Given that my lossmail did not appear I had to do some alterations on the prizes – some got removed, criteria for others got changed. However I have still managed to award over 40 billion isk in prizes between the donations made by many of you & the support of Somerblink. If you disagree with a certain award, suck it up.  Those who have won Blink sponsored prizes, will receive those in the coming days, everyone else should have either had their prize or are yet to accept it off contracts.

To take a look at the prize winners, check out this spreadsheet.  It has two tabs, one for the Blink prizes, and the other for the donated prizes. Keen observers will note that three are marked TBA, those results are coming they are just taking a little more time than I am willing to spend right now. Looking at killboards is making my eyes bleed.

Thanks again to everyone who donated prizes, to everyone who helped in the planning of Ganked 100 and of course to all of you who came along and made it such a great event.