Feb 102014

Ganked has been doing its thing for over 2 & a half years now, with this website not far behind it, and while Ganked has evolved the website itself really has not. Its still mostly a blog portal with an attached killboard. However I fancy a change round these parts and so over the next few months I want to make several improvements to both how the site looks and how we all interact with it.

My current thoughts on what to do are many and varied but include:

  • Unified theme across the site;
  • Easier access to Fleetup;
  • Some form of chat/out of game communication;
  • Directory of all groups & individuals running public roams;

If you can help out with anything on that list, or have suggestions for other things I may have missed, use the comments!

The last item on the above list is something I want to get going sooner rather than later, so if you run, or know of people who do run public roams & public event fleets then please use the comments to get me their details or have them get in touch so I can get something up & running.  


  • Fuzzysteve

    Poke CCP about SSO. the ability to log in without needing to create an account would be valuable.:)

  • Carathas

    If you’re thinking about some sort of Jabber functionality I can recommend Openfire for ease of admin. You do need a server to host it on rather than just web space though.

  • CeoforeAideron

    Squeebles checking in. Will look forward to seeing the updates as they’re made.

  • ArmEagle

    Not sure whether that’s included in the 4th point ‘Directory’. But would you show their next roam and info thread for that roam? Sure for Ganked I can login and check the MotD, or go to the forum. But I wouldn’t mind an easier listing online.

  • Guest

    Not on your list, but I would like to see

  • Bosozoku

    Sorry about my double post, I am a noob. But, this is what I wanted to say: Not on your list, but I like calendars that I can subscribe to from my phone, like google calendars. Then, it shows my events in my local time zone.

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