May 252014

Last night we formed up for Ganked 117: No Duck left behind. Yes, it was a Drake night. While we had many many Drakes, as well as logistics, other missile ships and plenty of frigates, we had a surfeit of something else: a high number of people 100% new to the NPSI scene. And even to large scale fleets. This of course did not stop us roaming, it just made for a strange experience, the vets were super relaxed, comms reflected this and the new guys were damn eager, this is all well and good until things actually began to happen.

Of course events did not happen immediately, word of 200+ russians in BS over in FDZ etc came down during form up, but Drake night being what it is, no way could I burn us there while still accepting people – many of whom are new to Ganked and/or pvp in general (downside to the theme I suppose), by the time we do arrive they have done what they were in system to do and gone, not even a vodka and black bread party in BWF.

Move onto my planned route, and some gate campers pick off stragglers as we free burn through lowsec, retreating every time we even think about sending groups of us back (GIS basically do this for a living as utilising their skill set in a better way is too risky for them). Eventually we get into nullsec and start moving only for 5 Titan Bridge Legion to come and play. After much “jump into us” “no U” went back and forth, with neither side being willing to give, my fleet scattered on grid to chase random shit, I got bored and fleet warp us off, however PL chose that moment to come in. They follow us to our out gate were I make a snap decision to fight and its on.

We brutalise much of the PL logi and take down a bunch of expensive vultures, then they bring in the triage. We could still land damage on targets, however due to varied amount of sp/experience of mass pvp/general “huh”, our positioning isn’t amazing and much of our damage is wasted as by now the fleet was strung out following me (good work following me though :D), and so range was all over the place – that’s a downside to missiles. Still we did better against a smaller superior force than other groups (HAI PROVI) have done without access to caps and/or reship ability.

Reforming we were to help Ceofore Aideron lose a dread, however PL Nyxed that idea – the result of lots of miscommunication between Ceo & myself, and me trying to keep 100+ dudes entertained. Lowsec was mostly a bust as well, and Providence was pretty quiet. Ended the night shooting Alpha  :evil:

So a pretty quiet night. Not the highest scoring, although certainly well attended by pilots new to the NPSI scene, I just hope that all you new guys keep coming back and do not get soured on pvp by how the roam went. Seriously ask around, we often have stellar nights with good times on comms and awesome fights to be had. And if there is anything that Ganked can do to make the NPSI experience easy to pick up as a pvp newbie, let me know in the comments to this piece.

NB:  if you know anyone looking to FC an NPSI roam, get them to contact me, Ganked is always on the look out for guest fcs.

  • aeira gloris

    OMG what bullshit…

    “I got bored and fleet warp us off” – never happened. our beloved FC was so drunk or stupid he couldn’t figure out we were going to lose because we were facing Vulture fleet (high kinetic resist, the only damage a drake ever does). took him about 10 minutes of sitting on a gate to figure it out, and then he decided to run.Too late on that, PL already on top of you killing your fleet.

    The problem was we had 3 FCs…all calling shots and all giving advice. is this fleet run by 1 commander or a council?!
    It got to a point a guy was screaming “warp to me, get away”…and he was sitting in a bubble on a station…that is the sign of an impotent FC.

    • Dieing in a fight is part of what Ganked does honey, you must be new to these parts.

      Given the “I warped us off to the next gate” part happened before they jumped in and followed to our out, I know what I am on about – you did pay attention to the fact that the fight happened 50 AU from the gate PL and us were arguing over who would jump to whom on?

      Think you can do better, find your fucking balls, and FC a roam. Put in all the work to make it just so, pick easily winnable fights, give us a 100% no loss perfect night, since you’re so fucking perfect and all knowing. Hell if you FC an official RvB Ganked roam and it goes 100% loss free perfect with tons of kills and good fights, I’ll give you 1 Billion isk.

      Its all well and good being anonymous on the net and calling folks out/dragging them down when you aren’t out there yourself doing this shit. Put your abilities where your mouth is or are you too afraid that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to choose either moving on and finding even less to pew or actually making a stand and getting a couple of hundred guys what they come on these roams for?

      I chose the stand option, yes shit died on both sides and a lot of it was Ganked, but better than continually jumping until PL got bored or the fleet did. And frankly I would sooner get a fight like that than go fuck ton of jumps just ganking a single thing here and there and then patting myself on my back because my guys didn’t lose shit and we owned some bears or something.

      • aeria gloris

        Sadly FC doesnt want to take criticism…and a constructive one as well.

        I have no dispute about how hard work is it to make those fleets and how hard work is it to be FC. same as i have no dispute with how hard it is to be a president for example – but you don’t see a president give a stupid comment like you just did, saying “its hard job, fuck you all, try it yourself”. but whatever.

        My one and only problem is that you write total BS. Glorifying yourself that it was so awesome when in fact it had mistakes. you straight up lied about facts. I specifically remember the convo that led our FC to say “oh shit, run, take warp”. you didn’t mention that did you?! you choose to say you got bored and we were scattered…may i remind you who’s fleet warp we took that made as scattered?! as some FC thought its best to go shoot an inti off the gate when we play mexican standoff with PL.

        Frankly. i could have forgiven all this mistakes. shit happenes, FC isn’t easy. but i cann’t and will not stand lies or misleading. why you have to go this way? why not just say it how it was?

        I have no problem with losing shit, that’s why i am in those fleets. its not the issue at all.

        Don’t bother answering btw unless you can come up with some reply that does not attack me personally but my idea :)

        • Rebbeca Neresh

          It’s time for me to chime in.

          Here’s a rundown of what happened we land at a tac of the gate we all argued on as there is a cyno on it, we then warp to gate to see 1.2kms vultures burning to range instead of agresing and losing all the logi we jump and setup, losing 2 linkhawks because of discos.

          Mexican standoff happens

          House reminds us vultures have super high kin resist, but we have 5x there number and don’t care

          We decide to leave and find volt or someone

          PL follow initial fight goes well we are allowing logi and vultures and our logi is holding

          PL pull range and get good tracking we are no longer holding anyone,

          PL drops a triage chimera now we’re rant killing anything

          We bail as best we can and reform for round 2

          All in all it was a glorious fight not one of our best alittle frustration but oh well not every night is ferox night (that night was pure glory)

          :Do not expect glorious wins:
          :expect a welp and more beer:

          • Rebbeca neresh

            A few typos as I posted this with my phone

          • aeria gloris

            Its indeed was a glorious fight and i had much fun it in!

            Only problem i had is with the wrong way of presenting the things here on the blog. from the text you can understand 0 mistakes were made. thinking like that is always wrong and does not lead you anyway.

            that was my 2 cents.

          • I can see how that is the case, but for me that isnt how I read it (I have a peculiar style that assumes people are overly familiar with well, me :D). or wrote it. Its not a full on serious AAR, I dont have time for those these days!

        • E’liza

          U babble about a FC that doesnt want to take criticism, and u actually call it constructive.

          Yet you open ur post with “OMG what bullshit”, and end with “Impotent FC. Not to mention the drunk or how stupid he(FC) must have been, as a spicy puke in the middle.

          And to top it all, u actually manage to ask for a reply that does not attack you personally. The reply was exactly in the tone YOU set up for. As u give, will u receive.

          I take it you never will be in the fleet again, and it’s good you have no problem loosing shit. To bad it was just a ship and not ur teeth u lost .

          And btw, Dont bother answering me either….at all. “Constructive” or not.


        • Seriously, when the uhming and ahhing between pl and ourselves was obviously going now where (convos between both sides, local chat, chats in other channels), parts of the fleet went chasing those on grid scouts, while the rest had begun to align to the out, as I had requested via fleet broadcasts. That was the scatter.

          Thinking that right, this isnt happening I fleet warped us off – its my “im bored of this shit” thing (regulars know this). This was Immediately before Tele in the next system called their jump in – hey its not like they didnt have scouts that could see that occur, that quite surprised me.
          On the warp over I distinctly remember saying “jump”, however by the time my slow ass had landed, I had changed my mind and decided to fight on the out gate. PL landed pretty soon after, started burning down as we got anchored, then I followed them, then it went off big style, as you know.

          Now the “run” comments, I also know I made, but that was to the guys who despite broadcasts were not aligned to the outgate. Who may well have been aligned to the guys chasing things ongrid and getting bored of the wait themselves. “You’re missing a fleet warp” or whatever at that point isnt something to say to them, “leg it” is on the other hand.

          FC not accounting for differing sps/experience level of pilots is something I do rarely but usually at the wrong time, guess what that call more than likely was?. But I am standing by that call. I’d sooner get a fight even a loss to someone like PL, than 50+ jumps of nothing.

          PS I dont drink when I FC these days, harder than it used to be with more serious business setups and I do not think I am stupid either.

          PPS. We probably are not going to agree on viewpoints here, the human memory is a ball of self interest at the best of times. At the end of the day, you think I wrote something x way, I think I wrote it another. We’ll never agree.

          PPPS. Should take me up on my offer to FC, just dont blog about it I am sure you’ll do it wrong!

          • aeria gloris

            Yes memory is a ball of self interest. I remember it other than you are apparently :)

            BTW, you didn’t respond to my statement of too many FCs.It was very noticable, and while it was ok when we were just free burning to destination…but while the standoff was going and the fight was starting, to many people took the liberty to talk on comms. why won’t you use the mute button and just mute us? the amount of people talking was just incredible.

            At first it was ok, you were broadcasting and mumble was quiet, but when all hell break lose hearing your command to warp instead of that other guy screaming warp to him was crucial.

          • I am so used to that “feature” of ganked that its second nature for me to follow – worse when 5/6 scouts are it too – without thinking of it as a problem. (Then again we have had better battle comms in the past few weeks too so yeah :S)

            Between myself, Daneel, any vocal logi boss, and the odd scout I can see how thats annoying to others used to 1 voice in 1 place; and then of course followed by whoever was on a station, yet claimed to be a save, that did my nut more than anything!

        • And I do not mind critique of my work at all, you just went about it the wrong way :D

    • Billius Zabub

      I had a different impression of how it happened.

      Comms can be chaotic, but with some experience you know who is talking and who to listen to given the situation. Generally, listen to Mang, until he’s podded. Certain others give good advice or may take over or help when things break up; also scouts, etc. I didn’t feel like there were 3 FCs in that fight.

      There’s an aspect to some of these fleet battles where one side or the other will take the fight even if the odds are against them. I’ve seen many others take on large Ganked fleets I was in and we destroyed them. But we also respected them for being willing to fight. Some nights we’re the ones who take a battle when the odds are against us. This Drakes vs. Vultures battle was not the worst. I was pleased to get on a number of PL Vulture kills before I lost my Drake. And, I almost got away.

      I’m sure I was in fleet chat saying something like, “let’s fight them”. It had been a slow night and Drakes warp fairly slowly. I was happy to get in a big brawl.