Dec 062012

We Form Purple – the primarily RvB outfit for those of us playing Planetside 2 – is found on the US East server Mattherson.

We are playing as the alien loving Vanu Sovereignty – whose signature colour is Purple.

To join the outfit, create a Vanu (VS) character on the listed server, and then add Mangala as a friend. You do this buy pressing O in game, going to friends and typing Mangala in the Add Friend box. Once I see you online I then invite you to [RVBP]. You can also hit us up on Mumble for an invite and anyone capable will sort you out.

If you find yourself in difficulty in joining us, just post a comment here and I, or others will then be able to help you out.

You can also join the Steam group and ask for outfit invites there too.

See you on the battlefield.