Jul 012013

Recently, I and other members of We Form Purple [RVBP] have resumed our Thursday night PS2 sessions.  The game has improved dramatically since we stopped back in February, with new vehicles, weapons and even a new way of progressing on the way to capturing a continent: the lattice system (only on Indar right now).


So dust (lol) off those characters you have lying around and come join in the fun, every Thursday evening from around 19.00 UTC.

Remember we play as the Vanu on the Mattherson server.


Additionally, I have created two other Outfits on Mattherson, 1 for the New Conglomerate & 1 for the Terran Republic, here are the details:

NC: Smurf Republic [RvBB]

Contact is Auqakuh


TR: Elmo Federation [RvBR]

Contact is Simud

I would like to try and alternate our play on these factions just to change things up every now & then. Or if we ever get serious numbers, have our very own “Outfit Wars”!!! Yes, this does mean we too can become 4th Empire scum.