Apr 052013


Voting has now started for the 8th CSM and runs until the 18th April 2013.

What you need to do is go to the community voting site, login and then drag and drop your preferred candidates into the numbered slots. While you start with 3 slots as you add candidates more will appear until the 14 are filled. Once this is done, your page should very similar to this:



After this simply click the Submit Vote button and you are done.

Congratulations you have now voted for the 8th CSM.

Should you wish to follow my lead, I posted my own recommendations very recently, so list the following candidates:

Mangala Solaris; Ripard Teg; Ali Aras; Malcanis; Trebor Daehdoow; Nathan Jameson; Mike Azariah; Psychotic Monk; Corebloodbrothers; Unforgiven Storm; James Arget; Mynnna; Steve Ronuken; Roc Wieler.


Every vote matters, so please do not waste your vote by not voting or just picking 1-14 random candidates.