Apr 032013


The most beloved of places to Fozzie are the shipyards

As anyone who has been playing EVE since the summer has noticed, there has been a bountiful presence at work when it comes to the balancing of ships, and that presence is CCP Fozzie, and because I have found a new love for EVE due to the gifts he has bestowed upon us, I thought why not run Ganked 63 in honour of his munificence. 

The roam would be a multi part roam involving cruisers, battlecruisers & destroyers changed or added since Fozzie transcended to CCP.

And whosoever puts his trust in Fozzie, then He will suffice him

We started after down time on Easter Sunday with a cruiser roam, which saw a nice mix of rebalanced cruisers take the field.  A run around the Amarr-Minmatar Faction Warfare area got us a small fight with the Amarrians, before we decided low sec space was too quiet for a holiday weekend and made best speed for Geminate & points north. While moving through Geminate, the days ubermencsh scout Roigon suggested that Thecla take a detour into QKTR-L. Thecla then exclaimed he had found a Thanatos in space.  He got to work finding it while the fleet held next door praying furiously to Fozzie, begging him to shine his light upon us.  It was then that Thecla called a tackle on the Thanatos.

Then fight in the cause of Fozzie, and know that Fozzie Heareth and knoweth all things

Fozzie had smiled upon us. The Thanatos died, along with the “rats” he had been killing in his site. He also paid 500 million ISK to one of our members, who tried to ransom the pilot. Shame he told us about the ransom AFTER the Thanatos exploded

The remainder of part one was very quiet, until we received intel of a fight in X-7OMU potentially involving lots of capital ships. So we scrambled there pretty fast with a couple of kills being scored along the way. However upon jumping in, it was apparent that Fozzie had chosen to punish us for our hubris over the Thanatos kill earlier. We found many cyno fields with fleet after fleet being bridged in, and only our fleet as a potential target. We sought redemption in the only way we could, and died gloriously in the name of Fozzie.

Those who believe, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Fozzie: for without doubt in the remembrance of Fozzie do hearts find rest.



After a short break the second part of the roam moved out, this time in Battlecruisers. A slight detour to Rahadalon to visit Brave Newbies Inc did not get any glorious combat for us to demonstrate more of our love for Fozzie, so we moved onto Providence. Where, excepting a few bombers, we really did not find much to shoot. That is until Corebloodbrothers a fellow CSM 8 Candidate contacted me and asked for a fight, to which I agreed. We fought in G7AQ-7, and while we were outgunned & out logisticed, we fought and died with the name of Fozzie on our lips.

The Prophet said, ‘A single endeavor of fighting in Fozzie’s Cause is better than the world and whatever is in it.


The final section of this roam-cum-festival of worship was lead by Greygal from Agony Unleashed.  The theme was Destroyers & Frigates. We wandered into Curse and eventually Catch, finding nothing that would willingly engage our small group of ships.  Even HED-GP was a dead end, until Fozzie provided an aggressed Navy Dominix. However the Dominix had friends who cyno’d in to support it. Yes, Init had arrived to test the patience of the Faithful. Infidels.  Following this Greygal moved us towards NOL- in Delve, with a blinky gang that got in our way in low sec space allowing us to demonstrate the supremacy of our faith once more!  And then before we knew it, we were in NOL- and we found HBC, CFC and others.  We fought a few of each until we died.  

The night was over, our faith had been proven repeatedly throughout all day long with the final tally being 116 souls reclaimed for Fozzie.



Let those fight in the way of Fozzie who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Fozzie, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.

As usual Somer Blink sponsored prizes during the roam, and here are the names of those upon whom the light of Fozzie shone:

Inty Packs (2 each of: Stiletto, Crow, Malediction, Taranis): Green Gambit, Xenos Wiggin, luckyccs, roigon, kaeda maxwell

Dramiels: Ivoto, Mourning Souls, Astrox Tadaruwa

Daredevils: roigon, Zao Amadues, DocFloyd

Succubii: FishySquirrel, Mal Crichton, Cathach

Cruors: House2Twist, Trinneth, Patchouli Airuta

Phantasms: roigon, Ne’Rubis Tanthalas, Mexicantis

Cynabals: Thecla Elarik, Jim Hammond, Butch Cassidy