Jul 232013


July 22nd 2011.

RvB – and some friends – went out on a roam, the inaugural RvB Ganked roam.

The theme was Rifter hulls. And it was glorious.

Apparently I even FC’d part of it.


And now here we are Two years later

82 roams under our belts, 7375 kills, 575 Billion isk destroyed & 10 other FC’s “discovered”.  

In short its been epic.  I have – regardless of views to contrary – enjoyed every minute of every roam I have either FC’d or attended, and its all down to you all. So thank you.


For our 2nd birthday roam, I settled on Gnosis – shield fit to go with our shield logi, and never once did I think we would get nearly 100 Gnosis in fleet. Yet we did, and all that while I was flying for RvB in our first Alliance Tournament Eleven match against Why So Serious:


The roam itself started pretty quiet, we rolled over a few guys in Rahadalon, wandered through a really quiet Providence and generally saw nothing much to kill.  After a short break in HED, we heard about a couple of gangs that were around and tried to get them pinned down, however that didn’t work either. Then I joined a convo with a member of Severance, who had seen the intel of our gang and wanted us to come and fight a BS gang he was in. We assumed tarp, but said yes anyway as why the hell not. We arrived in the target system, hung around until suddenly “CYNO UP”, and the Severance gang cyno’d in to the other side of the system. 

It was on!

We warped to 0 at the gate they had warped to from their cyno, our logis came in at range behind us, and as it turned out, their logi was also at 0. So it made it 100 times easier to fully commit to the fight. Their logis dropped before I even had time to call each one, swiftly followed by their deeps and anything else that caught our fancy.  It was pretty much a whitewash, they lost 40+ ships to the 15 gnosis we did…

And that was that, we decided that once again we would end the night on a high, which for me was perfect as I had been on a high ever since the Why So Serious match in ATXI! 150 kills, 11.5 Billion exploded and a ton of fun had.  Love it!!!!


We had numerous prizes to give away courtesy of our sponsors at Somer.Blink – including a couple for the winners of these polls – and here are the winners:


Dramiel – Roigon, Bald Rikk

Succubus – Atlas Jaynar, Mirzam Tectrin

Daredevil – Cosmo Blink, Duckslayer

Cruor – Chester Waldron, Captain Jonathen Archer



Ashimmu – Tgl3, Daneel Trevize


Best Year 2 FC:

Bhaalgorn – Mangala Solaris


Best Year 2 Scout:

Cynabal – Green Gambit


Finally, a reminder that there are no Ganked roams for the next two weeks. We are taking the remainder of the alliance tournament off, so that various members can focus on the serious part of the tournament. 

We return to our scheduled programming in August with the following roams both hosted by Guest FC’s:

Ganked 78: Cherry Poppin’
Saturday 10th August
Artillery – BC and smaller.

Ganked 79: TBA
Saturday 17th August
Larkonis Trassler