Jan 282016


Join me for a fleet event this Sunday 31st January from 19.00 EVE.

To cut a long story short read this first (or this).

As the article says this POS will be exiting reinforcement on Sunday evening, and the folks of EVE are invited to come and fight over it/kill the POS and take the goodies. I know Ganked 205 will be there under Jayne. (Grumble, Grumble about him getting the name in first!). However someone somewhere decided it would be fun to get me to FC something for this, and well the old schoolers here will know I do like shooting POS with drunk fleets.

Anyway, I was thinking originally I would just do a “fly what you want, it’ll die anyway” fleet, BUT I have had a long, stressful month, and to be honest thats too much chaos and would simply end in me calling you all names and logging off! So we’re gonna do Drakes. HML slinging, shield bearing, DRAKES! With shield logi, support frigs, caracals and what not in attendance. Fits can be found in game on the RvB Ganked mailing list. Not on it? Ask someone who is to forward the mail!

Ingame channel for x’s will be EVE-Bet;

High Sec meet up is: Alikara

Low Sec meet up is: Ishomilken

Meetup time: 19.00 GMT

Comms: Ganked Mumble


tl;dr Got a thing this Sunday, you all should totes be there. k?!