Dec 052013


In around 5 weeks, Ganked 100: When an Unstoppable Force meets an  Immovable Object will take place. And if you do not know what it is by now, then get out from under that rock! Anyway, I realised that we need to advertise this heavily over the next few weeks and so I require some artwork, and really do not want to invade Europe to get it.

Therefore if you have skills then please please put them to good use and make me some art. I am after forum signatures, killboard banners, poster style advertising and such like.  Has to feature:

  • The Ganked logo/banner
  • The name of the event – even shortened to Ganked 100 will do fine.
  • Date: 18th January 2014
  • Caps, lots of caps (I mean cap ships)

I even have a little ISK to throw at my chosen artists for this, around a billion isk total.  So please if you do fancy spinning up MS Paint or whatever do so, and post links into the comments here.

Thanks muchly.