Jan 302012

“February is a suitable month for dying.” 

Just a brief post setting out the Ganked program for February 2012. 

5th February.  Ganked 15: All Back of the Bus…  Tier 1 BC hulls – Brutix, Cyclone, Ferox, Prophecy.  Rens/Uanzin.

11th February. Ganked 16: The Kaley Cuoco Principle.  Arty thrashers. Stacmon/Covryn.

18th February. Ganked 17: Pedro. Thorax hulls. Vaajaita/Jan.

26th February. Ganked 18: As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. Rifter Hulls. Mista/Kheram.

RVB forum posts and mails to the RVB Ganked mailing list will go out on these the Monday before.  Expect me.