Jan 272012

As many of you will know, I have been a bit bored lately, only really logging into EVE for Ganked roams and rare skill changes (30 day skills are fun!), so I decided to spice things up a bit.

By approaching the Eve University CEO and the RVB CEO and asking them for a war. 

To my surprise – especially given the actions that caused the last war to end early – everyone said yes! We added a couple of rules for this conflict however, no HQ area camping/shooting of pos and no killing of pods (to encourage attendance), both of which have been at least to my knowledge well received. Unless you are Captain Hurrdurr.

The war itself went live at 10.59am GMT yesterday and is to last 72 hours till Sunday at 10.59 GMT, and there has already been some fun fights had between the terriers of RVB and the lazy, left wing students of EVE University.

The first couple of fights took place not long after downtime yesterday in Uosusuokko, a small gang of RVB pilots in a mish mash of frigs and larger took on a bigger gang of Unistas in frigates, battlecruisers and even battleships.  First fight (11.57 to 12.17 or so) we won as their use of cloakies or spies meant that when they came in, they landed right on us at our tactical and RVB does like to brawl up close, however the second  (around 12.40) went less well as we were much more spread out, we still took names just not as many as we could have done.

Here is the battle report for this – I am using EVE kill as linking it from the 2 new RVB boards is effort.

Following this, and knowing they had a large gang sitting in the Funtainen system, we reshipped into a mainly Abaddon focused group, gathered some more folks, and headed over there hoping for a good brawl with lots of pew. The Uni guys then disappointed me by not coming out to play despite both sides being fairly well matched, this went on to be the pattern for the afternoon and early evening.  Disappointing, but RVB at least had itself to shoot in between our fleet assembly sessions. So all was not lost.

Oh and along the way we may have spammed the inbox of one CSM 7 candidate with 

[20:26:41] Mangala Solaris > NO FIGHT NO VOTE 4 CSM7

Later on in the evening, I got word from Kelduum Revaan the CEO of EVE University that their force in Funtainen had found an FC, and wished to fight my vicious terriers. So I quickly setup a fleet and got everyone assembled in record time and took a wander over.  My force was primarily ranged hurricanes, a drake blob, three battleships, some logistics, ecm platforms and the usual RVB frigate and cruiser squads.

After some he said she said with Steve Fire, the Unista FC, over whether his group would ever jump out of Funtainen – I even gave him some advice on a way to do it that could mess up my group – eventually I forgot this was serious business and called a leeroy into them (their fleet being close range fit did not come into play at all in my mind…) with a shiny uncloaking a few seconds ahead of us to draw the Uni fire, while my fleet began to burn off grid a ways.  

10 minutes later it was all over.  

75+ Unista vessels had been taken down quickly and methodically for 15 or so RVB losses.  I had only spent that fight calling the big ticket items, having left my cruiser and frigate pilots to do what they wanted / keep ships locked down – and RVB’s pilots are pretty damn awesome in smaller hulls.  Everything I called melted when looked at. All in all the best near serious fight I have had in a long time. We even looted the field, despite them having supplies to reship to in system.  

And that – for me at least – was the end of Day 1.  I had a really good day, despite the waiting around from time to time, that ended in a fight that I thought would go much worse for us – especially given how I have not FC’d RVB properly for some time now and how rusty I felt in general about FCing serious fleets.

I look forward to more action.


  • Alicia Fermi

    Just to make a small point about the no show. After the first couple of skirmishes we had a changeover of commanders and a significant number of people logging off, including all but one of the logistics pilots. The reported intel was that there was a (roughly) 50-man strong RvB fleet with Guardian support itching for a fight and concerns about another 50-man or so fleet somewhere else nearby (the location was not know). The FC felt that a fight would be suicide with our numbers at the time and remained docked.

    I cannot talk about the second major engagement as I was not on but it looks like several mistakes were made on the E-UNI side.

    Here’s hoping for some more fun today. :)

  • Was only the one 50man fleet, we cannot really do two of that size during the GMT day time on a weekday.

    Thanks for the comment however. And in same situ I probably would have done the same or just kicked my guys into frigs (as said they went back to pewing each other) and had them roll around :)

    And yeah I do think some issues were had on your side with the large late evening brawl, as that should not have gone down how it should for us.

  • Debir Achen

    Loss details for the two Uosusuokko engagements:

    1: RvB recon-in-force into E-Uni token gatecamp, 11:57
    – E-Uni: Myrmidon

    2: First fight, from 12:12
    – E-Uni: 1 battleship, 8 battlecruisers, 3 destroyers, 7 frigates, 1 AF, 1 inty, 2 noobships
    – RvB: 2 BC, 1 cruiser

    3: 2nd fight, from 12:38
    – E-Uni: 2 BC, 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 7 frigs, 1 inty
    – RvB: 1 BS, 7 BC, 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 1 frig, 1 stealth bomber

    I believe E-Uni had a small advantage in heavier hulls, while in the lighter hulls E-Uni had more while RvB had better quality.

    In the first engagement E-Uni didn’t co-ordinate very well while RvB had good close range fire; E-Uni withdrew and re-shipped after taking heavy casualties.

    In the second RvB was more spread out while E-Uni co-ordination was much better, and E-Uni brought logis. Heavy E-Uni light tackler casualties early in the battle allowed RvB to withdraw losing only about half their forces. The abaddon was tasty, though, as was the ‘cane who decided to warp back in solo to keep the dying ‘don company.

    I’ll have to skip round 2, but am looking forward to round 3.