Jan 142014



RvB Ganked – EVE’s largest, regular public roam – has been running since July 2011 and for our 100th numbered event we bring you something slightly different. Instead of us going to EVE, we’re going to bring EVE to us. Many brave individuals have agreed to bring out their Capital Ships – specifically Carriers & Dreadnaughts – and park them in an undisclosed location before we say to the world “COME AT US BRO”. We are not literally taking any & all Capital pilots, in fact we have stopped accepting Capital pilots at this stage.

Now as well as the capitals, we will be accompanied by many many sub-capital ships including BS, BC, Logistics, Recons, Cruisers & Frigates. Shield ships are the preferred option for this event, however bring what you can afford to fly/have the skills to. Just be prepared to die in a horrible ball of fire, while celebrating our Centenary.

I have been asked by several people what the location is, and to them I say “ITSA SEKRIT”.  Even our Capital pilots do not know.  However I can provide the following details for those flying in or alongside the RvB Ganked fleet:

Date: 18th January

Form up: 18.00 UTC onwards

Subcap High Sec meetup: Halaima.  This is the best place to store your reships, it has clone services & is close to Jita.

Subcap Low Sec meetup: Systems in Lowsec Citadel or Black Rise should work. It is very hard to narrow down without giving the target system away.

Capital meetup: LOL AS IF I WOULD TELL YOU.

Comms: We will be using mumble as usual, details to be provided in fleet(s) on the day, as we may not use my mumble depending on how many defenders we get.


Remember, I have invited all of EVE to show up for this and I expect many to do so.  The system will be noisy, messy & maybe even under TiDi. As long as you can get past all this, you’ll have a GREAT time and even be in with a chance to win prizes!!