Jul 142016

Ganked, one of EVE’s most celebrated regular events, was born on Friday 22nd July 2011. Which means next Friday, Ganked turns FIVE. In celebration, I shall be running two roams/events next week.

First up, we have a mid week EUTZ roam. The Long Run will take out a group of Armour Assault Frigates with Logistic support. Ships/Fits to come in the next few days.

The second is Ganked itself. Now I know the birthday is Friday, but I have a life to lead, so on Saturday 23rd July, I will lead you all into glorious combat somewhere, with someone – or many someones. However, I am stymied by choices, so you all need to vote in this poll:

[poll id=”10″]

The poll will run till Sunday. Following which we can buy all the things for the chosen fleet setup.