Feb 122012

Not really going to write much about last nights Ganked.  Suffice to say taking out over 100+ arty thrashers is as fun as it ever was.

Despite this:

Which was a very very well executed trap by Rooks ‘n’ Kings.

And look they did not even scoop our corpses:

Following the above, we reshipped, lost a few members and then went back out, and slowly meandered from Syndicate to Fountain to Delve to Querious and eventually Catch, ending up in HED-GP.  Along the way we had to smack everyone to get any sort of action, and in HED, we did not get any till half of the few we took there had logged off and gone to sleep.

I am seriously doubting the will to fight of so much of null, those people who spend all their time claiming to be pro, and yet will not fight a rag tag group of thrashers lead by yours truly. I think I’ll do some words on this during the week, so stay tuned.

Anyway, Geddonz frasped, so enjoy it! He does a great job of condensing 7 hours into 10 minutes.

Ash Veratis also frasped: