Feb 062012

Let me tell you managing 220 people, some of whom have never flown together, some of whom have never flown in anger, is an experience.

Yes folks, it was Ganked 15: All Back of the Bus last-night and it was a memorable one.  

First off we had advertised the roam on the EVE sub-reddit and it had also been arranged that EVE Radio would be in attendance, as a result we opened up the fleet to the listeners of Tranquillity’s premier radio station, which resulted in over 220 in fleet at its peak.  Which was a glorious sight, especially as 90% actually turned up in the hulls suggested by myself: Brutix, Cyclone, Ferox & Prophecy.

We managed to leave Rens back on time – and hit the low sec meetup to grab our blinkies, then piled into Great Wildlands and moved down towards Curse, with not much happening along the way, until we get into K-B2D3 where there was a large gang featuring Machariels!

It was here that the size of the fleet, the general unruliness of comms and my obvious sobriety came into play, with a total clusterf*** resulting from messed up fleet warps, to scouts calling stuff for other scouts to bits of the fleet trying to be warpins – and failing; we did score some kills, but lost a fair few folks along the way while doing so. But thems the breaks I suppose. I know now that my limit for “command” is around 150 at most for a Ganked, maybe 100 for more serious affairs.  

And so we moved on, having realised that -A- had retaken HED-GP and are usually good for the under the shirt, over the bra action we all really craved we headed there.  Your’s truly decloaked first when we jumped into a gang of Zealots off a gate, luckily House2Twist took the reigns again and did a marvellous job from then on including a good fight in HED itself.  Awesome work as ever!

By this time the fleet had dwindled downwards to much more manageable numbers, however apparently there was a sporting event in the USofA and many folks logged to prep for that. The best of us stayed on and ventured through Querious and into Delve, were we messed up some locals – we hoped they would bring friends but they didnt. Since we had not yet died, we decided to visit Test again, this time we went to Fountain.  Took us some time, and some local spam, but the locals agreed to fight us.  

We who are about to die salute you!

Except we did not die, we fought a drake heavy gang with logi support that jumped into us, and won. Well that was a new one for us.  

Suddenly it was 2am and we meandered out of Fountain and through Aridia and into high sec space again, 30+ of the original 220+ left standing, having roamed over 100 jumps from the south east corner of empire to the north west corner of null, taking over 100 names along the way.  

Overall a brilliant night as ever, very messy early on, but that improved along the way, and I know I need to drink more at the start of the nights now…

Next week we return to Saturdays, with the Kaley Cuoco Principle. I shall see you in Stacmon at 21.00 on the 11th February.


Jaymes Whelty’s Us V TEST

Geddonz of the whole night:

strongfarce (Not sure who you are in eve fella) did a couple of vidyas:

  • stat freak

    Evekill is bit messy when there is many random corps/alliances involced.

    For K-B fight something like http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=12350963 is a lot better but still bit wrong. Mostly because gorgon empire and darkside was fighting against each other so it was 3-way fight and killboards support only 2 sides. http://dog-net.org/brdoc/?brid=4176 is bit cleaner but suffers same 3-way fight problem.

    For HED-GP fight you could choose better related, like http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=12352006

    Still bit messy, but at least better cover overall. Or doctored report like http://dog-net.org/brdoc/?brid=4175

    Anyways keep up the good work with ganked events!

  • AzualSkoll

    My personal limit tends to be about 100 – more than that is where gate lag starts to be a problem and FCing goes from feeling like leading a swarm of death to like herding lolcats.

    It was a good roam nontheless, and once more I failed to die (meaning that to date, I’ve still been killed by a ganked roam more times than I’ve been killed on one). This raises the question of what I’m going to do with the shield tanked gank prophecy that I now have lying around!

    With kiting gangs being FOTM, tier1 BCs showed their weakness in their low speed. I wonder what we could have done to any of those gangs if we’d been in something a little faster like t1 cruisers.

  • roigon

    As far as ganked’s go this one was a bit of a dip. At one point I even got a little annoyed with people and “may” have sounded a bit passive aggressive. For that I apologize. In part this was also because I was on my laptop which gave me 10FPS when more then 2 ships were on grid. Which as a scout can be a bit tricky when landing in a 50man Tornado fleet and seeing your FPS go to a crawl.

    As the night went one though it just became better. Fleet comms got much much better, which I think might have equally been about people dropping out as well as people experiencing and reflecting on the clusterfuck fight and later on the non-clusterfuck fight, and deciding that their amusing anecdote can probably wait until the FC or scout are done talking and that the fact that they died isn’t important enough to tell everyone in the middle of an engagement.

    This was also my first time scouting in a fleet inty. Despite my crappy laptop and the unruly comms, I had fun doing it and will probably try to do it more often.

    Favorite part of the night; Sitting on a gate waiting for the fleet to catch up and having a bestower pop-up on d-scan and subsequently landing on the gate i was orbiting. ^.^

    Least favorite part: Losing my malediction to a rifter in a 1v1 :P That really was terribad.