Apr 222013


To die will be an awfully big adventure.

This weekends 66th numbered RvB Ganked roam was themed on Ventures, mostly because I think the number 66 evokes a sense of adventure for many, mostly thanks to references about the famous Route 66 highway littered throughout pop culture.

We formed up around 75 people in fleet – the majority in Ventures.  Our initial jump into Akora saw us warp to a cyno when suddenly FCON lands in a BC down fleet, and we have a go.  However their logistics proved too solid for the dps of our ventures to break, so we bailed, reshipped our losses into “mostly” Ventures and went out again.

People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure.

We burned through lowsec finding random things to shoot, especially this rupture which didn’t try to run or even burn back to gate.  Eventually we rolled into Amamake and mooched around for a while, killing a couple of smartbomb fit BS that we did not actually land on, and had plenty of time to warp out because of our “amazing” lock range. Following this we took a bounce into Seaside (Siseide) and had a good scrap at the FW IHUB there including a reship and a return.  Lots of kills were had for sure

Now my plan had been to burn us to Rahadalon to fight Brave Newbies and we still did this, but with less Venture’s present, however this did not stop us getting over an hour of good fights out of the Newbies.  I will let the videos from that section speak for themselves:

Overall it was a stunning night, we never left lowsec and we had so many fun fights along the way.  A lot of us gave up a bit of sec status but it was worth it.  As for not having our usual 120+ I think that having to train Mining Frigate to 1 put many people off attending – their loss as it turned out!  Oh and that little thing known as Burn Jita.

We set a new Ganked kill record too, 283 kills in a single roam.

Adventure is just bad planning.



Somer.Blink has been – as of this roam – sponsoring RvB Ganked for 1 year & 45 roams. They have generously provided over 50 billion isk in prizes to attendee’s of these roams, although thats not why you all show up right?  Anyway, this roam was no different and we had the following winners:

Scouting Distinction – Inty Pack (Crow, Stiletto, Taranis, Malediction) x3 & Buzzard+Probes+Launcher x3 – (Green Gambit, Major Floor, Combat Mink)

Most Pods – Hound x2 & Sabre x1 – (Fynmar Azaph)

Spot Prizes – Daredevil x5 – (RRISNER, Sascha Naskingar, Weedmasta, Melkor Valor, Jakob Anedalle), Dramiel x5 – (Local009, Codename Par, Andre27, Sally Shepard, Horus H’kaan)

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x2 – (Hackbert, Luckyccs), Cynabal x2 – (Tragot Gomndor, VonSpaky)

Combat Excellence – Vindicator x1 – (Andrew Butcher)