Aug 222012

For the past few weeks, my Ganked attendance was due to be pretty flaky so I arranged for Guest FC’s to take a few roams out in my stead.  And for Ganked 36: Snipaa Knights, Lorkin Desal aka Boss aka Luckyccs stepped up and offered to FC a group of sniper ships (and friendly tackle) into null-sec.  And in a strange twist of fate, and my body telling me “I need a night off”, I was there.

And not only was I there, but I formed up the fleet and spammed it around for a while, as strangely enough Lucky was late!  Anyway, when he did show up we piled on out, with at least 45-50 Tier 3’s in fleet along with as many assorted other ships – both snipers & tacklers (ie anything frig sized).  Scouts informed us of RnK being nearby however they had bailed by the time we did pass through their location, and then we found ourselves in G-5EN2.

[ 2012.08.18 19:17:45 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : G-5EN2
[ 2012.08.18 19:18:28 ] Mangala Solaris > hai guys
[ 2012.08.18 19:18:33 ] Willaev > o7
[ 2012.08.18 19:18:37 ] Mangala Solaris > is this where the white wimmin be at?

After some mucking around we came under attack by a 35-40 man Assault Frigate gang from Severance & assorted other Provi residents. We had already moved our snipers off the gate they landed on before they attacked, keeping our tackle there to, well, tackle and those guys did a bang up job while those of us in sniper ships blapped everything. It went surprisingly well.

After being all “fuck yeah, we are pro”, we moved onwards, not seeing much as we did so. We got word of a bomber gang led by Suitonia that may have been ahead of us, however by the time we had a “plan”, they had dropped off our radar, so again on we moved until we got word of a Scorpion Navy Issue that was doing an anomaly in a system on our route. The word was right. Even after jumping 70+ guys into local, he carried on npcing, right up until the time our prober got a point on him, and was still doing it when he died.  Around this time, the Severance AF gang appeared in local again:

[ 2012.08.18 20:21:34 ] Willaev > Round 2?
[ 2012.08.18 20:21:57 ] Mangala Solaris > hi
[ 2012.08.18 20:22:01 ] Llewelyn Fawr > o/
[ 2012.08.18 20:22:05 ] luckyccs > come at us bros
[ 2012.08.18 20:22:09 ] House2twist > ROUND 9000?
[ 2012.08.18 20:22:11 ] Llewelyn Fawr > spam?
[ 2012.08.18 20:22:11 ] Kadesch47 > wb mates

And eventually engaged us in F9E-KX. Was a bit messier this time, but we still killed them dead, along with a couple of random Loki’s that showed up, a phobos & a phantasm as well.

Snipers really, really, really, are so much fun.

After a small break in HED-GP which consisted of being both afk and warping around popping anything people could catch, we headed back out this time into deepest Catch. We saw very little along our route until we got word that -A- and their southern buddies were in GE-8JV and for once not sitting in Armageddons with Onerios support, but in Tier 3’s much like ourselves. We raced ahead to EX6-AO and in a random move for snipers, setup right on the in-gate with a “plan”. -A- in a surprising move jumped in and started moving off the gate. Lucky started calling and things started dieing on both sides.  We managed to take down quite a number of their shinier ships before we were overcome by their numbers (the silly numbers of Tornados that jumped in during the fight really bolstered the -A- numbers!), but we fought and whelped and that was why we were out after all. Evekill says this and the -A- kb (which may be green) says this.

And that was that.

Roam was over.  Night was a huge success, 114 kills at around 9billion isk and to be the snipers made a change from being on the receiving end of them.  What a great night Luckyccs gave us!




As usual, our friends over at Somer.Blink sponsored prizes and here are the winners:

Scouting Distinction – Ares x2 (Daneel Trevize, Malaes) 

Corpse Collector – Sabre (Snortle) Yes it can happen people on 2 prizes!!

Spot Prizes – Naga x5 (Admiral Rufus, Roigon, Snortle, Schohrf Khrathzen, Rokhaard Indiz)

Combat Distinction – Huginn x 3 (Phantom OfKrankor, Sikander 2, Murphy Hewlett)

Combat Excellence – Fleet Tempest (Sens1)

Heretic – Sacrilege (Nutjob O’Crazy)