Mar 252013


Not long after I returned from warmer climes, Daneel linked a video of a gang of RR vexors having an incredible time:

This excellent video got me to thinking about how well – or not – this would translate into a Ganked theme with 100 pilots or more rocking similar ships.  And so I announced that the 62nd RvB Ganked would be using this theme. Its name: Universal Remote. This roam went out into the wilds of EVE last night.

Before we did that though, we found something to do during the form up when I noticed a Rhea slow boating away from our meet up station. He was obviously afk. I shall leave Daneel Trevize to sum up the little slice of fun that followed this discovery:

There once was a Rhea in space,
who’d drifted right off his home base;
a Ganked gank fleet was formed,
of sec hits they were warned;
then they busted a nut in his face

The End

Now it being hisec, we generated A LOT of CONCORD. 


We then shipped into our RR vexors – and assorted other ships – and got the night going.  TG found us a couple of drakes in an anomaly in Akora, so we grabbed them, repped them, killed their rats, then killed them. They took it very well – one of them shot me a brief convo and asked who was repping them, why and did we plan to kill them. No tears or anything. Love players like that.

Geminate beckoned next, and except for a fun fight in EOA– & me making Neil Patrick Harris jokes everytime we entered NBPH- it was very quiet, despite numerous groups living there. One day it will pick up I am sure. Anyway, we kept heading north wandering into Vale then Tribute which saw us spend a while tussling with a Razor gang in and around IMK- & G9D- (note to the bombers, check our range before bombing in future!) before moving off towards HD- which had been the scene of “something”.  We also saw a TEST frigate & destroyer gang along the way, but they would not hang around and shoot us.  However this Vigilant pilot did, so we repped him until everyone possible had whored onto the mail. Look at that damage taken!!!

The end of the night came with a whelp to Nulli in HD-, who brought pretty much a perfect counter to our fleet, and that was that.  

A different theme to normal, that certainly works well for small gangs, and given a better opportunity could have worked well for us, but regardless it was great fun! All in all we scored around 11.5 billion isk in damage over 80 kills, with 6 billion or so being the Rhea.  And more importantly Ganked passed its 5000th kill milestone. GO US!!!!!  


+ More to Follow.



As with roams for nearly the past year, the roam had prizes sponsored by Somer.Blink and the winners of this weeks prizes were:


Scouting Distinction – Helios+Launcher+Probes x3  (1 each) (TGL3, Roigon, Green Gambit)

Most Pods – Eris x1 (FishySquirrel)

Spot Prizes – Fed Navy Comet x10 (1 each) (Xenos Wiggin, Zenghar Zandoken (wins 2), House2Twist, Meita Way, Diadem Eltanin, Tothebone Bad, Butch Cassidy, Scooby Dooby Doo, Cobbler Rotineque (Ganked Cherry!))

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x3 (1 each) (Reek Star, Lodavier, Daneel Trevize)

Combat Excellence – Navy Dominix x1 (Hegia Rilemack Opper (Got Gankeds 5000th Kill))

Heretic – Exequeror Navy Issue x1 (Aegis Kashniir)


Congratulations to you all!!