Apr 302014

Back in late 2012, a MMOFPS launched that I decided that I wanted to play, that game was Planetside 2.

I took many of you along with me on that wild ride.  Then we got sidetracked by things in EVE and I ran for CSM and so on and so we stopped playing.  We tried again a while ago, but SOE had the bright idea to turn our regular play day into patch day. Which sucked all the fun out of that given other days are reserved for other things.

However, SOE finally did something right.  The forerunner to PS2, Planetside, was opened up as Free 2 Play yesterday.  And the best F2P of all. One with NO cash shop and no cash advantages over others. Admittedly PS1 is as old as EVE, looks like ass, has some broken aspects that SOE wont touch however compared to PS2 is a veritable feast of features and meaningful combat opportunities.

So for the first few weeks of the newly reprised PS nights, we will be playing Planetside 1.  Get it here: https://launch.soe.com/installer/PS_setup.exe  It is a small 1.8gb download. You can use your existing SOE accts to log in I think (Not ProSeiben).

We will be playing Planetside every other Wednesday starting today April 30th from around 18.00 UTC. And every other Tuesday starting on May 6th.  Obviously if the wider community interest in PS1 dies, we’ll switch back to PS2 on those nights, but for now old school fun times are a go.

And in a small change from our PS2 faction choice, in PS1 we play as New Conglomerate (NC.).  As thats the faction I have played in PS1 for ever. I can be found on one of the following characters:

Mangala, Eaglestalker, Thevir, VirMax, Walkindude, EnginVir, Tiberian3

Some useful tips can be found here – the DO THE VR TRAINING one is like the most important:







And here are a few videos: