Nov 052013


Well Ganked had a good week last week thats for sure. We managed 3 roams & events 2 of which were on incredibly short notice.

First up on Halloween we had Ganked: Gank or Gift which attended a player run Halloween event in Tama, which saw a hastily assembled 80 man fleet including my fellow CSM delegate Ripard Teg head into the system and whore our way onto the event Nightmares and many other kills.  Next up on the 2/11, Alphastarpilot organised a sort of pre-ganked pre-game fleet to take on a CCP roam, which also headed into Tama – I was busy FFAing in RvB’s 4th Mass FFA; That little op scored a ton of kills including several CCP kills, so total success.

The main event for the week however was after all of this on Saturday evening. Ganked 90: Hepatitis V, our first serious pirate themed roam, and one that went with Blood Raiders & Sanshas as the primary theme.

I was FCing – my second stint after my return from EVE Vegas (I do have a post coming on this, but I need to sort my photos out and get more uploaded before I sit down & finish it). We managed an excellent turn out, over 160 pilots, with around 50% of the fleet in Pirate vessels.  For a couple of hours we bimbled around lowsec mostly getting this Proteus kill, and eventually a fight with Snuff Box, who brought in 5 Archons – understandable when we had so many of everything else! We had a great time neuting  one of the Archons so much he couldn’t remember what capacitor looked like.  On reflection after a minute or two we should have moved to another, but oh well. We still managed to get a few kills while Snuff focused our Ashimmu’s down, much better than I thought it would have went really. Check the Snuff Box battle report out over on Failheap.

Following this, and the subsequent – but usual – numbers drop we reformed and went out again this time up north. And boy is that a barren wasteland full of nothing except SMA scrubs calling us scrubs from the safety of their station. SMA I’m calling you out as a huge bunch of pussies, you wont even fight a roam that WANTS to die. How your friends in the CFC put up with you is beyond me. Anyway, we managed to find a part of the CFC willing to fight us over in VFK, notably in the form of a multiboxer with 4 carriers & 2 battleships sat on our ingate. Which we proceeded to aggro, and kill, all in the space of 15 minutes or so.  While doing this a couple of random ships jumped in, and died, while others sat at a tac and watched the battle.  I understand now that the fleet that landed AFTER we had left system on a victorious high was after a rumble, they just took too long to form up – then went to camp the WRONG null exit. Next time, just convo me, we’ll wait.

So there you have it, a really good week capped off with 4 capital kills. Whats not to like.


Ganked v CCP:

Ganked 90 in Lowsec:

Ganked 90 in the North:

gankedsponsor23As usual we had sponsorship from our friends at Somerblink, and the following pilots won the sponsored prizes:

Cruor: Mourning Souls, Veronica Zegna, Mithrawn’arudo, Angeylahdevi, Rodin Kress

Succubus:  John Cadenza, R’ist’gleich ‘U’ durch’I, Pukes Dog, Zar Dada, Tical Davis

(All the above won for various things including pod whoring, being logi, not being dumb etc etc)

Phantasm: Mikeshaw91 Inkura (Videoing and not dieing during it!)

Ashimmu: Maki V (DAT DAMAGE)

Bhaalgorn: paxilexifixi Isu (Top Campaign killer)

You guys will receive your prizes from Somerblink some time in the next few days, so please be patient.


Additionally, we had some prizes passed over to me on the night from Darius Caliente of Certified. Darius has done this before, and I totally recommend his corp to anyone in the US timezones who want competent pvpers to fly with. He even has some Alliance Tournament experience! Anyway, these people won shinies:

Panther: Macout (Because surviving the North in a BS should not be possible)
Dramiel:  Teehee Otomeya (Expending effort to catch us up in round 2)
Daredevil:  Calintor (For giving logi a go)
Ashimmu: Lotta Vegeena (Campaign points!)
Phantasm: Angelus Infirim (Scouting)
Falcon: Noriky (Final Blow on a Blackbird)
Rook: kefahuchi Grey (Final Blow on a Blackbird)
Lachesis: Lemming Malgalad (First Final Blow of the whole night)
Arazu: Nuos Ono (Scouting)
Rapier: House2twist (Just for asking if he can win a prize, he can win the one thats in lowsec!)
Huginn: Grarr Dexx (I want to give him hugs for the fight with Snuff, this is close enough to that)
Curse: Sergant Steel (DAT IMAGE)
Pilgrim: Dirk Magnum (FORNICATION)

You will have these on contract from Mangala Solaris by the end of the day. Congratulations.


Our next roam is on the 9th November, and is a standard two parter.  We will be celebrating my 7th EVE Birthday. Hope to see many of you there for this. Check the thread out on the RvB forums.

Finally, as of today Ganked 100 is 90% set on using Shield Capitals – despite advice to the contrary from numerous sources – some of whom still wont provide actual reasoning (“just because” isn’t enough), but given that all our pilots have different levels of experience and mental capacity, training for more serious doctrines may well be beyond us at this short notice. However it could be that Dan & I are wrong, so to delve deeper into this we will be doing something on SISI on Sunday 10/11 to test these theories out, so if you are cap capable on SISI watch the mailing list RvB Ganked for an announcement.