Aug 082012

RvB has many many members all making pretty explosions on a day to day basis, however a small number of these pilots either “live-stream” or “fraps” their efforts and I figured I would highlight some of them here. If you are in RvB and have a stream or make videos and want to be included here, then let me know via private message on the RvB Forums.


Live Streams, just a note these guys may not stream every day, but when they do it’s usually very much worth watching – assuming you are not one of the people flying with or against them:

A player new to Eve online named El’ia Kusoni rolls this stream nearly every day and features RvB action from the view point of a low sp character. He gladly accepts donations to keep him in ships to blow up for your viewing pleasure.

Watch live video from El’ia Kusoni on


Eve Online veteran Tribal Solidarity streams fights from the Blue Republic point of view, in addition he also is one of the live streamers for RvB Ganked.

Watch live video from kura_eve on


RvB Alliance Tournament 10 Team Member, Zerge Bacon streams on a less regular basis, but is very much worth the watch.

Watch live video from Zerge Bacon – RvB combat on