Mar 062012

House2twist took the reigns of  Ganked this past weekend, as I apparently needed to get outside and experience “real life” – which by the way I did and it was tons of fun.

So it falls to him to provide words for the Ganked roam. His chosen theme was nano + DPS. 


House2twist writes:

21:00 GMT, Vaajaita, 141 people wanting to pew pew.

Roll out towards Pure Blind for some funzies and see what we can round up. Everyone is in nano-d ships, but being the intelligent people RvB-er’s are some thought I meant to use EANM’s not nano fibers. Either way, there were a lot of us and we were hoping to do some damage.

First jump into lo-sec has an aggressed proteus and drake on our out gate. We do what all ganked people want to do and shoot them. The drake goes down but the proteus was able to jump back and get away on the other side. We continue on. We keep moving until we hit X47L-Q where the goons decide to come out and play.

We were outnumber by their fleet who also had plenty of logi. Being the crappy FC I am, and not fitting arty’s to my nanocane, I had everyone stay in close instead of kiting. We took down 2 machariels, some scimis and miscellaneous other things but eventually the bulk of us died to their RR.

After this the fleet dwindled down to smaller numbers. Around 50 were left and reshipped into proper nanocanes and such with artillery. We headed out towards BWF (like we always do) and tried to rile up nulli. And we did. 

We hit MR4, and they were ready, also with a arty cane fleet but with scimi support. (Logi sucks, don’t be a vagina and pew against us for real). I get fleet aligned and pulse MWD’s to get some range and start picking off what we can. Unfortunately, they outnumber us and have scimi support so its hard to break them. We kill a few things but again succomb to RR

Overall, it was a great night and I just need some practice FC-ing. Also, it would probably be a bad idea to live stream our shenanigans on the interwebs before we even leave.

House out.

Mangala’s Note.  House did a good job regardless of how the night went overall, plenty of kills and some stunners amongst them to boot!