Nov 222011

Well Ganked 6, success or great success? I am still thinking it over, I mean we did not actually die (well not all of us) in a horrible fire, but we did get an epic fight…

Anyway, we set off slightly later than the 21.00 kick off – due to people setting up mumble, trying to fit lasers on anything and what not, but when we did leave we had quite a respectable fleet rolling, some 70+ people, the majority on mumble (even Jagtor despite his protestations that there was no discipline … “BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE”) and all with an awful lot of lasers to throw around. Rainbow goodness!

Vale was emptier than I can ever recall (bring back IEGEX, all is forgiven!), and as part of the “plan” (ie I basically looked at my EVE Universe poster and randomly picked places…) we would meander southwards – via the east – so the fleet moved towards Geminate. Fintarue calls on comms he had a duder tackled on a detour to BWF, and so I fleet warped us to a gate that I thought was on the way to him, turns out it was a gate 141AU in the wrong direction… Fin died :(

However the simple act of actually getting the fleet into BND and moving towards BWF somehow enraged the locals and they brought out a bunch of ships and 5 guardians! Oh noes, “we who are about to die salute you” we thought. Then we ran around playing kisschase with them until it turned out they had used a jumpbridge and got ahead of our little band.

Much discussion ensued – and some nifty “tactics” I am borrowing for the future were raised – until I called a leeroy. 

Much carnage was the result.


Not of our fleet, of the UPS fleet (Geminate locals).

2 Guardians bailed as soon as we jumped in, the rest got ecm’d and tackled (love ecm drones!) and eventually killed while their fleet just went pop, pop, pop, pop one after the other to our rainbows. They really did taste them!

Then as fast as it had began it was all over, and the fleet was all “wait, we won?” “we didnt die” “what?”. Epic fight was truly epic, victory from the jaws of certain flaming death.

It was pretty late by this time and slowly people logged/went afk until a small band moved into Etherium Reach and decided to engage a kitey gang, killing an SFI but pretty much dieing in the process. However fun was had, shit was chatted on mumble, and the night was ended satisfactorily. 


40+ Kills (Campaign)
2.5billion ISK damage done;
Beer consumed (lots);
Fun had (also lots);

Video (Courtesy of Geddonz):